Chapter 215.1: Only Opens Unrestrictedly For You

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Although Tang Doudou knew that Baili Yu had reserved the entire Propitious Clouds Inn and that everyone living in the inn were his subordinates, she still decided to head back and ask Ye Chuan for precise directions to avoid knocking on the wrong door and causing an unneeded misunderstanding.

Just as she turned to find Ye Chuan, she heard a creak. A door had opened.

Tang Doudou just needed directions, so since someone had come out, she decided to just ask this person. As these thoughts ran through her head, she stopped and turned around. Both that person and herself simultaneously froze.

"It's you!"

"It's you!"

The two spoke simultaneously. The only difference was that apart from surprise, her voice also contained a hint of fear. After all, the other person was someone that had repeatedly tried to kill her.

Meanwhile, Liu Zhiyuan's tone was very flat as if he didn't find it surprising at all to encounter her here.

He just hadn't expected for her to be the one making the sounds he heard earlier.

He wanted to pull out his sword, but realized that he had come out too quickly and didn't bring it along.

Soon after, Nangong Yan's arrogant voice came from within the room. "Ah Yuan, who is it?"

"Li Xueyi," replied Liu Zhiyuan.

Tang Doudou glanced at him in alarm, then abruptly raised her voice and said, "May I ask which room Baili Yu is in?"

The moment she finished speaking, a figure dressed in pale yellow walked out. The person had a petite stature and had a pair of large, pitch-black eyes on her porcelain-like doll face. However, those eyes were filled with disgust and loathing.

It was Nangong Yan.

"You actually dared to come!?" She spoke in a tone filled with disdain as expected.

Tang Doudou didn't mind her tone and didn't harbor any hopes that she would tell her which room Baili Yu was in. She only raised her voice to see if Baili Yu would hear her. As for finding out that Nangong Yan also lived here, she naturally was depressed to learn of it.

However, as she was Baili Yu's Junior Sister, it did make sense that she lived here.

Although this was what Tang Doudou's brain told her, her heart was still extremely displeased. She glared at Nangong Yan and continued walking down the hallway without responding.

Her heart was pounding non-stop as she walked past Nangong Yan. She was seriously terrified that this woman would have such strong guts as to directly do an on-the-spot live broadcast; the type that included a clean knife entering and a bloody knife coming out!

Unexpectedly, all Nangong Yan did was give a cold smile and didn’t do anything else. It was probably because she still had to behave herself while Baili Yu was around.

Tang Doudou let loose a breath in relief. However, she soon faced another difficulty: she couldn't find the room. Nangong Yan's look from earlier clearly held a hint of laughter because she knew Tang Doudou wouldn't be able to find Baili Yu's room. Hence, the two didn't re-enter the room but continued to watch her with mockery-filled gazes.

"Ah Yuan, where did you put that purple jade hairpin Senior Brother gave me yesterday?" After Tang Doudou walked a few steps away, Nangong Yan suddenly curved her lips into a smile and spoke to Liu Zhiyuan.

Although Liu Zhiyuan didn't know when Baili Yu had given Miss a purple jade hairpin, he wasn't a dumb person. If he was, Nangong Yan wouldn't have kept him by her side for that long.

"I'll go get it for Miss."

"En. I want to wear it when I go see Senior Brother. Today's weather is pretty nice. I hear that there's a Blue Moon Lake in Cloud City that has beautiful clear water and elegant willow trees framing it on both sides. Senior Brother will definitely like it."

"What are you still standing there for, hurry and get it for me!"

Tang Doudou didn't stop walking but her heart was filled with pain upon hearing this. It seemed that she wouldn't be able to find Baili Yu today. Even if she did find him, he definitely wouldn't decline his Junior Sister's invitation. After all, the scenery of Blue Moon Lake was really beautiful. Based on how much he liked beautiful aesthetics, he'll definitely like that place too...

Liu Zhiyuan soon took out the so-called purple jade hairpin. "Miss."

"En. Help me put it on."

Liu Zhiyuan replied, "Understood."

"Does it look good?"

Liu Zhiyuan didn't reply. He probably didn't dare to comment on his master's beauty. Nangong Yan said, "You can say it. I'm in a good mood today so I won't punish you!"

"It looks really good!" Although his tone was very flat, one could still tell that it was his sincere exclamation. Perhaps, in his eyes, Nangong Yan was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Nangong Yan said 'en' in satisfaction. Then, Tang Doudou heard her walk forward a few steps and knock before calling sweetly, "Senior Brother!"

It was quiet for about a minute before a languid voice came from the room. "Come in."

"En!" Nangong Yan replied with a smile as she looked towards Tang Doudou and lifted her brows delightedly. Reaching out, she pushed open the door.

After entering, she softly closed the door again.

Tang Doudou had already walked to the end of the hallway. When she turned around, it was just in time to see Nangong Yan lifting her brows with a smug expression.

Anger gradually built up in her heart and jealousy rampaged even more uncontrollably. Hell, she was Baili Yu's genuine fiance, alright!?

Why wouldn't she dare to come!?

Earlier she was just following Feng Wu's advice to consider things carefully before acting, yet this woman immediately took advantage of this to kick her nose and stomp on her face. It was seriously unbearable!

She immediately threw all thoughts of staying calm to the back of her head and rushed over with large steps.

Just as she was about to knock, Liu Zhiyuan moved in front of her and blocked her way. "Miss is talking with gongzi, you can't enter."

Tang Doudou get even more annoyed. In her opinion, Liu Zhiyuan was simply a coward! In capital letters!

He was a grown man that liked Nangong Yan, yet he hid this inside his heart without daring to voice it. Not only did he do that, he even helped the person commit bloody atrocities that cry to the Heavens! It's as if he didn't like Nangong Yan but hated her!

Wonder if he would still be so obedient if one day Nangong Yan became unhappy and told him to kill himself?

"Is it Lady Doudou?" Just as she was about to shout at Liu Zhiyuan, the door in front of her opened and a servant girl in light green garments walked out. As usual, her face was covered with a veil as she spoke in a pleasant-sounding soft voice.

It seems that Baili Yu was already aware that she was outside. She just didn't know if he had found out from Nangong Yan, or found out when she raised her voice earlier.

"It's me." Now that someone has come out, Tang Doudou immediately ignored Liu Zhiyuan. After all, no matter how impressive a person's martial arts were, if his moral quality was crap, it was crap. Sooner or later he would pick up a rock and accidently end up smashing his own foot.

If you don't believe, then look up at the sky. Who has the Heavens spared before!?

The maid smiled slightly as she respectfully opened the door to invite her in.

Tang Doudou nodded and was about to walk in when she hesitated again.

What if she walked in and saw something she shouldn't see, something she didn't want to see...


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