Chapter 218.1: To Attract Bees and Butterflies

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As he spoke, he once again pulled Tang Doudou from Nangong Yan’s hands into his embrace. The two of them stuck together like a pair of Siamese twins. This was extremely painful for Nangong Yan to watch.

The inn wasn’t very big, the entrance was just a few steps away. Nangong Yan thought that this would be the end and that after they headed out, the two would moderate their show of affection. It didn’t occur to her that this was merely the beginning.    

After they left the inn, that Tang Doudou seemed to have gone crazy. The scorching sun was clearly shining fiercely, yet she proposed to walk instead of taking the palanquin, saying that doing more of these aerobic exercises was good for the body!

Aerobic exercises... she didn’t know what kind of sorcery it was.  

The most infuriating part was that Senior Brother actually agreed!

He simply held the umbrella for Tang Doudou and the two smiled gently at each other before walking side by side towards the street.

On the bluestone-paved road, beneath an elegant umbrella, was a moon-white tall and slender figure. His movements were like moving clouds and flowing water, graceful and calm. The sleeve of the hand holding the umbrella fell back on his wrist, causing his beautiful jade fingers to look even more slender. He was clearly only holding an ordinary umbrella, yet it looked like the world's most beautiful painting.

The other figure was a very good match with just the right height as they walk forward slowly under the umbrella. Three thousand fine black hair draped down from the back of her head. She was wearing a light blue-black cheongsam that fitted her delicate stature perfectly. From time to time she turned and looked up. Her long eyelashes were like dancing butterflies resting on top of sparkling black jade, they looked exceptionally breathtaking.

When the two of them appeared on the streets, they immediately drew the attention of many onlookers, who halted their steps to look at them. When they figured out who the two were, they couldn’t help but tut praises. As expected, they were truly a match made in heaven ah!     

"Miss." It seemed as if Liu Zhiyuan’s attention had never moved away from Nangong Yan. When Baili Yu and Tang Doudou left, he was also holding an umbrella and standing behind Nangong Yan.

She finally managed to ask Baili Yu out with great difficulty, but then this irksome Tang Doudou had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Nangong Yan had no choice but to resign herself to this. Dada had already sent letters countless times urging her to return. If she didn’t go back soon, it was very likely that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave the island ever again in the future.

When her thoughts reached to this point, Nangong Yan couldn’t help but sneer coldly. Did that Tang Doudou really think that she sought Senior Brother out to have fun and to simply go on a scenic tour?

Since she wanted to be part of this excitement, then she would let her take a good look at who exactly was worthy of being together with Senior Brother!

“How is the progress of the things that I asked you to prepare?”

Liu Zhiyuan lowered his eyes and replied softly, “Everything is ready.”

“How is everything going on Murong Ming’s side? Did you warn him not to speak carelessly when he goes out?”

“His injuries are quite serious, he can’t even move... Miss, only the dead cannot talk, how about…..”

Liu Zhiyuan made a slicing motion across his neck, suggesting to kill Murong Ming.

Nangong Yan looked at him with disdain, “Do you know why you can only ever be a servant?”

His heart tightened. His status as a servant was his eternal pain. If this had been said by anyone else, his sword would have already been soaked with blood, but......

Nangong Yan's figure was reflected in his pupils; a trace of darkness flashed through his eyes before quickly disappearing. Why…. he has always treated her well, yet why didn't she see any of it!?

Was it because he was just a servant?

Nangong Yan only felt annoyed when she saw him remain silent without uttering a single word. “It's because you're brainless and stupid! In Cloud City there’s still Murong Yu, do you really think that he isn’t aware of anything?”

“Moron! Put your stupid ideas away and just carry out that matter properly! Hurry and go, what are you still waiting for!”

“This subordinate understands.”

The people in Cloud City were really too unorganized and inattentive. Setting aside the fact that there were only a few stalls on this street, even those working inside the stores were just dozing off and chatting. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of a business atmosphere.

“Big evil spirit, say, if you opened a Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce in Cloud City, wouldn’t you suffer a huge loss?” Even though Tang Doudou had already gotten used to this sight, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“That may not necessarily be true,” he answered in a tone that was calm yet also full of confidence.

Tang Doudou smiled mischievously and raised her eyebrows. She made Baili Yu turn to look towards those deserted stores as she said, “In Cloud City, they don’t even use money, so what money are you planning to earn?”

“Money is not used but trades do occur, and as long as trades prevail there will be opportunities to make money.” When this fox mentioned trade, his eyes narrowed into seams for a moment before he then asked with a smile, “Does Wife want to start a business?”

She was just casually mentioning this. He wanted her to deal with merchants? Might as well just kill her directly!

However, when this point was brought up, she couldn’t help but ask curiously, "Do you know why Cloud City doesn't use money and insists on using something like reputation points? Also, why are those experts willingly frittering away their precious time here?”

In reality, what she wanted to know was why that Murong Yu had, at such a young age, settled down in Cloud City as the world’s number one. Why did he do so? If it was an old man, who had seen all of the world’s vanity and wanted to find a peaceful place to live in seclusion, that would be very understandable. However, those youngsters who had made a name for themselves, the majority of them were still in the prime of youth. They were hot-tempered and impetuous, how could they be willing to simply stay in a place like Cloud City just like that?  

Moreover, this past period of time she had also heard quite a lot about Cloud City. Amongst all the people living in Cloud City, there were only a few that could enter and leave Cloud City freely. About ninety percent of them were not allowed to leave at all.

“Su Yi didn’t tell you?” Baili Yu raised his eyebrows, seeming surprised that she didn’t know about this. After all, Su Yi had already announced that she would be inheriting his title as the Lord of Cloud City. How was it possible that he didn’t explain anything and just simply handed Cloud City over to her?

“He said something about now not being the right time yet, so knowing less of these things would be better.” Speaking of Su Yi, he had gone off to look for Feng Wu today. She wondered if he had returned yet.

“I see.” Not the right time yet? What was the timing Su Yi was aiming for?

“That’s right ah, precisely because it's not the right time yet, he still didn’t tell me what time he was referring to! He's always saying some unintelligible stuff, then having me do some baffling things without even giving an explanation as to why…..” In short, the feeling of being kept in the dark was not pleasant!

Especially for those with extreme curiosity like her, this was practically torture.

“Wife is feeling very perplexed, right?”

“En, very confused ah. I don’t even know what I should do. I would also like to help him ah, but I don’t know anything, so I would merely be more of a hindrance than a help right?” Tang Doudou sighed.

She was not happy, so Baili Yu also started to feel unhappy.

“How about Wife forgets about being some Young City Lord and just come back with this husband to Huai City?” Baili Yu sincerely did not want Tang Doudou to take on some pain-in-the-ass position like a City Lord, he’d rather have her stay by his side and simply pass each day happily.

There had been many times since coming to Cloud City when he felt the impulse to just take her away immediately. After all, Su Yi was no match for him anyway.

However, on second thought, this would be disregarding Tang Doudou’s views. What if she wanted to become the City Lord?

What if she couldn’t bear to leave Cloud City?

After all, this place was where she had spent her entire childhood and was also the place she called home.

But she also didn’t want to become some small City Lord, ok?!

It was just that whenever she thought about how good Su Yi had been to her, she would feel that she couldn’t be so selfish. She couldn’t let Su Yi’s painstaking efforts become a waste just so she could be free and enjoy life.   

Su Yi already said that she was his only successor. The amount of effort he had put onto Li Xueyi was truly too much. Even she, this imposter, had received such meticulous care. If she told Su Yi that she did not want to become some City Lord anymore, it was really hard to imagine how angry that old brat would be.

But she really didn’t want to do this ah!

“Return to Huai City to become a rice worm that just eats and sleeps every day?" She pouted unhappily. As she looked into Baili Yu’s doting eyes, she thought, at least the Heavens were quite nice to her and gave her so many people that cared about her, treasured her and treated her well. That was all the more reason why she couldn’t continue being ignorant. She had to figure out the mystery behind the Seven Great Sage Tribes. She also had to find Shen Moru to exact her revenge. Moreover, she still had to deal with Nangong Yan and the attacks from all her enemies, hidden and public. She wanted to - just like how Feng Wu had said - grow into a strong woman!   

For the sake of those who are genuinely good to her!

She didn’t want to continue hiding behind them and be their burden, she wanted to become their strength!


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