Chapter 228.1: Deserving This Outcome

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Tang Doudou had been extremely curious as well. However, she was no longer curious now since Jun Xin had already told her about it and simply watched Murong Yu and Nangong Yan's expressions eagerly.

After Nangong Yan was helped up, that concealed object was finally revealed.

It caused everyone to be taken aback. They hadn't expected that the thing they had been waiting for so long to see was actually this kind of thing, and she had even sat on it for so long. It was seriously too disgusting!

"Heavens! Who would have imagined that the esteemed Miss of Wind Cloud Island had so little self-restraint!? She actually sat on this kind of thing..."

"She's seriously shameless! No wonder someone accused her of being a vixen. Even if she isn't one, she's probably not far from being one!"

"Shh, quiet down, don't let her hear..."

"Wasted an entire half a day..."

When Nangong Yan saw that the people around had strange expressions and were looking at her with disgust and ridicule, she knew that it had to do with the thing she had been sitting on. However, why would that thing cause them to look at her this way?

Shouldn't they be sympathizing with her, pitying her, then getting angry on her behalf?

Why weren't things developing as they should?

As she wondered this, she turned around and looked. When she got a clear look at what that thing was, her eyes rolled back from anger and she fainted.

Meanwhile, Murong Yu's face was black as coal. What disgusting person would put this kind of thing here?

The more crucial question was: what did this thing have to do with Nangong Yan?

Could it be that it belonged to her?

She accidently dropped it while getting up?

If that wasn't the case, why would she faint upon seeing it?

When Murong Yu's thoughts got here, disgust filled his eyes. This woman truly did not have a single good point aside from the fact that she was born with a good status.

"Ahem, how is it? This little master's technique isn't bad, right?" said Jun Xin smugly.

His tail was lifted so high it could reach the sky. Tang Doudou was rather speechless. "This was the 'non-low-class' method you were talking about?"

It was clearly as low-class as low-class could get!

A young lady that has yet to get married had, under so many people's watch, revealed that she had been sitting on erotic pamphlets and all sorts of inappropriate tools...

This guy, Jun Xin, was seriously too terrifying!

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more she found it horrifying. For better or for worse, Nangong Yan was still his junior sister, yet he had done this sort of thing to her. It was unbelievable.

Back on that side, although Murong Yu was thoroughly disgusted with Nangong Yan, he still put in effort on the surface to act concerned. He took out a little bottle from his chest and offered it towards the women. "Put it beneath Miss Nangong's nose."

However, the originally complacent women revealed expressions of disgust and none of them stepped up to take the bottle.

However, this matter couldn't be solved if Nangong Yan didn't wake up.

He still needed to find Su Yi to talk about the assassins so he didn't have time to waste.

Thinking to here, he pulled a law enforcement member over and shoved the bottle in his hand. "Go, let Miss Nangong smell it."

"Stinkin' woman, it's your turn!" In the crowd, Jun Xin pushed Tang Doudou, urging her forward.

However, Tang Doudou hesitated. The person has already fainted. If she went out and caused this additional ruckus, Nangong Yan would probably never be able to show her face outside again.

"Tch. Can it be that you've forgotten what she did to you?" Jun Xin expressed disdain towards her hesitation. "She's a lunatic. If you don't kill her with one smack, she'll make a comeback sooner or later and you would only be able to cry then!"

Tang Doudou also knew that it wasn't the time to be a Mary Sue, so she gritted her teeth, tidied up her clothing, and walked out like she had just come back from a swim.

"Aiyah, isn't this little Junior Sister Nangong? How did she faint?" cried Tang Doudou in surprise right after she walked in.

Her voice, at this moment, was no doubt heaven's music to Murong Yu's ears. He turned around in pleasant surprise and said, "Young City Lord, you're finally here!"

"Murong gongzi, what's going on?"

Murong Yu gave a cough then gave a brief narration of the events.

"I just went to swim for a while, yet such a large commotion has occurred. Looks like Cloud City's defenses need to be strengthened!" She nodded after listening to what Murong Yu said. However, she focused on the assassins and didn't address Nangong Yan at all.

It made Murong Yu feel a bit awkward, but he also agreed that the matter regarding the assassins was more important.

However, Nangong Yan...

"May I ask if Young City Lord knows where Baili gongzi is right now?" Since Tang Doudou had come back, Baili Yu was probably nearby as well. Nangong Yan was his junior sister so it would be better for him to deal with this.

"Baili Yu? How would I know where he is?"

Unexpectedly, Tang Doudou widened her eyes and looked at him with a confused expression.

"Miss Nangong said that Young City Lord had gone with Baili gongzi to tour..."

"Oh, we did tour the lake together."


"But halfway through a matter came up and he left. I thought the weather was nice so I went for a swim. Are you looking for him for something?" She acted as if this was really the case so everyone was convinced.

However, where did Baili Yu go then? Everyone started making all sorts of guesses.

Could it be that he really went to meet up with Nangong Yan?

That woman happened to see and that was why she angrily cursed at Nangong Yan?

The onlookers clearly had very strong imaginations. Some people even thought that the incident probably wasn't as simple as Nangong Yan had put it. She had probably been hit by that woman. If not, what else could explain why her clothing was ripped and her appearance so wretched?

As for that woman falling into the lake, could it be that she was the one that had fallen?

Her entire body was soaked so this was a likely possibility...

Everyone around started discussing this matter again.


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