Chapter 233.1: Blade Demon Feng Long

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Tang Doudou had just gotten back to Propitious Clouds Inn when Ximen Qing's servant walked in after her.

"Beautiful Mountains and Rivers?" Tang Doudou's bright eyes swept across the long box that person was offering to her. A congratulatory wedding gift? Beautiful Mountains and Rivers? Could it be a painting?

No matter what it was, since it was a congratulatory gift given with kind intentions, there was no way she could reject it.

However, she didn't even know when the aforementioned wedding would take place. What did he mean by having someone rush here and deliver this gift all of a sudden?

Then, after barely enough time to brew a pot of tea, about five prestigious people in Cloud City also send people to deliver her so-called congratulatory wedding gifts.

It completely baffled her. She didn't know where Baili Yu went either. She hadn't seen him since she got back.

"Qing Yu." She went and found Qing Yu to have her put away this gifts and note down who gifted what, then headed out the doors again. When she got back earlier, she seemed to have seen Ye Chuan outside. If she wanted to know where Baili Yu ran off to, her best option was to ask him.

Qing Yu answered that she understood, then started inspecting the items one by one and recording them. When she saw the magnificent wedding dress the Beautiful Mountains and Rivers box contained, her facial color changed abruptly and she slammed the box shut. As she patted her chest nervously, she remarked, "Why would it be this wedding dress?"

Oh no, she had to hurry and tell Master about this, and no matter what she had to keep Lady Doudou from seeing this wedding dress.

She headed towards the door but stopped again. If she just left these things there and some dumb person accidently touched it and allowed Lady Doudou to see, it'd be over!

But she couldn't hide it away either.

Just as Qing Yu was starting to panic over what to do, Jun Xin leisurely strolled in. When he saw that her expression was off, he asked casually, "Qing Yu, what are you doing? Where's Tang Doudou?"

"Young Master Jun!" Qing Yu started in surprise before hastily curtsying. Suddenly, she seemed to think of something and she pulled Jun Xin into the room.

"What's wrong?" Jun Xin looked at Qing Yu in surprise. The majority of Baili Yu's maids were all quite reserved and would never pull and tug at someone like this. Could it be that something had happened to Tang Doudou?

However, he didn't see Tang Doudou in the room.

Qing Yu let go of him and walked to the pile of things on the table. Then she reached out and opened that long box.

He had heard earlier that some people in Cloud City had sent Tang Doudou congratulatory wedding gifts. These were probably it. Based on Qing Yu's behavior, she was probably planning to show him something?

If Tang Doudou was really about to get married, then of course he had to give a congratulatory gift too. However, he didn't know what to give. Maybe he'd be inspired by looking at what other people gave?

As he was thinking this, he poked his head over to look. When he saw the 'Beautiful Mountains and Rivers' wedding dress, his expression immediately changed as well. "Why is this thing here?"

Qing Yu hastily replied, "Ximen Residence sent it here just now."

"Which Ximen Residence?" Jun Xin reached out and gently touched the exquisite design of the wedding dress with a serious expression. This was the world's most beautiful wedding dress. If Tang Doudou wore it, that scene would undoubtedly be indescribably beautiful.

Qing Yu replied, "It's Ximen Qing, the person currently known on the Jianghu as the best at needlework. He was the one who sent someone to deliver this wedding dress."

"So it was him." Jun Xin withdrew his hand and indicated for Qing Yu to close the box. "Don't publicly disclose this for now. We can decide what to do once I finish investigating things."

"Then this dress?" asked Qing Yu nervously.

Jun Xin dusted off his hands in a relaxed manner. "Just leave it here. No need to worry about it."

Qing Yu was instantly dumbstruck. Was Young Master Jun joking with her? Was it really alright to leave this wedding dress here?

Jun Xin saw the doubt on her face but didn't bother to explain. He went over and looked at the other gifts people sent, then walked out with a musing expression.

"Youn..." Qing Yu still wanted to say something and opened her mouth, but then stopped herself. Since the master had already given instructions, she should just do as told. If anything did happen, she wouldn't have to take responsibility.

"What? You don't know where he went either?" Downstairs, Tang Doudou had just found Ye Chuan and he had immediately given her attitude. She didn't know how she had offended Ye Chuan, but he seemed very displeased with her!

"I don't know." Ye Chuan replied stiffly.

Tang Doudou became frustrated and couldn't help but ask, "Ye Chuan, weren't we getting along fine the last time we were together? How come you've become like this again after just a couple months of not seeing you? It's weird ah, there doesn't seem to have been any conflicts between us either, right?"

Ye Chuan's expression was still stiff and strict. "Right."

"Then why are you being like this?"

Ye Chuan didn't reply. Lifting the box next to him, he got on the carriage and said to the driver, "You guys go first and bring the things back. Be careful on the road."


"We're not going together?" asked Tang Doudou as she rubbed her chin.

Ye Chuan swept a glance at her and replied coldly, "No."

... Tang Doudou tilted her head back forty-five degrees to gaze sorrowfully towards the sky. Why were the men around Baili Yu always so tsundere!?

Now that Jun Xin wasn't so tsundere, Ye Chuan was being tsundere.

They were seriously beyond help.

Tang Doudou sighed and was just about to head back into the inn when she saw something strange out of the corner of her eye.

Or, it should be said, it was two strange people.

"The way they're sneaking around, a person can tell with one glance they're not good people." Tang Doudou quietly remarked as she smoothed back her hair. One of the two turned around and looked over, and to her surprise, it was actually Jun Xin.

However, why was he hugging a man on the street? Could it be that he was publicly coming out of the closet?

"Stinkin' woman, stop standing there dumbly! Hurry and come here. This little master will introduce you to someone amazing." Jun Xin beckoned her.

After Jun Xin turned around, the man who was hugging him earlier also looked over in her direction. When he heard Jun Xin call her 'stinkin' woman,' his lips twitched and he placed his hand below his nose as if he was trying to suppress his laugh.

Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that a lot of people were watching, she would have sent a slap over. Was it still possible to be good considerate friends!?

Inwardly Tang Doudou complained a lot, but she still walked over because that person seemed a little off.

What was off about him?

His eyes, they were very bewitching. They were seriously too bewitching!

It wasn't a nefarious seductiveness, nor was it a flirtatious charm, it was a strange enchanting charm!

His appearance wasn't very out of the ordinary: he was the type to disappear into a crowd. However, those eyes were impossible to forget once one saw them and made a very strong impression. He was wearing a slightly loosely draped outfit that made him look elegant and casual.

Who is this person?

He seemed to know Jun Xin very well. Not only had they hugged, even now he still had an arm around Jun Xin's shoulder and was twirling a strand of Jun Xin's hair in a suggestive way.


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