Chapter 214.2: Unbelievably Dumb

Prodigal Alliance Head


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He walked quickly, but behind him Tang Doudou dawdled. When she passed by Feng Wu, she sent over a gaze filled with silent bitterness. "Big Sis Feng Wu..."

"You should go. He came here to come get you." Feng Wu said with a slight smile as she took out a brocade pouch and placed it in Tang Doudou's palm. "In your time of greatest need, open the pouch. I have to go back to Mist City now. You should talk to your master properly; don't make him angry again. When you encounter things, make sure to take time to think. Don’t act too rashly. And come to Mist City to play when you have time."

Tang Doudou hadn't expected that Feng Wu was about to leave and was alarmed to hear this. After last night, she had already started thinking of Feng Wu as a true older sister and as someone she could rely on, yet in the blink of an eye they were going to part again.

"Is it that urgent? Can't you stay a couple more days? Big Sister Feng Wu, I'll miss you."

Feng Wu shook her head. "It's urgent, so I have to go back."

"There are no banquets in the world that do not end. Remember, in the future don't casually cry your eyes out anymore. Become a strong young lady!"

Although Tang Doudou really didn't want Feng Wu to leave, she knew that Feng Wu was right. There were no banquets in the world that didn't end. She didn't ask her to stay anymore and simply gave her a big hug. "En, I will!"

Feng Wu patted her head before gently pushing her away. "You should hurry and head out, otherwise your master will get irritated and explode again!"

Right after she spoke, the sound of Su Yi's impatient shout came from outside. "What are you still dawdling for? Can't you hurry up!?"

"C-coming!" replied Tang Doudou. She waved towards Feng Wu and said, "Big Sister Feng Wu, I'll definitely go back to visit you!"

After she finished speaking, she turned around and ran out of the courtyard.

"She's leaving?" Despite being completely annoyed just a moment earlier, when Su Yi saw Tang Doudou come out he hastily walked over to her and asked her.

Tang Doudou looked at him in surprise and asked, puzzled, "Big Sis Feng Wu didn't tell you?"

"She's the type that never discusses anything with anyone before she makes a decision. Even if it's a matter as heavy as the sky, she insists on bearing it herself. She's a stinkin' woman who never asks for help!"

Su Yi's tone was very annoyed but also filled with worry. However, he didn't look towards the courtyard, seeming to know that Feng Wu had already left.

He still seemed very worried though, since he glanced at Tang Doudou and said, "I'll take you to Baili Yu's place first. The fact that she's rushing back to Mist City definitely means that something bad has happened."

Following that, he looked around. When he didn't see anything out of the ordinary, he lowered his voice and said, "Yesterday's plan managed to just barely work out due to that little fox's cooperation. For the time being, that little fox is still your fiance."

When Tang Doudou heard this, for some reason she felt very moved. He really was, as Feng Wu had said, worried about her suddenly running off and encountering danger. He hadn't been angry because she had almost caused his plan to fail.

Right now Su Yi didn't have the presence of mind to notice that she was moved. After briefly telling her about the earlier events, he sent her to the inn that Baili Yu was staying at.

He left a sentence of, "go look for the little fox yourself!" then disappeared off.

"Alli-, Young City Lord?" Unexpectedly, the person who was guarding the door was Ye Chuan whom she hadn't seen in a very long time. When he saw Tang Doudou in female garments, his expression became a little unnatural.

Tang Doudou was currently quite depressed so she didn't pay attention to how strange he was acting. She asked, "Where's your family's master?"

Ye Chuan pointed towards the second floor of Propitious Clouds Inn. "Master is resting up there. He gave instructions that if it was Young City Lord, to let you head up to find him."

Tang Doudou suddenly recalled Jun Xin and his injury, so she asked, "Did Jun Xin come here?"

When Jun Xin was mentioned, Ye Chuan's expression became even more unnatural. It was awkward to the point that even Tang Doudou, despite her insensitivity, noticed. "What is it?"

Ye Chuan lowered his gaze and tried to avoid answering the question. "Young Master Jun doesn't live here."

"I didn't ask about that." She stared at Ye Chuan and discovered that his expression was very stiff. She couldn't help but be curious about the reason for it. Could it be that he had gotten into some sort of argument with Jun Xin?

Ye Chuan's attitude towards her had improved somewhat before, but now it seemed to have return to what it was like originally.

Just as she was wondering about the reason why, Ye Chuan turned aside and said stiffly, "Young City Lord, you had better go up yourself to ask Master about it. Ye Chuan is only a servant and knows nothing."

After he finished speaking, he looked into the distance, ignoring Tang Doudou.

It was seriously a bit baffling ah!

Aiy, whatever. She should go find the big evil spirit first, then ask about what was going on with Ye Chuan!

She turned and started walking towards Propitious Clouds Inn. Pushing open the door, she found that the inside of the inn was cleaned up quite nicely. Originally, the lower floor was a dining hall, but all the tables and stools had been moved out of it. It was so empty - wonder if the people that stayed here would feel scared upon seeing it at night?

Tang Doudou looked towards the second floor and found that there wasn't a single person in the inn.

She quietly walked up the stairs. When she saw that there were a ton of doors in the hallway, she wanted to cry. Why didn't she ask which room he was in earlier?

How stupid!


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