Chapter 242.2: Spider Web

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Everything was already ready by the time she got there. They were just waiting for her to come before departing.

This time Tang Doudou didn’t sit in a carriage all by herself. Instead, she shared one with Baili Yu that was driven by Feng Long. At the other carriage, Jun Xin was complaining incessantly as Bai Lianhua awkwardly got on, followed by Yuner.

Yuner been with the group all along but Tang Doudou was a little scared of him after that last incident. It was just like encountering the Seven Great Saint Tribes, his strange abilities made one’s heart fill with dread. Thus, she didn’t dare to approach Yuner much anymore.

It was so much so that she even forgot to tell him that she encountered San Yu in Cloud City.

Yuner seemed to have sensed her gaze as he said a few words to Jun Xin before coming over.

Tang Doudou looked at Baili Yu, but he just smiled at her before closing his eyes, so she jumped off the carriage and stood in front of Yuner awkwardly.

Yuner’s eyes were as bright and clear as before. However, he didn’t give off that foolish feeling anymore, nor did he have that submissive yes-man attitude from before. Now, he just seemed like a youngster with a gentle and elegant temperament.       

He looked at Tang Doudou with an apologetic expression on his good-looking face. “Beautiful Big Sister, I’m sorry about that last incident, Yuner wasn't deliberately trying to frighten Beautiful Big Sister. The situation was just so urgent. If I didn’t make Big Sister lose consciousness, then the poison would have spread through your entire body. If that happened, the situation would have gotten even worse.”

Jun Xin already explained this to her after the incident, so Tang Doudou didn’t take it to heart. Now that this was brought up, she answered honestly, “I don’t blame you. I already know about the situation so don’t worry about it.”

Yuner still looked apologetic. “I wanted to come over and apologize to Big Sister, but hadn't had a chance to. Back then, I ended up using more energy than my body could handle and injured myself. This matter only got delayed for so long because I had to spend the last few days treating my injury..”

“How’s your injury now?” After a few words, Tang Doudou feeling of discomfort towards Yuner had disappeared. Yuner was still the same Yuner. The only difference was that he was no longer so foolish and that should count as  a good thing!

Yuner replied, “I’m almost fully recovered. I wouldn’t be out otherwise.”

“En, it's good that you've recovered. Oh, that’s right, there’s something else that I wanted to tell you. But, don’t get overly excited, alright? I’m not sure whether I’ve recognized the right person or not either,” said Tang Doudou. Then she proceeded to tell him everything about her encounter with San Yu.

“She told me that I was mistaken. I don’t think I was but she kept acting like she didn't know me so there was nothing I could do.”

While Tang Doudou was speaking, she peeked to check Yuner’s expression. Surprisingly, his face didn’t contain any anxiousness nor any excitement. Contrary to expectations, he seemed very calm. “San Yu probably didn’t want us to know about this matter.”

San Yu?

Not Big Sister San Yu?

Tang Doudou looked at Yuner in surprise. Could it be after becoming more intelligent, he didn’t feel that sort of attachment to San Yu anymore?  

That was why he didn’t feel anything even when San Yu’s matter was brought up?

If that was the case, it'd really be sad!

“Beautiful Big Sister, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll return to the carriage now. For the next few days, Big Sister must remember to not lean your head on the left side.” After saying that, he turned around and walked back.

As Tang Doudou watched him walk away, she rubbed the left side of her head. How come it felt like Yuner was becoming more and more like a fake Daoist priest?

He said to not lean her head to the left side. Could it be that her neck would hurt if she did?

She shrugged and climbed into the carriage without taking the warning seriously.


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