Chapter 231.1: While a Tiger Leaves from the Front Door, a Wolf Comes in at the Back

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Hey, I feel like we’ll definitely run into a lot of trouble if you come with us...”

“Stinkin’ brat, how could you say that?” Tang Doudou was depressed. With how he spoke, it would serve him right to end up single his entire life.

Jun Xin laughed ‘hehe’ and said, “I’m just joking, what did Su Yi actually say?”

After asking that, he looked towards her with an unperturbed expression, keeping his extreme nervousness hidden.

“What else would he say? He just kicked me back to the Alliance Head Residence.”

“Ha, that's not surprising at all ah.” Jun Xin stroked his chin in a profound manner. “He feels safe leaving you with us just like that?”

“It's not like I'm a kid, what’s there to worry about?” Tang Doudou pushed aside Jun Xin who was standing in front of her and looked at the crowd of people that were currently working on packing up. “Eh, how come Bai Lianhua’s here too?”

“Her? She said that she came to help, and since it's on the way, she'll head back to Huai City with us.”

“Where’s Xi Qiuyue? Didn’t she arrive together with the Sangfroid Prince? How come she wants to leave with us now?” It wasn’t that she didn't want Bai Lianhua to come with them,  but it just felt weird somehow.

Jun Xin looked down to glance at Tang Doudou. Then he smiled with schadenfreude and said, “The reason is so simple, don’t tell me that you can't tell?”

“Tell what?” Tang Doudou really couldn’t think of anything at this moment. After all, it was just yesterday that they were drinking happily together. They had even made plans to meet up again once they had time. Was it possible that Bai Lianhua had some ulterior motive again?

But there was no shared interest between the two of them, so there should be nothing that would cause a conflict between them, right?

Jun Xin smirked. “While a tiger leaves from the front door, a wolf comes in at the back. Now that I've already put it this way, you should get it, right?”

前门去虎,后门进狼 (qián mén qù hǔ, hòu mén jìn láng) means ‘to fend off one danger only to fall a prey to another’ or ‘after driving out one enemy,  another came in again’. This idiom is a variant of 前门拒虎,后门进狼 (qián mén jù hǔ, hòu mén jìn láng), lit. meaning ‘to beat a tiger from the front door, only to have a wolf come in at the back’, which implies facing one problem after another.

“Hell, you’re saying that Bai Lianhua’s also thinking of that?” Tang Doudou immediately realized what Jun Xin meant.

Jun Xin looked at Tang Doudou with a rather sympathetic ‘she was beyond redemption’ expression. Then he folded his arms and walked into the inn.

Tang Doudou stood in the same spot for a while. She sighed as she watched Bai Lianhua, then sighed again. She could harden her heart to deal with Nangong Yan, but Bai Lianhua wasn’t really a bad person.

Bai Lianhua was only in love with Baili Yu. She couldn’t add her to the list of ‘must fight’ opponents just because of that, right?

Moreover, Bai Lianhua hadn't shown any sign of wanting to snatch her man away, so what was she supposed to do ah?!    

At this time, Bai Lianhua noticed her and was pleasantly surprised. She ran over and grabbed Tang Doudou’s hand like they were a pair of good sisters and asked, “Alliance Head Li, are you also leaving together with us?”

“Uh…” Bai Lianhua was so enthusiastic that Tang Doudou couldn’t quite take it. “That’s right ah!”

Even if she couldn’t, she had to. From how sincere Bai Lianhua seemed, she probably didn't have much ulterior motives. After all, in the modern era, a man like Baili Yu would be considered a highly eligible bachelor, a wealthy husband that most females would long to catch. Luckily she was in the ancient era now. If this had been the modern era, she probably would’ve already been trampled to death by Baili Yu’s admirers.

Tang Doudou retrieved her trail of thoughts and asked Bai Lianhua with a puzzled tone, “How come Sangfroid Prince didn’t come together with you?”

“He received an imperial edict yesterday and headed back right away, that's why I had no choice but to come here and ask Alliance Head Li’s group to take me in!” Bai Lianhua had really changed quite a lot compared to before. Her way of speaking and her mannerism were much more natural and unrestrained now.

Compared to that delicate manner of an indulged young lady she used to affect, her current personality was much more pleasing to the eye. And now that she thought about it, Bai Lianhua's actions were understandable. It would take at least half a month to get back to Huai City from Cloud City, and it really wasn't very safe for a young girl to travel all by herself.

Moreover, she was also Xiao Bai’s cousin. When Tang Doudou thought up to here, that last trace of hesitation in her heart vanished like smoke. What ‘while a tiger leaves from the front door, a wolf comes in at the back’ ah? That brat Jun Xin must've been teasing her again.

“So, it’s like that. Then, that's perfect, I was just worrying about having no one to talk with.” Tang Doudou smiled, then said she was heading in to look for Baili Yu and asked if she wanted to join.

Bai Lianhua shook her head with a smile. “I still have some things to pack up, so I won’t go with you.”

“Alright, then be careful. If you can’t handle it, just ask a servant for help!” Tang Doudou waved towards Bai Lianhua and then walked into the inn.

As Bai Lianhua watched her leave, the smile on her face disappeared. A trace of resentment flashed through her eyes, but in the blink of an eye, she put on that set natural smile again and walked up to help those maids with the packing.

On the second floor, Qing Yu was standing in front of Baili Yu’s room. When she saw Tang Doudou approaching, she saluted and said, “Lady Doudou, Master isn't awake yet.”

“He’s still not awake?” Tang Doudou was surprised and she peeked inside. “Can I go in and take a look?”

Baili Yu was currently poisoned with a very strong poison, so he could die from the slightest mishap…

Tang Doudou abruptly made a ‘pei’ sound. What nonsense was she thinking?!

But, she was really worried...   

Qing Yu smiled. “Master has said before that Lady Doudou can go in at any time.”

Then what was she still waiting for? She immediately pushed the door open and went inside.

After walking in, she slowed down and walked quietly over to the bed while calling softly, “Big evil spirit?”

When no one had answered her, she became even more worried and quickened her steps until she arrived in front of the bed. She only breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Baili Yu was breathing evenly as he slept on the bed.  

Wasn’t he doing fine? Then how come he still wasn't waking up after sleeping for so long?

Tang Doudou scratched her head. In addition, martial arts practitioners had very high levels of alertness. Why hadn't Baili Yu reacted even though she had already gotten so close?

Suddenly, she recalled the past incidents when his poison had flared up...

She hurriedly reached out to touch Baili Yu’s face. His skin was nice and smooth, and felt lukewarm to the touch. It seemed fine ah!

Tang Doudou became completely stumped.

She didn’t notice it at all when a certain bad guy whose eyes were still half closed moved to lightly kiss her hand.

“Ah!” That soft sensation surprised Tang Doudou and she hastily withdrew her hand, but Baili Yu caught her.

“Wife…” The low voice hazy with sleepiness seemed to tease her heart like a feather.

Tang Doudou immediately became flustered. “You were pretending to sleep?”

“I was really asleep before Wife came in.” It seemed as if Baili Yu still couldn’t quite open his eyes. His eyes were half-closed in a languid way as he grasped Tang Doudou’s hand and gently pulled her into his embrace. “But, after Wife walked in, I didn’t dare to sleep any longer.”

All right, it was her fault. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have come in and disturbed him.

“Wife, are you worrying about this husband?” Baili Yu rubbed his pointy chin against the top of her head and the hand wrapped around her started getting restless.


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