Chapter 230.1: Leaving Cloud City

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Baili Yu cursed silently when Tang Doudou looked towards him with suspicion. Why did he blurt that out? This was something Jun Xin had discovered in the past when he was following Tang Doudou in secret. Afterward, Jun Xin came and complained to him about this and he had noted it down.

Initially, he had just wanted to explain why the room was arranged like that, yet he ended up bringing up Jun Xin.

Baili Yu took advantage of the fact that Tang Doudou still hadn't quite pinpointed the problem and hurriedly changed the topic to cover up this matter. “You haven’t eaten anything for the whole day, so you must be hungry right? I'll instruct them to bring some food for you right away. After eating you should have a good rest. Don't overthink things.”

After saying that, he walked out, completely unperturbed. It was just, on his way out he stumbled at the doorstep and his figure went askew for a moment.

“What was that?” Tang Doudou was befuddled. She had no idea why Baili Yu was so nervous.

However, she turned to look at the familiar arrangement in the room and was almost moved to tears. It has really been a very very long time since she had been able to get a good night's sleep!

Tang Doudou tiptoed to the door and stuck her head out to check if there was anyone around before gently closing the door.

Then she rushed towards the bed and jumped on before rolling back and forth happily. Wah, this was really wonderful! This quilt was actually the one from Plum Garden!

This was truly too touching!

Tang Doudou rolled back and forth for quite a while. Then she seemed to hear faint shouting from outside.

That sounded like Nangong Yan’s voice.

“Is she making a ruckus to get Baili Yu's attention?” When Tang Doudou heard that Nangong Yan’s voice was very agitated, she got off the bed and went to the door.

The distance between the rooms wasn’t very far apart. Based on where the sound came from, Nangong Yan was probably making a scene in front of Baili Yu’s room.

“Senior Brother, you can't treat me like this! I’m Yan er ah!” A mix of sobbing and knocking sounds could be heard. It seemed that Nangong Yan had been angered terribly this time. Those mournful wails truly caused listeners to shed tears out of sympathetic heartache.“Yan er will behave from now on, so please open the door and let Yan er in!”

What was it that couldn’t be said in the doorway for her to insist on going into the person’s room to talk?

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes and then opened the door slightly. She wanted to see what exactly Nangong Yan was planning.

However, as soon as she looked over there, she suddenly felt that something was off. She hurriedly turned her head towards the side and saw a figure standing outside the room next to hers. If that wasn’t Baili Yu, then who else could it be?    

What was he doing here?

She suddenly recalled what he said earlier, that his room was just next door…

Afterward, Tang Doudou looked again at the door that Nangong Yan was desperately pounding on and silently shedded a few bitter tears for her. She could have fallen in love with anyone, yet she just had to fall in love with a two-faced, cold, and detached man like Baili Yu.

Of course, those three attributes didn't exist in front of her (TDD).

It was always so. The arrogance and coldness of a male idol was different depending on the person he was dealing with. He could be warm and caring too, but just not towards you, that’s all.

Tang Doudou sighed and then closed the door.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to watch further, but rather that there wasn’t anything interesting to look at. Baili Yu already went into his room. Thus, even if Nangong Yan knocked down the door over there, she wouldn’t be able to get any responses from him.

After quite a while - Tang Doudou wasn’t sure whether Nangong Yan had become tired from knocking or if she had fainted from anger - but the noise that she was making earlier gradually faded.

A maid brought some food over for Tang Doudou. After Tang Doudou finished eating, she went to bed.

In fact, today wasn't very tiring. It was just that getting poisoned wore her out mentally and made her feel very tired.

At that time, there had been a feeling of something wanting to burst out. What exactly was that?

Why would she have that sort of strange sensation?

What exactly did Yuner do to her? Why did that blood suddenly burst out like that?

She rubbed the spot where the blood had appeared from. It didn't hurt, so she pulled her clothes down to have a closer look. She saw that there weren’t any scars on her shoulder; the only thing there was the fiery red fox-shaped birthmark.

What exactly was going on?

Tang Doudou’s head started to feel heavier the more she thought about it. Her eyelids started drooping and slowly closed completely. A while later, the sound of her even breathing could be heard.

Outside, the sky was gradually darkening. A black figure appeared outside her window. There was a soft creak, then Jun Xin jumped into her room.

He walked quietly towards the sleeping Tang Doudou.

He saw that she wasn’t covered by the quilt and was sleeping soundly sprawled out on the bed just like that, so he picked up the quilt from the side and covered her with it, pulling it up to her waist.

A trace of a smile appeared on his face and he was about to reach out and touch her little sleeping face when his facial expression suddenly changed. He turned around abruptly to look toward the doorway.

Jun Xin didn’t know how long Baili Yu had been there but he was leaning against the doorway with an unreadable smile.

Jun Xin withdrew his hand embarrassedly. “I was just helping to put the quilt over her.”

“The weather is so hot now, she’ll sweat if you cover her with the quilt,” said Baili Yu, smiling.

“I forgot.”

“Just don’t forget in the future.”

Jun Xin was quite shocked by these words. His eyes flickered as he looked at Baili Yu, but in the end he wasn’t able to discern whether Baili Yu’s words were genuine or not. He swept his gaze over the sleeping Tang Doudou and said, “This will be the last time.”

Even if this wasn’t, there wouldn’t be many more chances in the future, because Tang Doudou and Baili Yu were getting married soon. From then on, Baili Yu would be there to help cover her with the quilt.

He would no longer be able to sneak over in the middle of the night to see her and end up being captivated until dawn again.

Baili Yu didn’t say a word. It was unknown if he believed Jun Xin's words. Jun Xin didn't speak either. This continued until the small hours, then the two of them silently returned to their respective rooms to rest.


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