Chapter 232.2: Beautiful Mountains and Rivers

Prodigal Alliance Head


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After Tang Doudou made this decision, she was just about to continue heading back towards Propitious Clouds Inn when the door of Ximen Residence opened.

The creaking sound was very conspicuous and was even accompanied by a gentle voice. "So it turns out that it was Young City Lord that was at the door. No wonder the magpie in my courtyard was crying so joyously! Young City Lord, where is it that you're heading to?"

Ximen Qing was known as the man most skilled at needlework in the world. The first time she saw him, she had the feeling that she was seeing a live peacock. His garments had colorful flowers in full bloom from top to bottom and he had an abnormally big peony blossom tucked behind one ear. His flirtatious and splendid gay female garments had made the deepest impression on her and caused her to remember him the best out of all the people she met in Cloud City.

Although she wasn't happy with those two servants' attitudes, she still had a pretty good impression of Ximen Qing. This was because when they first met, when everyone was showing disdain and questioning how a woman could possibly be City Lord, he stepped out and that women's headdress do not concede to the beard and brows of men, so a woman could naturally also become City Lord.

It was pretty much a longer version of saying men and women should be treated and respected equally.

Even in the modern era, there weren't many men that were open-minded enough to see this point, yet Ximen Qing had actually come to understand this on his own. This probably had to do with his occupation as well. After all, since ancient times, men who were of the gentle type like this were all women's best friends...

Tang Doudou retrieved her wandering thoughts and spoke to Ximen Qing with a smile. "I'm afraid Ximen gongzi probably hasn't come out due to a auspicious black-billed magpie but because there were two crows inside, right?"

Tang Doudou really disliked the two servants that pushed San Yu out. The way they looked at people with disdain was too loathsome.

Though he was a master that was promoting equality of the sexes, he had two servants that looked down on people. In this case, if those servant weren't crows, what else would they be?

Ximen Qing curved his eyes upon hearing this. Naturally he knew what she meant. He replied, "Young City Lord has sharp insight, to be able to know that it was crows before even seeing or hearing the sound. It seems like my little ploy to curry favor with Young City Lord was pointless."

Then, he said, "I also find those two crows quite annoying. They always pretend to be magpies and randomly cry out, disturbing people's peace. In a little bit, I'll have people tie them up and throw them in the corpse mound at the outskirts of the city so that they'll learn to be content with their status and act like the crows they are. Young City Lord, what do you think about this idea?"

It had to be acknowledged that Ximen Qing's decision was very decisive and harsh, yet people couldn't help but like it. Tang Doudou replied with a smile, "Who cares if they're magpies or crows? Since they've entered Ximen gongzi's courtyard, Ximen gongzi can deal with them in any way you please. I'm just a passerby who happened to hear the cries of crows."

"Then it's decided. I'll have people go teach those crows a lesson right now. Does Young City Lord want to oversee it as well, or..."

"What's fun about watching crows being driven off? It's fine, I won't watch. Ximen gongzi can just play as you wish. Goodbye."

After nodding slightly, she took out that medicinal book again and continued on her way.

After she left, Ximen Qing retrieved his gaze and turned to look in the direction San Yu had left in. The smile on his face immediately disappeared and he gave a cold humph. He never imagined that that woman and Li Xueyi were actually acquaintances. It was a good thing he hadn't agreed to her request, otherwise he would have been implicated and killed before he knew what hit him.

As he thought about this, he turned and walked back into the residence with elegant swaying steps. He looked towards the two trembling servants that were kneeling inside, then shouted towards the courtyard, "Someone, come!"

"Master." After a brief moment filled with the sound of rapid footsteps, a bunch of old servants appeared.

Ximen Qing lifted his slender hand and pointed towards the two servants. "Throw them into the corpse mound, then have Lady Qin to deliver the Beautiful Mountains and Rivers wedding dress to Young City Lord. Just say that I, Ximen Qing, wish them a happy marriage and hope that they will be a couple who will walk shoulder by shoulder into old age."

"Isn't Beautiful Mountains and Rivers..." The servant at the very front had been listening to all the instructions calmly, but when he heard the words 'beautiful mountains and rivers,' his expression abruptly changed.

Ximen Qing's gracefully drawn brows immediately lifted. "Absolutely disgraceful! It's been a long time since I've lectured you guys, so all of you forgot the rules?"

"M-master, please have mercy. This little one was only surprised. This little one had no intention of disobeying your instructions," explained the servant as he trembled with fear.

"That's more like it. Go now. If you do well, there'll be a reward."


Beautiful Mountains and Rivers, it truly was exciting to await.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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C: Not sure if this is related, but beautiful mountains and rivers is a term that traditionally refers to 'beautiful ancestral land/country'.


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