Chapter 242.1: Spider Web

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“What? Ye Chuan knelt outside the whole night?” Tang Doudou was astounded and slapped herself remorsefully. Yesterday she had been thinking about Tian Weishi’s matter the entire day and forgot to tell Baili Yu to allow Ye Chuan to stand up.

That guy was seriously too much as well! Baili Yu didn’t even say that he wanted to punish him ah!

So why did he punish himself by kneeling outside the entire night!?

Meng Yu’s face was dyed suspiciously red and she was wringing her apron as she spoke. “Doudou, Ye Chuan’s just very stubborn sometimes, he's not really a bad person. If he offended you somehow, it definitely wasn't on purpose…”

Tang Doudou glanced at Meng Yu, then looked her up and down. Folding her arms, she said, “Tss, Meng Yu ah.”

Meng Yu had been immersed thinking about the Ye Chuan that she knew. When Tang Doudou suddenly called her, she looked up in panic. “I-I…”

“Alright, I know!” Tang Doudou dusted off her hands as she watched this foolish girl. “Let’s go! Let’s go find Baili Yu.”

When Meng Yu heard this, she knew that there was hope and hastily thanked her. “Doudou, thank you so much!”

“Why are you thanking me? It's not like I'm doing anything for you…” Tang Doudou narrowed her eyes. When she saw that Meng Yu’s face was getting redder, she drew closer to her and asked quietly, “Meng Yu, tell me honestly ah. You like Ye Chuan, don’t you?”

“I-I…” Meng Yu immediately started panicking since her secret thoughts had been exposed. “I still have things to do, so I’ll leave first. Doudou, don’t forget to go and say, say…”

However, she ran off before she even finished saying what she wanted Tang Doudou to say.

“Pfff!” Qing Yu laughed. “Now everyone knows that Meng Yu likes Ye Chuan.”

“Then, does Ye Chuan know too?”

Qing Yu covered her mouth and giggled. “That person’s a blockhead.”

Tang Doudou grinned. That was right, Ye Chuan was a blockhead, and a fool to boot!

Da fudge? No one was punishing him, yet he just foolishly knelt there for an entire day!

“Let’s go! Let’s go find your master.” Tang Doudou covered her forehead, feeling a little exasperated. Baili Yu was also troublesome. Since everything had already been cleared up, why did he still punish Ye Chuan?       

She was just about to go to find Baili Yu when someone knocked on the door.

“Qing Yu, go see who’s it is. It couldn’t be another one of Ye Chuan’s admirers, right?” said Tang Doudou as she picked up the bundle that she had packed yesterday evening. She caught sight of the medical book that was still lying near the bed and reached out to grab it.

Right at this time, she heard Qing Yu remark in a surprised tone, “Ye Chuan? Aren’t you…”

“Are you done packing yet? If you are, then hurry up and head over, we're about to set off.” Ye Chuan’s voice was still very hoarse. After briefly explaining the purpose of his visit, he turned and left.    

Qing Yu only turned around to speak after Ye Chuan walked away. “Lady, Ye Chuan seems a bit off!”

He had been like this for a while now... Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. Well, since Ye Chuan had already gotten up, then she didn’t have to look for Baili Yu anymore.

“Qing Yu, go tell Meng Yu that Ye Chuan has already gotten up so that she doesn't worry anymore.”

“Then, what about you, Lady?”

“I want to go to Grandpa Tian’s room and look around again.” Tang Doudou put the medical book into the bundle, picked it up, and headed towards Tian Weishi’s room.

The small cottage’s interior was quite simple and very tidy. Some small bottles and jars were placed in the corner of the room. Tang Doudou crouched to pick up a small jar. Opening it, she took a sniff and found that it was handmade seasoning.

“Grandpa Tian’s truly amazing, as expected of a Godly Chef ah!” Tang Doudou glanced over those small jars. There seemed to be a hundred or so of them. If all of them were seasonings, that was seriously impressive.

Even her grandpa couldn’t make this many different seasonings.

Tang Doudou put the jar carefully back in its original place and looked around again. She felt a bit melancholic. She didn’t know when she would be able to come back after leaving this time. She didn't even know if she would be able to meet Grandpa Tian again.

She heaved a sigh and was about to leave when she caught sight of the quilt folded neatly on the bed out of the corner of her eye. It looked like something was squeezed under the pillow.    

Tang Doudou thought for a little bit and decided to hold back her curiosity to walk towards the door.

However, she stopped again. She should take a look after all! What if it contained news about Grandpa Tian’s children? Maybe she could help out… No matter what, she was still an Alliance Head…

As she thought, she turned around and walked towards the bed. When she got to the bed, she discovered another weird part.

There were actually spider webs at the corner of the bed!

And it wasn’t just one., She checked the other corners and, as expected, there were also thick layers of spider webs!

How could that be?    Could it be that Grandpa Tian never goes to bed in the evening?

If he did, then how could there be so many spider webs? Based on how clean the rest of the room was, it was impossible that he would allow these spider webs to form on his bed!

There was something fishy about this. Tang Doudou’s gaze fell back on the pillow again.

Her heart which was still calm a few moments ago started to beating like a drum. She felt like something big was about to happen.

She squeezed her hands and, gathering up her courage, lifted the pillow up, revealing the book underneath.  

She had thought that it was shaped like a book earlier, but she hadn't expected for it to really be a book.

However, soon she was hit with disappointment again.  With the few words she knew, there was no way she would be able to understand what was written in it.  

When she thought to here, she was about to put the book back when another thought suddenly crossed her mind.Thus, almost subconsciously, she flipped the book open.

As expected, it was written with Chinese characters!

Tang Doudou’s hand trembled a little. She actually found a book written with the Seven Great Saint Tribes’ characters in Grandpa Tian’s room. She didn’t dare to continue thinking about what this represented.

Instead, she started slowly flipping through the book.

It turned out that the things written in there were not related to Grandpa Tian at all, it just recorded a lot of strange things. A lot of the recorded events were things that Grandpa Tian had already told her about.

Could it be that Grandpa Tian had recordeding these stories while he was traveling in his youth?But then, why did he keep it under his pillow? It was hard for people to find it if they didn't look closely.

There weren’t many pages, only around twenty to thirty, so she finished flipping through it very quickly.  

After that, Tang Doudou put the book back underneath the pillow then glanced at the spider webs on the bed again. Sitting down next to the bed, she fell into a daze.

Could it be that Grandpa Tian was also a member of the Seven Great Saint Tribes? Why did he leave so abruptly?

He left without saying goodbye and also didn’t allow Ye Chuan to disclose his whereabouts. The crucial point here was, why did Ye Chuan agree to do that?

There was no need to mention Ye Chuan’s loyalty towards Baili Yu. However, for the sake of a stranger who he had met only for a few days, he threw his loyalty towards his master to the back of his mind.

It was no wonder that Baili Yu would get angry.      

“Lady Doudou, why are you still here?!” When she was spacing, Qing Yu came back. When she saw that Tang Doudou was still sitting there lost in thought, she walked over and said hastily, “Grandpa Tian has already left. If you want to see him, you can just ask Master to help you look for him. Isn't it a waste of time to stay in this room and look at things that only serve to remind you of him?”

Qing Yu’s words immediately snapped Tang Doudou out of her trance. That was right ah!

She should just go look for Grandpa Tian! Although Grandpa Tian left of his own free will, it didn't mean that she couldn't look for him, right?

She would be able to find out why he left without saying goodbye and why there were so spider webs in the room he lived on once she found him!       

When Tang Doudou thought to this point, she excited headed out of the room excitedly, pulling Qing Yu along.

She closed the door gently on her way out and locked it to prevent dust from flowing into the room. ”

Then she returned to her room and wrote a letter using Chinese characters. After placing it at a conspicuous spot on the table, she left with Qing Yu to meet up with the rest at the carriage.


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