Chapter 217.2: Everything Wife Says Is Right

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As the two flirted inside the room, Nangong Yan who was outside had already ripped apart countless handkerchiefs. Finally, as she stomped her feet, she thickened her skin and shouted, "Senior Brother, are you going to play with me or not!? I'll be heading back in a few days! When I go back I'll tell Master that you bullied me!"

Yoyo, she's pulled out her master to use as a threat!

Tang Doudou pushed away a certain person's hand which was on her arm as she said, "Since the person has extended a gracious invitation, of course we can't dampen her spirits! Let's go, out!"

After she finished speaking, she walked out of the kitchen while whistling.

Baili Yu knew that she was planning to drive Nangong Yan mad with jealousy. Although this idea was very childish, since it was something Wife wanted, he as the husband must of course cooperate properly.

Nangong Yan would never hide her loathing when facing Tang Doudou. It had always been this way. It had gotten to the point that Tang Doudou almost had the misperception that she had once done something unforgivable to Nangong Yan before.

"Li Xueyi, don't celebrate yet! Even if you're able to pull the wool over Senior Brother's eyes with your despicable methods, you can't fool me! Sooner or later I'll expose your disgusting schemes and let Senior Brother see your true face!"

How laughable. Was it worth her time to use despicable methods on Baili Yu?

It had to be said that Nangong Yan's delusional disorder was very severe. She had clearly been the one who stabbed her, yet not only did she show no regret, she even shoved all the blame on her! Luckily Baili Yu wasn't blind and knew what kind of person she was, otherwise he really would have been fooled by Nangong Yan.

"Despicable?" Tang Doudou folded her arms leisurely as she slanted a glance down at Nangong Yan. "Miss Nangong, I really want to ask if I've done anything horrible to you to make you target me so much?"

During a face-slapping catfight, you shouldn't curse at people. It was most important to maintain civilized manners!

Nangong Yan humphed. "As if you could."

"Since I didn't, then why does Miss Nangong insist on bothering me? Could it be that Miss Nangong isn't happy that I'll become your sister-in-law?"

Originally Nangong Yan wanted to say yes, but when she saw Baili Yu walk out of the kitchen, she immediately switched to an innocent expression. Opening her eyes wide, she asked in a confused tone, "Sister-in-Law, what are you saying? Yan er can't understand!"

Sometimes Tang Doudou would feel like this woman was quite pitiful. The entire world knew that she was acting, yet she herself didn't know.

Baili Yu didn't even glance at her; his worried gaze was focused on the person in front of him. "Wife bled so much just now. It's best not to head out and just rest in the inn."

"That won't do. It's the first time Junior Sister has invited me out after all, how could I refuse?" Hehe, if she refused, how would she be able to rub Nangong Yan's face in their affection?

"Whatever Wife wishes."

Baili Yu's completely compliant manner made Tang Doudou feel very refreshed. Hell, this was Baili Yu, the wealthiest individual in the world ah! And he only treated her well! This sensation was awesome!

Some people, when they felt cocky, would lift their tail all the way up to the sky.

Tang Doudou was one of these people. Baili Yu couldn't help but find it funny when he saw the smugness in her eyes. This woman was sure easy to satisfy.

"En, then there's no need to prepare anything, right? Let's go now!" After she finished speaking, she lifted her chin and Baili Yu immediately came over and pulled her into his arms. Then they started heading towards the inn doors.

Nangong Yan almost bit through her lip when she saw the two’s intimate gesture. Her dark eyes then shifted, and she ran up to pull Tang Doudou's arm and said in an intimate tone, "Sister-in-Law, you don't know, but Senior Brother hasn't gone out with me more than just a couple times this month even though when we were little he would often bring me out to play."

After she finished speaking, she pouted, seeming to feel very wronged.

Since Nangong Yan liked acting, then she would just accompany her in the act! There was no Oscar or trophy, so she'd have to just treat it as a little pastime!

When Tang Doudou's thoughts got to this point, she gave an abnormally friendly smile. "Yan er ah! You shouldn't blame your Senior Brother, he's just like that! All he does all day besides sleep is sleep. I really can't think of a person other than me that can drag him out. Moreover, you know how his health is. It's good for him to rest more."

Then, she added for good measure, "Anyways, he's a grown man, how could he understand a little girl's thoughts? Isn't it boring to have a grown man accompany you to stroll the streets? In the future, if you want to play, you can just look for me!"

Tang Doudou's words felt like stabs to Nangong Yan's ear. No matter how she interpreted the words, it made her sound like the outsider!

Even though she was clearly the one that was closest to Senior Brother!

Baili Yu glanced at Tang Doudou's eyes which were filled with smugness. Her sparkling eyes that were like dewdrops, and when her manner was combined with that feigned tone of being a senior, it caused Baili Yu to chuckle. He brushed her loose hair back as he said, "Wife is right."

He seriously performed the role of a good husband brilliantly!


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