Chapter 243.2: Night Market of Ocean City

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During this time while they were in Ocean City, Bai Lianhua would often come to chat with Tang Doudou. She didn't gossip about other people and simply talked about things that happened when Jun Xin was little. The incidents she talked about would always make them end up rolling on the floor with laughter. Like this, their relationship became a lot closer.

Time passed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was already night. Qing Yu did Tang Doudou's hair, then they headed out with Bai Lianhua impatiently urging them on.

This was actually the first time Tang Doudou had gone out since she arrived in Ocean City. The moment she stepped out the doors, she had a feeling that going out today was the right choice.

Due to the fact that it was burning hot in Ocean City, few people were out and about during the day. However, at night, the refreshingly cool ocean breeze blew everyone out.

The sky was filled with sparkling stars and a curved moon hung in the sky.

The entire city looked like a beautiful sea of lights as an unending stream of people walked on the streets while chatting happily.

There were sideshows and small vendor booths filling the street. Ocean City was so crowded it was practically a sea of humans.

"Wah, so Ocean City was actually this lively at night!" Tang Doudou couldn't help but exclaim in surprise as she accepted the tanghulu that Bai Lianhua brought back.

"Haha, I didn't lie to you, right? Isn't this night market of Ocean City's very unique?" Bai Lianhua smiled as she replied. Suddenly, she looked behind Tang Doudou and exclaimed, "Aiyah, isn't that Qing Moran, Lady Qing?"

Qing Moran?

"Who's that?"

"The world's number one entertainer, Qing Moran ah!" said Bai Lianhua. Tang Doudou followed her gaze and looked over.

Beneath the colorful lights was a dream-like figure whose long white dress made her exquisite features appear like that of a celestial. Her features, contrasted with the imposing aura she gave off, made a striking impression on everyone that saw.

She was the type of beauty that was impossible to forget once one had a glance.

She was holding a guqin as she stood beneath the bright lights. Many passersby were so captivated by this simple scene that they froze in place.

She was the definition of a female beauty that could captivate even the birds and beasts!

Tang Doudou didn't know that while she was looking at Qing Moran, a crafty smile had appeared on Bai Lianhua's face.

When Qing Yu saw Qing Moran, her facial color changed slightly. "No matter how beautiful she is, she's just an entertainer!"

Tang Doudou couldn't agree with those words. "Qing Yu, entertainers are also people and all people have their dignities. I believe that if she had the choice, she definitely wouldn't choose to be an entertainer."

Her voice wasn't particularly loud and shouldn't have been able to travel far in the noisy crowd. However, after she finished speaking, she saw Qing Moran look over and give her a slight smile before walking into the pleasure quarters in front of them.

"Qing Moran isn't an ordinary entertainer. I heard that she has always only sold art, not her body, and she's extremely haughty. There are very few people that dare to force her into performing. If she didn't want to perform, even if you pile an ocean of money in front of her, she wouldn't spare it a single glance. She's even more noble than the daughters of ordinary families!" After Bai Lianhua finished giving this introduction, she saw that Tang Doudou seemed interested and smiled coldly for a moment. "I wonder what nobleman was fortunate enough to get her to come with her guqin."

"Could it be that her guqin is also something very special?" Tang Doudou was pretty curious, but for better or for worse, she came from the modern era. What hadn't she seen before?

As for saying that Qing Moran was very haughty, it would be better to say that this was a very high-leveled marketing technique.


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