Chapter 229.2: Confession

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Baili Yu flicked the tip of her nose, then pulled her into his arms again and said with a soft sigh, "What should I do with you?"

Tang Doudou pouted. She should be the one saying that.

Despite that, she still stayed in his arms and greedily took in that comforting scent. She slowly closed her eyes. Staying together quietly like this was already pretty good.

On a distant roof, Jun Xin looked away with calm expression. The moist night wind was a little chilly. Baili Yu was very lucky. He didn't even have the chance to hug her.

He laughed softly. Standing up, he glanced over at the black-clothed person not far from him.

From the looks of it, there was still a person even more pitiful than him. That person didn't even dare to show his face.

"Hey. Is it fun to peep on people flirting?" With a flash, he reached that person's side.

The black-clothed person's vigilance was very high. Before Jun Xin even finished speaking, the person had already disappeared from sight.

Jun Xin looked back and folded his arms. "Let me guess who you are. En. There's a scent on you that I'm very familiar with."

"I won't hurt her." The black-clothed man simply swept a brief glance towards him before gliding away like a black owl.

Jun Xin didn't chase after him and just looked down, lost in thought. In reality, he hadn't been able to guess who that person was just based on that familiar feeling. However, after that person spoke, he became pretty certain of the person's identity.

What confused him was, if it really was him, why would he be willing to appear at Tang Doudou's side as a black-clothed man?

Could it be that he had some other motive?

The day was finally over. Tang Doudou and Baili Yu held hands as they walked back to Propitious Clouds Inn, bathed in the warm light of the setting sun.

However, before they even stepped inside, they heard earth-shattering wailing from inside.

There was no one aside from Nangong Yan that would cry so heartbreakingly at Propitious Clouds Inn.

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a look, then walked in together.

They didn't see Nangong Yan when they walked in. The wailing sounded like it was coming from upstairs.

"Shouldn't you go take a look? She's your little junior sister, your master's precious darling ah." Tang Doudou squeezed the large hand wrapped around hers and raised her brows.

How could Baili Yu possibly dare to say yes when he heard her taunting tone?

He curved his eyes and smiled as he replied, "Kids tend to like crying and making a fuss. She'll be fine after crying awhile, there's no need to mind it."


Tang Doudou couldn't help but burst out laughing. Wasn't this remark a little too mean! It was practically on par with Jun Xin's scheme.

Had Nangong Yan heard, she probably would have been angered to the point she got internal injuries.

She wholeheartedly wanted to be Baili Yu's sweet and charming wife, yet the person she was interested in treated her as a little kid. Just thinking about it, she seemed quite pitiful.

And of course, the person involved wasn't sensitive enough to think of this and simply pulled her along past Nangong Yan's door as if he didn't hear a thing. He brought her to the third room on the hallway, pushed open the door, then led her in. "You must be tired out from today. Have a good rest. My room is right next door. If there's anything, just knock on the wall and I'll immediately come over."

Tang Doudou looked around the room. For some reason it seemed familiar.

"Why does this seem like the room from Plum Garden?" Right after she asked, she realized that he had set this room up according to the layout in that room.

But, why did he do that? She looked towards Baili Yu, a little confused.

"I heard Jun Xin mention that you tend to be sensitive about where you sleep and that you wouldn't be able to sleep well in a unfamiliar location. I was worried you'd have trouble sleeping in Cloud City so I made a room exactly like the one in Plum Garden right after I got here. I had been waiting for you to come this entire time. I just never thought that at that time, you were..."

She understood the logic now, but how did that stinkin' little brat know that she was sensitive about where she slept? She had never told anyone about that before!


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