Chapter 238.2: You Two Haven't Fought Enough?

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As expected, when Jun Xin, who was about to shout at Feng Long, heard the words 'just eat,' he immediately picked up his chopsticks and started working. His skill at speed-eating had long been refined to perfection. Every time Feng Long reached out to take something, with a swish of his hand, the piece that Feng Long was reaching for would instantly disappear.

After several repeated incidents, Feng Long exploded. Her strange eyes flickered slightly, then sharp blades immediately shot from her eyes towards Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou was startled by the sight of blades appearing from nowhere. Next to her, Bai Lianhua screamed and hugged Tang Doudou fearfully.

Although the blades were extremely fast, Baili Yu's movements were faster. He only extended his hand and flicked his finger. His movements were as graceful and beautiful as the sight of flowing water. The blades instantly shattered into fragments of light then disappeared. He slowly put down his chopsticks. Qing Yu immediately pulled out a clean handkerchief and handed it to him. Baili Yu took it and wiped his lips, then asked, "So after fighting an entire day, you guys still haven't had enough of fighting?"

Jun Xin and Feng Long had fought for an entire day?

Tang Doudou kicked Jun Xin who was still continuously stuffing food into his mouth to prompt him to reply. She could sense that Baili Yu was about to get angry.

She didn't know what exactly Baili Yu and Jun Xin's relationship was like. What if Baili Yu got angry and decided to pursue the last incident in which Jun Xin sent assassins after him?

Unexpectedly, her prompting had no effect at all. When Jun Xin ate, he was practically like a food vacuum. Everything else could still be understood, but even something as troublesome as fish wasn't a problem for him. She saw him pick up a fish by its tail, shove it into his mouth, then spit it back out, completely cleaned. The fish bones were neat enough to be used as a specimen.

"Butt-aged brat!" As Baili Yu looked on with murderous intent, Tang Doudou gave Jun Xin another kick.

"Stinkin' woman, what are you kicking me for?" This kick was way too hard. Jun Xin instantly swept a fierce glare at her.

Tang Doudou didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Hell, it was likely that he had been so absorbed in eating that he hadn't paid any attention to what was going on!

She was starting to miss that cold and dignified Ming Mengxin a little.

Right at this time, a guard ran in. "Master."


The guard lowered his head and reported, "This subordinate discovered a lot of people dressed in black outside. They're hovering around the entrance of the village as if they're observing something."

Black-clothed people? A trace of puzzlement flashed through Baili Yu's eyes but no change could be observed on his face. He glanced at the guard, then put the handkerchief that he just used in Qing Yu's hand. Then his gaze landed on Tang Doudou and he said, "This husband is going to go take a look. Wife shouldn't worry and should just enjoy the meal. After you finish eating, head back early to rest, got it?"

His eyes had already taken the initiative to filter everyone else out.

If it weren't for the fact that Jun Xin and Feng Long had gotten too out of hand earlier, he wouldn't have acted, much less spoken to them.

Tang Doudou nodded. "If you need to go, then go. No need to worry about me."

However, when he got up, he nodded towards Tian Weishi before leaving.

Tang Doudou retrieved her gaze once he got far away. Baili Yu seemed really busy lately. Aiy. She sighed, feeling a bit disappointed. Because of what happened today, she really wanted to spend some time quietly with him. She seemed to only miss Grandpa a little less when he was around.

However, she didn't say anything to stop him from leaving. Jun Xin had lowered his head to rapidly shovel food into his mouth again. He didn't spend any more time fighting over food with Feng Long because he was almost full now.

However, no one else had touched much of the food.

When Baili Yu had been here, Bai Lianhua had been sneaking peeks at him the entire time. Now that he had left, she started observing Tang Doudou. When she saw the disappointment in Tang Doudou's eyes, she inwardly gave a cold laugh. From the looks of it, Li Xueyi and Big Brother Baili's relationship wasn't as good as it appeared!

Once she arrived at this conclusion, she became even more confident in her plan.


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