Chapter 213.2: The Captivating Moonlight

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After Feng Wu finished listening, she said with a bit of surprise, "You got angry and ran off just because Su Yi smashed an inkstone?"

"En. He was already smashing inkstones, could it be I should have stayed longer? Back then, I was really very angry. But now that I think about it, he was probably angry that I ran off without a word back then!" Tang Doudou sighed. Now she really felt like she had been too rash. The fact that the doors to the City Lord Residence were wide open back then was enough to show how worried Su Yi had been.

As expected, Feng Wu also sighed and said with a sympathetic expression, "You really don't understand Su Yi at all. The fact that he asked you who that person was the moment you walked in showed that what he was worried about was your safety and nothing else."

"But after that, you said that it was someone you had only met once before. It was someone you had only met once before, yet you ran off after him without thinking. How could he not be angry?"

Tang Doudou had also thought of this, but she hadn't been able to bring herself to admit it. Now that it had been pointed out by Feng Wu, she could only obediently admit her error. "I was wrong. Big Sis Feng Wu, I had thought of things too simply."

She really hadn't thought that much. When she saw Baili Yu head over, she felt exceptionally nervous as if he was going to say something very important that she really didn't want to hear.

That was why, she fled.

"It's fine. At most he'll just vent his anger in the residence a bit. He'll be fine by tomorrow." Although Feng Wu consoled her this way, a bit of worry appeared in her eyes. She and Su Yi were people from the same era. Most of the people that were the same age as them had already entered their graves, so there weren't many people that truly understood Su Yi anymore. For better or for worse, she was one of the few still left.

If Su Yi's temper was the same as it had been back then, he would have already killed Tang Doudou with a single strike regardless of whose daughter she was.

Then he would spend the last of his life regretting it.

Su Yi's temper had improved a lot now, but it was hard to change one's innate personality in the Jianghu. It was hard to guarantee that he wouldn't make a mistake in the heat of the moment.

Luckily, she just happened to pass through that street and encounter Tang Doudou. It was even more fortunate that she had quickly brought her back here, otherwise, something big might've occurred.

"I hope that'll be the case!" Tang Doudou didn't have extravagant hopes that Su Yi would forgive her. Right now she just wanted to eat her fill then go to sleep in order to start preparing for the path she would take in the future.

When Feng Wu saw how dispirited Tang Doudou was, she reached out and patted her shoulder. She said encouragingly, "It'll be fine. After a storm, there'll be clear skies. Look at the crescent moon in the sky; it's so bright and clear, tomorrow will probably be a nice sunny day!"

Tang Doudou looked in the direction Feng Wu pointed. There was a crescent moon in the clear night sky. Its mild cool light spilled onto the green roof tiles, causing them to shine with silver ripples. It was very pretty.

Beautiful scenery always had the power to improve a person's mood. When she saw the beautiful moonlight, she felt the worries fade a little from her heart. She turned around to dish out the ginger soup and put them to the side, then started stir-frying vegetables.

After making a tableful of beautiful dishes, Tang Doudou's mood became even better!

She ate with Feng Wu while Feng Wu continuously exclaimed words of praise. When it was time to sleep, Tang Doudou looked towards the moonlight outside and smiled slightly. Dazzling light flickered in her clear eyes as she said softly, "Moonlight ah, moonlight. It's said that you can hear the hopes inside a person's heart and can carry the words one wants to say to the person they are thinking of. Can you help me deliver the words 'good night'?"

After she finished speaking, she was hit with the feeling that she was acting really childish and covered her face in embarrassment. She turned over to look at Feng Wu who was sleeping on the inner side of the bed. Seeing that Feng Wu didn't react, she concluded that Feng Wu was probably already asleep and put down her hands. She glanced at the moonlight again before closing her eyes and falling deep asleep.

Feng Wu only sat up quietly once Tang Doudou's breathing became very steady and even. She gazed for a good while at Tang Doudou's little face before putting on her clothes and heading out the door. Very soon, she arrived at the City Lord Residence.

It was already late in the night, yet there were still sounds of things being smashed coming from inside. Accompanying that was Su Yi's furious grumbles, "Little white-eyed wolf! This daddy treated her so well, yet she dared to talk to this daddy like that!?"


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