Chapter 231.2: While a Tiger Leaves from the Front Door, a Wolf Comes in at the Back

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Chapter 231.2: While a Tiger Leaves from the Front Door, a Wolf Comes in at the BackOriginal and most updated translations are on volare. If this is being found anywhere else, it has been stolen. Don't support theft. :)

Tang Doudou’s expression immediately darkened and she caught that hand tightly. She decided that she had to quickly change the topic, otherwise, he'll definitely end up leading her down the wrong path. “Have you heard about Cloud City’s announcement?”

“En, Jun Xin came by in the morning and told me.” Since Tang Doudou wasn't allowing him to move, he started behaving himself. He propped up his head with one hand and looked at Tang Doudou who was wrapped in his other arm. “Su Yi’s allowing Wife to leave with me then?”

Not even Jun Xin knew about this, so how did he find out?

When Baili Yu saw that she seemed puzzled, he reached out and flicked the tip of her little nose with a gentle smile and said, “If he didn’t let you go with me, then how are we supposed to get married?”

“Get married?” Tang Doudou's eyes widened. “Su Yi didn’t say anything about that to me ah!”

“He didn’t mention it?” Baili Yu narrowed his eyes and seemed a bit angry.

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose. She could still feel the warmth from his hand on it and she said, feeling slightly shy, “Let’s return to Huai City first and see. I really don’t want to stay even a minute longer in this Cloud City!”

Upon hearing that, joy appeared on Baili Yu's face and he asked with a smile, “You can't bear to stay in Cloud City anymore because this husband will no longer be in this city?”

Tang Doudou really wanted to say, ‘wishful thinking.'

Cough cough. Yeah, you can say that…”

“Wife, you’re really naughty.” Baili Yu softly pecked her forehead. “Come, let’s get up and leave this boring place.”

Tang Doudou quickly pulled him to a stop.

Baili Yu looked back with a teasing smile. “What? Wife hasn’t had enough of sleeping with this husband?”

“Quit messing around!” Tang Doudou glowered at him. “Ask the servants to wait for me for a little while. I’m going to look for Cang Baicao real quick. I'll be right back.”   

“Why are you looking for him?”

“Of course it’s to ask about the Hoarfrost Poison in your body ah!” After saying that, she climbed out of bed and ran out. She didn’t even give Baili Yu any chance to stop her.

His little woman was always so concerned about him, but... was it possible to cure his poison anymore?

Baili Yu pulled his hand from under the quilt and unfolded the embroidered handkerchief he was holding. The bloodstains on it were so conspicuous. He heaved a long sigh. When he had wanted to die, death had eluded him for such a long time. Now that he didn’t want to, death was just a step away.

“Ye Chuan.”


“How much medicine do we have left?”

Helplessness flashed across Ye Chuan’s face as he replied honestly, “Not much.”

Baili Yu closed his eyes. After being silent for quite a while, he asked again, “How many months will they last?”



Ye Chuan sighed. “Three, three months at most…”

Three months, that was enough.  

You can withdraw. When everything’s ready, we’ll depart. Let’s not return to Huai City yet. Head towards the west.” Baili Yu got off the bed. “Is Young Master Jun already in the inn?”

“This subordinate saw him leave with Lady Doudou a moment ago.”

Baili Yu’s eyes darkened a little. “Are Feng Long and Yun Hai back yet?”

“Feng Long’s already waiting outside Cloud City, but Yun Hai seemed to have run into trouble, there’s still no news from him.” Ye Chuan reported.   

Blood Fiend Jun Xin, Blade Demon Feng Long and Godspeed Yun Hai were Baili Yu’s strongest subordinates. However, aside from Jun Xin, who was often by his side, the others were rarely seen.

The fact that he had summoned all of them to his side meant that something big was definitely about to happen.  

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou went to find Cang Baicao but ended up finding out from Bai Feiyun that Cang Baicao had left Cloud City by himself yesterday. It was unknown where he went.

Tang Doudou’s heart sank and she blamed herself for only remembering about the poison now and not coming sooner.  And, Cang Baicao just had to have coincidentally left Cloud City right now.

“Xiao Bai, he didn't even tell you where he was going?”

Bai Feiyun explained patiently, “Senior Cang already mentioned that he wanted to go out and see the world last time while we were helping treat your injury. However, City Lord didn't approve of it. That's why Senior Cang took advantage of the fact that the City Lord left Cloud City yesterday and ran away. The reason why I know he left was because when I went to deliver food to him, I found a brief note that he left underneath a book.”

Jesus ah, then what now?

What if Cang Baicao ended up vanishing without a trace? Then, what would happen to Baili Yu?

The more Tang Doudou thought, the more irascible she became. Suddenly, her eyes landed on Bai Feiyun. “Ahem. Xiao Bai ah!”

“Just say it, what do you need help with?” Bai Feiyun knew what she was thinking the moment her eyes whirled. This was what you call tacit understanding ah! That little brat Jun Xin couldn't compare at all!

However, she recalled what Jun Xin had said and hesitated for a while. In the end, she made up her mind and asked, “Xiao Bai, do you know about the Hoarfrost Poison?”


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