Chapter 226.2: Catch the Show

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She left Cang Residence after saying goodbye to Bai Feiyun.

"We're practically about to become regular customers of this place!" said Tang Doudou as she looked back at Cang Residence with a wry smile.

Jun Xin didn't reply. After they were a good distance away, he asked, "Have you noticed that Bai Feiyun seems a bit strange?"

"Strange?" So she wasn't the only one that felt that way ah!

"En. Remember when I got injured yesterday?" asked Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou glanced at his arm. "I remember. Has it gotten a little better?"

"Tsk... better? I was almost crippled."

"What happened?"

Jun Xin turned to face her with a grin, but his gaze was shockingly cold. "I was poisoned."

"Hah? How did you get poisoned? Even if you were poisoned, when Xiao Bai helped bandage you..." Something occurred to her and she looked towards Jun Xin with disbelief in her eyes. "You're saying, Xiao Bai...?"

"I'm not certain, but he's very suspicious."

"But why? You two don't have any past disagreements so there's no point in being so harsh, right? And is your arm alright now?'

"I only went over there yesterday because I didn't want you to worry. The Seven Great Saint Tribes have quick acting healing medicine for this type of injury. I happened to bring some with me before I headed out and used it once I got back to the inn. The injury's already fine." As proof, Jun Xin lifted his arm and moved it around before saying with a smile, "Let's hurry to see the show!"

Though Jun Xin had put it lightly, Tang Doudou still had a bad feeling. "It's good that you're fine, but in the future we should be more careful of Xiao Bai."

"Alright, stop looking so glum and let's go!"

When they got to Blue Moon Lake, the surroundings were already filled with people and the small boat they had been sitting in was already gone. Only Yu Fenger's large boat was next to the shore.

Golden Wind Jade Dew weren't in sight. Only Nangong Yan was there. Her clothes were soaking wet and she was sitting on the ground bawling. There were some people trying to pull her up and scolding her.

What was going on?

She shared a glance with Jun Xin and saw schadenfreude in his eyes. "You did this?"

"That's right ah. To deal with a malicious woman, you have to use low-class means." Jun Xin looked very excited and satisfied from helping her get revenge.

Her heart warmed. However, the low-class means he referred to... Could it be...

She glanced at Nangong Yan who was crying as if the sky was collapsing and a scary thought emerged in her head.

"What are you blindly guessing at? Am I that evil?" asked Jun Xin unhappily as if he knew what she was thinking of.

"Hehe, you were the one that said it was low-class though."

"There's a lot of different versions even with low-class, alright? I just wanted her to be humiliated a little."

This humiliation was probably not little to Nangong Yan. Being such a prideful person, she'd probably feel embarrassed and angry just shedding a tear, much less losing control like this and bawling on the ground.

Moreover, so many people were watching. Nangong Yan probably felt like dying right now.

Tang Doudou then felt that something was off and looked around. "That's not right ah. She's crying this badly; why hasn't that Liu Zhiyuan come to bring her away?"

Jun Xin gave a mysterious smile. "Of course he wants to come, but he can't."

"You guys captured him?"

"Of course not. It's still not the right time to shed all pretense of cordiality with Nangong Yan. I just trapped Liu Zhiyuan with a little scheme so that he won't be able to make it here for a while. This amount of time is enough for us to watch a show."

Jun Xin continously emphasized that there would be a show, but all she could see right now was Nangong Yan crying nonstop. Where was there a show?

If it was just watching Nangong Yan cry, it'd have been better to spend that time back home sleeping.

"Don't be impatient, the show will start in a bit." When Jun Xin saw that she seemed bored, he jumped up with her into a nearby willow tree. This position allowed them to have a clear view of everything below.

She immediately discovered something interesting. From this angle, it seemed like there was something hidden beneath Nangong Yan's butt?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

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