Chapter 238.1: You Two Haven't Fought Enough?

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Tang Doudou and Tian Weishi's laughter rose all the way up to the roof.

Baili Yu and Jun Xin stood shoulder by shoulder. One was gazing into the distance thoughtfully while the other's eyes were lowered and fixated on the roof below as if he wanted to stare a hole through the roof.

However, both of them had heard what Tang Doudou said earlier.

She said that her home was a place that couldn't be found, that she had grown up with her grandpa. She said that her grandpa's name was Tang Yu and that the place she came from was a place you couldn't re-enter once you left...

Was all of this really true?

The two shared a look with strange expressions. In the end, Baili Yu broke the silence first. "You should head down first."

Jun Xin nodded. He was just about to leave when Baili Yu called out to him, "Ah Xin."

"No matter who she is, she's her." Jun Xin glanced back, his eyes bright.

After he finished speaking, he turned and jumped off the roof, then strode into the kitchen. "Tang Doudou, this little master is here."

He sure had an open mind. Baili Yu retrieved his gaze. He didn't head down with Jun Xin and instead sat down where he was. Allowing the scorching sun to burn him, he slowly closed his eyes.

He listened to the sound of Tang Doudou and Jun Xin bickering. After a while, he opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. Questions filled his eyes and words spilled out from his lips almost soundlessly. "Why..."

"Where's Qing Yu? Why are you the only one here?" Tang Doudou notice that Qing Yu hadn't come back after she had squabbled with Jun Xin for a while. That girl had been in the room watching over her the entire time, so she definitely hasn't eaten yet either.

Jun Xin lifted his chin. "How would I know?"

"Didn't she go to look for you?"

"En, she did."

"Then why didn't you bring her back with you?" That way they wouldn't have to wait for anyone and could've immediately started eating! Tang Doudou glared at Jun Xin, annoyed. Didn't this little brat know what it meant to be a gentleman? If he kept acting like this, he'd definitely end up being single his entire life!

Then, sure enough, a certain person who didn't feel like there was anything wrong with doing this went over and sat down next to the village chief. He glanced at the large steamer basket in the pot as he asked, "Why should I have brought her? She has feet, she can walk on her own."

"What's in the steamer basket?"

"Steamed buns stuffed with human flesh," replied Tang Doudou in an irritated tone. "Hurry up and find Qing Yu, otherwise I'll feed you steamed buns stuffed with human flesh!"

"Tch. Do you even have the nerves to make steamed buns stuffed with human flesh?" Jun Xin humphed disdainfully, then crossed his legs. "I'm not going, she has feet of her own."

"You!" She had never seen a guy this hard to get through to! Tang Doudou was so angry she really wanted to just bash him to death with a pan.

However, right at this moment, Qing Yu came back.

She immediately sensed that the atmosphere in the kitchen was off. She thought it was because she came late and turned pale from fear.

Jun Xin glanced at her, then turned to look at the steamer basket again. "Tang Doudou, are you going to serve the meal or not? This little master's about to starve to death."

"Then you should just starve to death!" Tang Doudou walked to Qing Yu. Seeing that her breathing seemed pretty even, she felt relieved and asked, "Are you alright? Not tired, are you?"

When has the case of a master asking if the servant was alright ever occurred? Qing Yu was terrified that something was about to happen and hastily replied, "Qing Yu isn't tired. If Lady Doudou needs anything, just give the command."

"If you're not tired, then help me tidy up the table over there and set out bowls and chopsticks. After you're done with that, let's eat together then have a good rest."

So it was like that. Qing Yu loosened a breath in relief, then hurried to start working.

After they sat down, Tian Weishi and Qing Yu continuously praised Tang Doudou's culinary skills, while at the side, Jun Xin was pigging out like a starved ghost as usual.

After the meal, Tang Doudou swallowed the pitch-black pill at Qing Yu's urging. Following that, Tang Doudou felt bored stiff, so she went with Tian Weishi to the river to fish.

The result of the fishing trip was that she cooked again at night to make a full course fish feast. The wonderful fragrance even lured Baili Yu and Feng Long over. When Tang Doudou saw the two, she recalled that Bai Lianhua was traveling with them. She hadn't seen Bai Lianhua for so many days that she had almost forgotten about her.

When she expressed that she wanted to invite Bai Lianhua over as well, Jun Xin humphed disapprovingly. "No way. I'll lose my appetite if I see her."

How much exactly did he dislike her?

However, she was the boss on her domain, so he couldn't do anything about who she wanted to invite.

She turned to ask Tian Weishi if she could invite a friend over. Tian Weishi had been by himself for over a dozen years. It was such a rare occasion for so many young people to come so why would he ever refuse?

He felt that the more people that came, the better. It would liven up the place.

Hence, Tang Doudou asked Qing Yu to invite Bai Lianhua.

Although she had forgotten about Bai Lianhua for so many days, she didn't see any annoyance on Bai Lianhua's face. On the contrary, the moment Bai Lianhua arrived, she walked up to grab Tang Doudou's hands happily.

"Xueyi, are you alright? I heard people say that your injury worsened again. I wanted to come see you, but I couldn't find you. You don't blame me for not visiting, right?"

Bai Lianhua had been worrying about her? Tang Doudou felt a tiny bit moved, but she also knew that Bai Lianhua was just being polite. Their relationship wasn't good to this level after all.

She pulled Bai Lianhua over to sit down. "Hehe, Miss Bai doesn't need to be so polite. It's nothing but a small illness. On the contrary, I feel bad for slowing down your journey. I should be the one to apologize."

Jun Xin swept a glance over Bai Lianhua, then moved the bowl and chopsticks that were next to him in front of her. "Bai Lianhua, for the sake of maintaining your figure, you should eat less."


Tang Doudou was bowled over by Jun Xin's reaction. He was worried about her snatching his food!

She turned to look towards Baili Yu. He had the same seemingly smiling expression as always as he stared at her. She couldn't tell if it was because there was something on her face or what.

At the side, Qing Yu's shoulders were shaking from her suppressed laughter. Meanwhile, Tian Weishi was lifting up the fish to examine them in an attempt to figure out how she cooked them.

The only one that was acting completely different from the rest was Feng Long. She gazed at Jun Xin adoringly for a while, then said, "Little Xinxin, if you like eating it, I can make it for you every day!"

Jun Xin quickly glanced over towards Tang Doudou before turning to glare furiously at Feng Long. "Feng Long, if you're not hungry then scram. Don't stay here, you're making this young master's stomach churn from disgust."

"Tsk. It's not like you're the one who invited me, what right do you have to drive me off?" Feng Long lifted her chopsticks and sent Jun Xin a coquettish glance. "Hey, I'm being serious, so do you like eating this or not?"

Tang Doudou finally understood the situation. Feng Long was trying to woo Jun Xin ah!

But... She glanced at a certain guy that had lifted his chopsticks, seeming completely unperturbed. Upon sensing her gaze, he put down his chopsticks again and batted his eyelashes at her. "Wife, is this husband good-looking?"

Tang Doudou's hand trembled and her expression turned stern as she shouted, "Just eat!"

Following that, she didn't dare to look at anyone anymore. With this group of people here, if she didn't use the food to stuff their mouths up, they'd probably bicker past midnight.


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