Chapter 227.2: Smashing Her Own Foot

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Right after they finished speaking, Murong Yu arrived. When he saw Nangong Yan sitting on the ground in such a pitiful manner, he immediately asked, "Yan er, who bullied you!?"

"B-big Brother Murong..."

A trace of joy flashed across Nangong Yan's face when she saw Murong Yu, but she quickly concealed it with a sob. "Wuwuwu, you have to get justice for Yan er!"

"Yan er, don't worry and just say it. I'd like to see who has such big nerves as to dare to bully you!" Murong Yu's righteous indignation made the spectators start whispering amongst themselves. They were discussing whether or not Murong Yu had taken a fancy to Nangong Yan. After all, she was the noble daughter of Wind Cloud Island's master.

Upon hearing this, Nangong Yan shot Murong Yu a grateful look, then started talking about her encounter.

So it turned out that after she and Baili Yu left the large boat, which was also the time they had encountered the assassins, a crazy woman suddenly climbed out of the water onto the large boat and accused Nangong Yan of being a vixen that was seducing Baili Yu.

"Wuwu, it's such a false accusation. I can't understand. I was just touring the lake with my senior brother, and we weren't even on the same boat. How did I end up becoming a vixen? And she called me such terrible things. I really can't take this. And my leg is sprained too. All I could do was wait here for Big Brother Murong to come help me and prove my innocence!" The more Nangong Yan spoke, the more wronged she felt.

Everyone sighed. No wonder she had been crying so heartbrokenly here, so someone had cursed at her!

Murong Yu was disgusted to hear this and thought that it was probably the doing of one of Baili Yu's admirers. She had probably mistaken Nangong Yan for Tang Doudou, that's why she had accused her of being a vixen.

However, it wasn't like Nangong Yan didn't know martial arts. She could have just caught that woman and brought her to law enforcement. That would have proven her innocence quickly. Why did she insist on sitting here and crying?

In truth, this was completely making Wind Cloud Island lose face.

Regardless of whether Nangong Yan was a vixen or not, spreading this would damage her reputation. Moreover, even though Baili Yu had just recently gotten engaged with Li Xueyi, she was still staying in the same inn as him.

Even if they were sibling disciples, they still should maintain a suitable distance, shouldn't they?

"Do you know where that woman is right now?" Murong Yu asked a key question.

"After she finished yelling, she jumped back into the water and swam away. Afterwards, a lot of assassins emerged from the lotus pond, so I couldn't chase after her."


This was more important than those trifles!

Murong Yu immediately stood up and looked towards the lotus pond. It hadn't been long

since the battle so if one looked closely, the corpses and blood could still be faintly made out from beneath the lotus leaves. It was quite a horrifying sight.

Everyone that entered Cloud City had gone through a strict examination and all of them were people with some fame.

How had such a large group of assassins managed to enter?

Murong Yu felt that he should quickly deal with Nangong Yan's matter, then find Su Yi to ask what exactly was going on.

This kind of situation had never occurred before in Cloud City.

Of course, outsiders had never come into Cloud City before either. Murong Yu's expression darkened and he no longer looked as gentle and elegant as before. "Yan er, since the person has run off, I'll send you back first. After we find out who that woman is, we'll have her clear up the matter and prove your innocence, alright?"

Nangong Yan shook her head and looked towards Murong Yu in a pitiful manner. She said bitterly, "I'll have to go back to Wind Cloud Island in a few days. If this matter isn't cleared up by then, how will I face Dada and Master!?"

When those two people were brought up, Murong Yu had no choice but to force a smile and ask, "Then what does Yan er suggest?"

"That woman had ran off too fast so I hadn't been able to catch her. However, she dropped something as she was leaving. There's a seal on the item. We can probably use that seal to find out this woman's identity!"

What did the item she picked up have to do with this?

"Item?” Murong Yu looked around and his gaze landed on Yu Fenger's hand. "Is it this?"

Worried that he would be dragged in, Yu Fenger hastily explained, "It's not this. This is medicine I got for Miss Nangong. Her leg injury seems really severe since she can't even walk..."

This Big Brother Yu of hers was seriously... The situation was already like this, yet he still ran over to fawn upon the beauty. No wonder Nangong Yan tried to drive him away earlier, she was probably sick of him.

However, for better or for worse the person had good intentions, yet Nangong Yan had only reacted with irritation and tried to drive Yu Fenger away.

Tang Doudou hadn't heard what happened earlier. She found out about all of this from listening to the onlookers. When she heard about this, she was furious.

Hell, she almost wanted to rush straight up and pull Yu Fenger away.

Following that, they spoke a little more, then Murong Yu pointed at a few people in the crowd and called a couple good-looking girls over.

"Please help Miss Nangong up."

In reality, he could have helped her up himself. However, once again he recalled the slap Liu Zhiyuan had received and made the decision to find some girls in the crowd.

The girls he had pulled out were all residents of Cloud City, since outsiders would likely ignore him.

The girls first curtsied towards Murong Yu before heading towards Nangong Yan.

This made Tang Doudou very curious. If Nangong Yan's leg was injured, how did she get down from the large boat?

There was no way she would have allowed Yu Fenger to help her down.

She seemed to have mysophobia that was similar to Baili Yu's.

As Tang Doudou was thinking, Nangong Yan had already been helped up by the girls. At the same time, the thing she had been sitting on was revealed.

What could it be?


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