Chapter 230.2: Leaving Cloud City

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou got up early the next morning and heard from the maid waiting on her that Nangong Yan had already left.

She suddenly felt that today was an unbelievably beautiful new day, even the air she breathed was clear and fresh!

“Where’s your Master?”

“He hasn’t woken up yet. If Lady Doudou has something to say, then you can just tell me.” The maid’s name was Qing Yu and her personality was quite cheerful.   

“It’s nothing, I’m just casually asking.”

Baili Yu seemed to be needing more and more sleep recently. Sometime soon, she had to find Cang Baicao and ask him exactly how she was supposed to cure that Hoarfrost Poison.

“Lady Doudou, are you still planning to have your breakfast inside the room?” asked Qing Yu after Tang Doudou finished washing up.

“I’ll just eat inside the room.” Tang Doudou was puzzled by Qing Yu’s question. There were no tables in the inn’s hall. If she didn’t eat inside her room, then could it be that she should go outside and crouch at the doorway to eat?   

Just as she was thinking this, someone pushed open the door roughly.    

Before she could complain out loud about the rude and uneducated person, Jun Xin’s annoying voice appeared. “Hey, stinkin’ woman, let’s go downstairs and have breakfast together!”

“There are no tables downstairs, are you inviting me to crouch with you at the doorway and eat?” Tang Doudou sat in front of the dressing mirror. Qing Yu helped pull her hair into a small bun and secured it with a light blue jade hairpin.

“Lady Doudou, please have a look. Do you like it like this?”   

Jun Xin gave a ‘tch’ and said, “No matter how you do it the result would be the same: ugly.”

“You came here so early in the morning just to mock me?”

“Tch. How could this young master have that much free time? I’m here to tell you that Cloud City has already made an announcement asking the participants of the matchmaking competition to leave immediately. The time limit is three days. If they don’t leave by then, they can only remain in Cloud City forever and might never be able to exit Cloud City again.” Since Tang Doudou was going to take a long time to get ready, Jun Xin invited himself inside and sat down at the side of the table not too far away from her.

Although she already knew that there would be such a day, but wasn’t this way too soon?

Moreover, they haven't found the people that instigated those assassins. How would they be able to continue investigating if they allowed the people involved to leave?   

“Su Yi has returned?” Something like making an announcement wasn’t something that Murong Yu and the rest could decide on their own, because the announcement would only be valid after being stamped with Su Yi’s seal.     

Jun Xin shrugged. “How would I know anything regarding the great City Lord Su’s matters?”

“Come on, spit it out!” He was always running around, so if he didn’t know that then no one else would know.

“I really don’t know.” Jun Xin yawned, then revealed a mischievous smile. “Let’s stop talking about these irritating matters. I don't even know when we'll be able to meet again after I leave this time, so do me a favor and eat breakfast with me, alright?”

Tang Doudou was slightly depressed now. “Just go eat by yourself.”

Due to what Jun Xin had just said, she didn’t have much of an appetite anymore.

“No, I can only eat more when I’m looking at you.” Seeing that she had no intention to go, Jun Xin simply had Qing Yu move aside, casually picked up a few flower hairpins, inserted them into her hair, then dragged her towards the door.

Da fudge! What kind of reasoning was that?

Where could she find a second person as weird as him? She had to go even if she didn’t feel like eating. When she thought to this point, she stood up and said with an utterly helpless tone, “Stop dragging, I can walk by myself.”

This could be considered as Tang Doudou agreeing so Jun Xin turned around and said, “Let’s go.”

Tang Doudou gave Qing Yu some instructions, then went downstairs with him.

She didn’t expect that the sun was already high in the sky outside; it looked as if it was almost noon. Jun Xin, this stinkin’ brat, clearly came to find her to eat lunch, what breakfast ah!     

Seeing that the inn had resumed its business downstairs, she couldn’t help but ask, “Are you guys leaving too?”

“If we don’t leave then could it be that we're supposed to stay here and accompany you forever?”

“Oh…” That was right. The announcement stated that those who didn’t leave within three days would remain in Cloud City forever.  

“Hey, if you guys leave, won’t I die from boredom?” Tang Doudou sighed, seeming quite depressed. She also wanted to leave ah.

There was nothing here at Cloud City that she was reluctant to part with, except perhaps a little in regards to Su Yi. Yet, Su Yi wanted to let her become some City Lord? Just the thought of it was laughable.

But would Xiao Bai leave this time?

There was no one in charge of the Alliance Head Residence yet. Could it be that she had to appoint someone else as the Alliance Head as well once she became City Lord?

In fact, she was completely overthinking things. Su Yi had sent someone to pick her up once she finished eating.    

After she got back, Su Yi just said three sentences to her.

“You should just leave together with Baili Yu.”

“Be a good Alliance Head.”

“If there’s nothing serious, then don’t come back.”

Tang Doudou instantly went Sparta. Don’t tell her that this trip to Cloud City was all in vain? Not a fart had changed and he was already chasing her out again?

Hadn’t they already agreed that she would inherit the position as the City Lord?

Didn’t he promise that he would help her find a fiancé?

And now he was kicking her back to act as a lousy martial arts Alliance Head? She felt unbearable distress. If she didn’t have to inherit the City Lord’s position anymore, then letting her play around leisurely for a while was also not bad ah!

If she was the martial arts Alliance Head, she had to play cat and mouse again with that annoying Elder Yu. She couldn't tell if Su Yi wanted to train her or what. And that Elder Yu had been bouncing around for so long, yet Su Yi didn’t lend a hand to deal with him.

Without waiting for her to ask more, Su Yi hurriedly ran away again. It seemed that something had happened, so all of this was being postponed.

When she returned to the inn, Baili Yu and the rest had already finished packing their belongings. By the look of things, they wouldn’t need the three days to get ready and leave.

Jun Xin was sitting on top of the roof as always. She couldn’t understand why he was so fond of rooftops. When Jun Xin saw Tang Doudou return, he revealed a shocked expression that was soon replaced by pleasant surprise as he jumped down. “You, did Su Yi let you come to send us off or let you leave together with us?”  

After saying that, he looked nervously at Tang Doudou.   

“Why are you being like this?” Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. She felt like Jun Xin was becoming weirder and weirder ah.


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