Chapter 241.2: Ye Chuan Was Punished

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Ye Chuan was still kneeling on the ground. He didn't dare to get up without Baili Yu's command.

And so, he kneeled into the depths of the night. Meng Yu quietly ran out from a pitched tent with some steamed buns wrapped in a handkerchief. Her palm was covered with sweat.

The closer she got to Ye Chuan, the harder her heart pounded. It felt like her heart was about to leap out of her throat.

However, Ye Chuan had already knelt for an entire day in the scorching sun without any food or water. Then tomorrow, they still had to continue traveling... The more Meng Yu thought about it, the more her heart ached. By the time she came back to her senses, she was already standing in front of Ye Chuan.


"You should go." Ye Chuan's lips were cracked and his throat made a very raspy sound.

"You should eat a little. We still have to travel tomorrow. If you don't eat, you won't be able to hold up," said Meng Yu quietly as she pulled out a steaming hot bun and offered it to him.

Ye Chuan turned his head away. "Thank you, there's no need."

"Master only had you kneel as punishment. He didn't forbid you from eating!" Meng Yu took down the canteen from her waist. "If you won't eat, at least drink some water."

"Meng Yu, you should go back." Ye Chuan wasn't willing to drink water either and simply gazed past Meng Yu towards the distant carriage. It would have been alright if Master had punished him, but Master hadn't.

"Why doesn't oil or salt enter you at all (stubborn)!?" Meng Yu held out the water and the steamed bun towards Ye Chuan helplessly.

She wasn't good at talking and had no idea how to persuade Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan smiled towards her and his dry lips started bleeding a little with the movement. He subconsciously licked the moisture off. "It's not like I'm food. Isn't it normal that oil and salt doesn't enter?"

Despite being this thirsty, he still refused to drink water. Meng Yu had never seen another person that tormented themselves that way.

"Ye Chuan, why exactly did Master punish you? Can't you just go and admit your wrongs? To kneel like this..." Meng Yu hesitated and didn't speak the next words. For better or for worse, he was a leader. Wouldn't he be a laughingstock in front of his subordinates if he kept kneeling like this?

"Master didn't punish me." Ye Chuan stopped smiling and started trying to get her to leave again. "You should hurry and head back. We still have to travel tomorrow, so you should head in to rest early."

Meng Yu's face immediately flushed when the person she liked showed concern for her. It was just a shame that it was too dark. Even though they were directly facing each other, Ye Chuan couldn't see it.

"This isn't much, there's no need to worry about me." Back then when Master and he were trapped in the desert, they had no food or water but had still managed to survive.

Compared to that, this really didn't count as anything.

However, his words puzzled Meng Yu. Since Master didn't punish him, why was he still kneeling here? During the day, she only heard that Lady Doudou had come over. Then Ye Chuan started kneeling here.

Could it be that it had something to do with Doudou?

She glanced at Ye Chuan. Forget it, there was no way she'd be able to persuade this stubborn mule. She should just try looking for Doudou in the morning!

After making this decision, she got up and started heading back.

After a few steps, she returned and put the canteen down in next to Ye Chuan. "T-this is the medicinal wine I brewed. It's cold at night, so when you feel cold you should take a few sips."

After she finished speaking, she fled.

Ye Chuan was completely baffled. Why did she make medicinal wine for him all of a sudden?

However, he glanced at the embroidery-decorated canteen, then picked up and examined the design more closely for a while before hanging it at his waist.

The next morning, which was another early morning, Qing Yu was still working on doing Tang Doudou's hair when Meng Yu's loud voice came from outside.

"It's Meng Yu." Tang Doudou looked towards Qing Yu, puzzled. Why did Meng Yu come to look for her so early in the morning?

Qing Yu put down the wooden comb she was holding and got up to open the door.

The moment the door opened, Meng Yu rushed in like a gale of wind. However, when she got to Tang Doudou, she hesitated, not knowing where to start.

Tang Doudou asked, "What is it?"

Meng Yu opened her mouth, then twisted her apron. "Doudou."

"En. Whatever it is, just say it? Could it be that we still need to be polite with each other?" Tang Doudou walked up and patted her hands. "What happened? You seem like you're still working on making breakfast? Could it be that you want to ask me to help?"


"No? Then what is it?"

"Doudou, Ye Chuan knelt outside for an entire night already. I..." Meng Yu didn't know what happened between Ye Chuan and Tang Doudou yesterday so she didn't know how to start talking about it.


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