Chapter 243.1: Night Market of Ocean City

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Their travels proceeded much more smoothly this time.

They reached the main road after ten days, then started heading west for another ten or so days until they reached a place called the Ocean City.

The Ocean City, as the name implied, was a city that was established near the sea. The entire city contained characteristics of the sea. The ground was filled with a thick layer of sand that had been stomped firm by the people traveling through to the point it no longer sank when one stepped on it.

There were barely any houses in the city and they were all spaced apart. The rare few people walking on the streets were dressed lightly and they didn't wear shoes - all they wore were straw sandals.

Everyone had a little bell dangling from their ankle so the sound of tinkling filled the city. It felt rather like a foreign country.

After getting a good look at the city, Tang Doudou let down the curtain and glanced at Baili Yu who had his eyes closed as he rested. "Why does it feel like we're not heading towards Huai City?"

Huai City was on the southwest part of this continent, but slightly more towards the west. If they were going to head somewhere, they should be heading towards the west. However, the scorching sun outside made it seem as if they had come to an entirely different location. This place seemed directly south, like the coastal Guangzhou region of China.

It was hot, super hot!

As Tang Doudou spoke, she rolled up her sleeves and started stirring the ice bucket in the carriage nonstop.

This journey had allowed Tang Doudou to thoroughly relearn how extravagant Baili Yu was. When they got to this hot-as-hell place, he somehow got his hands on a bunch of dry ice and stored them in a bucket in the carriage. There was a strange device on the carriage for the dry ice. By placing a bucket full of ice in there and stirring the ice with the long pole, cool wind would float out from the wooden planks on the ceiling of the carriage. It was practically even more refreshing than an air conditioner!

She had carefully examined this device before and found that it was an unbelievably advanced piece of technology. Had it not been made of wood, it would be no worse than modern technology.

After asking about it, she found out that it was made by the same artisan that built the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin for Baili Yu. Tang Doudou had heard of that famous artisan before. It was said that he would make things for you without asking for money, but you had to give him double the material. He would use half the material to build what you want and keep the other half for himself.

There was no need to explain how expensive the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin was. Even the top richest individuals would find it hard to gather enough material to make one palanquin, much less the material for two.

Based on this, it can be inferred how shocking Baili Yu's total wealth was.

However, Tang Doudou couldn't help but start feeling depressed when she recalled that he was about to go bankrupt. Although he had so much wealth, he had fallen to the point of almost being bankrupt. Despite that, why didn't he seemed worried at all?

Could it be that he still had a card up his sleeve?

Or was it that he wasn't worried about going bankrupt at all?

She could never see through what Baili Yu was thinking.

"There's some matters that I need to take care of along this side. What is it? Wife really misses Huai City?" Baili Yu opened his eyes and took the pole from her hands, then started stirring the ice with a motion as elegant as a dance. The cool wind floated over, giving the sensation of a spring drizzle. The refreshing feeling made Tang Doudou sigh with pleasure.

"I don't want to go back! I'm just wondering why we came here." What was good about going back to Huai City? Once she got back, she'd have to deal with that annoying Elder Yu again. Just the thought of it was tiring!

Baili Yu smiled. "If Wife doesn't want to return to Huai City, why not just travel the world with this husband?"

"Travel the world?" Tang Doudou shook her head, feeling conflicted. Of course she liked the idea of travelling the world, but what about his poison? What about Su Yi?

"I'm just joking." Baili Yu reached out to softly stroke her brows in order to brush away her worried frown. "But, we might have to stay in Ocean City for a very long period of time."

"Is it because of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce being on the edge of bankruptcy?"

"En." Baili Yu lowered his eyes to hide his mirth from Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou sighed. "If only I could help you!"

Baili Yu pinched her nose. "Wife helps me every day ah."

If it had been anyone else, she definitely wouldn't have allowed them to pinch her nose. However, ever since Baili Yu rubbed her nose raw, he seemed to have become infatuated with her nose and would pinch it all the time.

It was to the point that she had already gotten used to this feeling.

However, she still faked a glare and threatened fiercely, "You're not allowed to pinch my nose anymore. If you pinch it again, I'll bite you to death!"

Her puffed up expression was seriously adorable and caused Baili Yu's lower abdomen to feel a bit hot. He found it difficult to suppress his impulse. Perhaps it was because this weather was truly too hot.

Putting down the pole, Baili Yu instructed Feng Long to head as quickly as possible to their residence so that they could all have a good rest.

Due to the long trek, everyone was already extremely exhausted. When they heard that they could rest once they got to the residence, they all started rushing forward with a new burst of energy.

Finally, they stopped in front of a house.

The carriage was driven into the house, then Baili Yu had Qing Yu bring Tang Doudou to a room to rest first.

Tang Doudou felt like her bones were about to crumble from being jolted by this point, so she happily agreed and followed Qing Yu to a quiet guest room to rest.

Qing Yu said, "Lady, please sit awhile first. I will get some water for Lady to bath with."

This was precisely what Tang Doudou wanted so she said, "Alright, then please do!"

She placed her things on the bed. The room was seriously uncomfortably hot. Seeing as no one was around, she took off her outer garment and put it on the screen, then rolled up her sleeves and pants. Only then did she feel a little better.

Aiy, these antique clothing were seriously such a nuisance.

After arriving in Ocean City, Baili Yu seemed to become even more busy. Tang Doudou had gone to look for him several times but was always told that he wasn't there. In her boredom, she started asking Qing Yu to teach her to read. That doctor's medicine was also pretty good. After about a month, she could finally use a bit of inner strength.

Everything seemed to be moving in a good direction.

Along with Baili Yu, Jun Xin and Feng Long were also so busy that she hadn't seen them even once this entire time. On the other hand, Yuner would sometimes come to chat with her. Then there was Bai Lianhua.

She actually became a frequent visitor here.

Today, Bai Lianhua had come once again to invite Tang Doudou to play near the ocean.

After coming here, Tang Doudou had stayed inside her room the entire time because of the hot weather.

So this wasn't the first time Bai Lianhua had brought up going to the ocean.

In reality, Tang Doudou also wanted to go to, but Qing Yu refused to agree to it and said that the coast was very dangerous.

"Doudou, staying in the house all day isn't a solution. It's not very hot today so why don't we go walk along the coast?" When Tang Doudou shook her head, Bai Lianhua started trying to persuade her again.

"Lianhua, I also want to go, but..." Tang Doudou glanced at Qing Yu helplessly. Qing Yu was good in all aspects and allowed her to do anything but go to the ocean. She didn't know why the ocean was so off-limits.

When Bai Lianhua sensed Qing Yu's gaze sweep over, she could only drop the subject. "We won't go to the ocean, then let's go stroll on the streets? Let's not go during the day, it'll be cooler at night. Let's go visit the night markets! I've strolled through them a couple times and they're quite interesting. It'd be such a shame if you never visit them!"

Visit the night markets?

Tang Doudou was a little tempted and looked towards Qing Yu.

"If Lady wishes to go, then please allow Qing Yu to let Master know." Qing Yu finally relented.

Tang Doudou and Bai Lianhua shared a gaze, then smiled. This probably meant that they could go.

Taking advantage of the time while they were chatting, Qing Yu went off to send someone to notify Baili Yu of this.


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