Chapter 226.1: Catch the Show

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"This wasn't part of my plan." How could Baili Yu not be aware of the consequences of doing that?

"You like keeping everything within your control. How could you have allowed someone who was not in your plan to appear? Baili Yu, you're really becoming more and more untrustworthy!"

"Ah Xin, I don't want to repeat myself. He really wasn't part of my plan." Tang Doudou was the only one he could stand patiently explaining himself to. If it weren't for the fact that he felt guilty towards Jun Xin for what happened back then, there was no way he would have restrained his temper again and again. However, now that Jun Xin had repeatedly expressed disbelief, his tone turned cold.

It wasn't that Jun Xin didn't believe Baili Yu, but that Tang Doudou's disappearance made him very vexed and there was no other person for him to take his anger out on. Thus he threw all the blame on Baili Yu.

Yuner saw that the atmosphere was becoming worse and worse so he asked quietly, "Then where do we go now to find Beautiful Big Sister?"

The person he asked was Baili Yu.

Since he knew that it was the black-clothed man who took Tang Doudou away, he definitely knew their current location.

"She's been poisoned, so there's only one place he would go," said Baili Yu slowly as he looked down towards Cloud City.

Right after he finished speaking, Jun Xin disappeared.

"Yuner, say, was my choice really correct?" Though Jun Xin left, Baili Yu didn't immediately follow and instead, asked Yuner this.

It was Yuner's first time facing this terrifying man on his own. He was scared and nervous, and couldn't understand what exactly Baili Yu was asking. However, there was a voice that was crying out nonstop in his heart.

He gulped, then forced himself to speak despite the fact that his throat felt dry. "I-I think t-that, what you did, w-was right!"

Baili Yu smiled. For a moment, his bright eyes made the world seem dim in comparison. As his white robe and black hair lifted in the wind, an imposing aura emitted from his body. "What does right or wrong matter? Regardless of whether it was right or wrong, the choice has already been made...  What else matters? Weren't they all just for the sake of a reaching goal?"

His words were correct. Regardless of whether a choice was right or wrong, it was simply an event that existed in the process of obtaining a goal. It was just that when a person's standpoint was different, differing viewpoints of what was right and wrong would occur.

By the time Jun Xin got to Cang Baicao's courtyard, Tang Doudou had already woken up.

Bai Feiyun was talking with her as they sat beneath the large tree in the courtyard. However, when Bai Feiyun saw Jun Xin, a strange expression flashed through his eyes. It quickly disappeared, but he stood up and said, "You guys should talk. I'll go see if the medicine's ready."

After he said that, he smiled towards Jun Xin in greeting and headed into the small room on the side.

Jun Xin only let out a breath of relief once he saw that Tang Doudou was safe and sound. Then he sat down and asked, "What happened?"

It would be great if she knew what had happened! All she remembered was that she had been shocked unconscious by Yuner. By the time she woke up, she was already in Cang Residence and the poison had been cured.

She had asked Bai Feiyun who had brought her here but he said that he didn't know. He said that he had headed out for a little while, and when he got back to his room, Tang Doudou had been lying on the bed.

"Don't bring it up anymore. If I knew what happened, I wouldn't be so depressed." She yawned, then glanced at Jun Xin's attire. The way he was dressed today made people's eyes light up. Those slender and long legs were especially attractive, to the point people practically couldn't shift their eyes away. "You... why are you dressed like this? Oh, and how did you know that I would be here?"

Jun Xin smoothed back his hair and shot her a flirtatious glance. "I picked this outfit out really carefully, you know. How is it? Awesome, right? Don't I look handsome? Very elegant and cool? Don't you feel like you're falling in love with me?"

The hell? Hasn't spring already passed?

Her heart went numb from the flirtatious glance Jun Xin shot at her and she looked at him like she was looking at a freak. "Are you having a mental illness flare up?"

Jun Xin burst out laughing and reached out to rub her head. "Stinkin' woman."

Tang Doudou slapped his claw aside and looked up at him with a serious expression. "Did you know that this was going to happen today?"

Jun Xin's smile instantly disappeared. He sighed and sat down next to her.

Tang Doudou looked over. His delicate and straight waist was even more alluring than his legs. She couldn't deny that his appearance today was really breathtaking. Most of the time he was wrapped in a wide robe, so his figure couldn't be seen at all. She hadn't expected that this brat would actually have quite an impressive figure.

With this, she had no way of treating Jun Xin like a little kid anymore. She couldn't help but feel that it was a little weird.

Jun Xin didn't try to hide things from her and told her everything that happened today in detail. However, he didn't talk about catching that person in the back mountain and simply said that he had to rush somewhere to deal with something important. He also said that her appearance had been a complete accident. She actually wasn't part of Baili Yu and Nangong Yan's plans.

So it meant that she had actually gotten herself involved in this?

Even though Jun Xin had explained things this way, she still felt uncomfortable. Regardless, Baili Yu had made use of her.

He had also left her behind to go off on his own.

"Then what about you? How did you know that I was here?"

"He told me," replied Jun Xin honestly.

See? It was that man. Everything was within his plans.

When Jun Xin saw that she seemed unhappy, he said with a smile, "Everything's fine now so don't think too much. It's fine as long as everyone's alright."

"That's true."

"If you don't have anything else to do, come with me to look at Nangong Yan?" Jun Xin stood up and extended a hand towards her with a nefarious smile. "I heard that she's already going crazy at Blue Moon Lake."

"What's going on?"

"Her original plan was to have someone poison Baili Yu, then step out to cure his poison so that Baili Yu would owe her a favor. Following that she would pull out Master's secret order and have Baili Yu go back to Wind Cloud Island."

"The Master of Wind Cloud Island has long since wanted to get the two together. If Baili Yu really went back, he'd definitely be forced to marry Nangong Yan."

Tang Doudou was shocked to hear all of this. She never imagined that the show of going to play on the lake actually contained so many schemes. The ancients were truly terrifying!

"After you appeared, Baili Yu decided to beat her at her own game and also move his plan ahead. As for Nangong Yan, since you've shown up there was no way she could let go of this opportunity."

"The only thing was, Nangong Yan hadn't thought that her plan would be just child's play in Baili Yu's eyes. Not only did it fail, she fell into a trap herself." When Jun Xin spoke to here, he couldn't help but laugh. "Let's go. If we're too late we won't be able to catch the show!"

Although Tang Doudou wasn't in a good mood, she still felt quite interested in seeing a certain bad person run into bad luck.

"Alright, I'll go let Bai Feiyun know."


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