Chapter 244.1: Cloud Flowers House

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"This guqin is known as Mountain's Clouds. It is said to be made in ancient times by a highly skilled artisan. The frame was made from the wood of the Phoenix Tree and the strings from the tendons of a Sea Dragon. Hence, the sound of this guqin contains natural enchanting qualities. A long time ago, there was a guqin demon that used it precisely for such purposes," explained Bai Lianhua. (A guqin demon is a person that had such a fanatic love for the guqin that it drove him mad (during cultivation) and caused qi deviation)

"Then isn't that a magic guqin?" Tang Doudou was very shocked to hear of such a legend. It made her more convinced that this space-time had cultivators!

There were definitely cultivators. Perhaps those cultivators made up the Seven Great Saint Tribes. What else could explain those strange methods of theirs?

Just as her thoughts were wandering off, Bai Lianhua slowly continued, "Afterwards, this guqin somehow passed through many hands and eventually fell into the hands of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. During one auction, someone won the bid on the guqin, then gifted it to Qing Moran."

The Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce often auctioned all sorts of rare and precious items so it wasn't strange that this weird guqin was also auctioned.

Tang Doudou thought Bai Lianhua had finished speaking and her thoughts started wandering off again. There were plenty of rare and strange things around and she wasn't that interested in this Mountain’s Clouds either. Just as she was about to suggest strolling somewhere else, Bai Lianhua hooked her with her next words.

"Back then, this incident had caused quite a stir. Mountain's Clouds isn't just a guqin, it contained a huge secret. It was said to be related to the ancient cultivators..."

"Cultivators?" Upon hearing this word, Tang Doudou's eyes instantly lit up. She hadn't expected for her guess to actually hit the mark! "What's a cultivator?"

Bai Lianhua explained, "Actually, in the era before ours, there was another type of existence, which were cultivators! It's said that cultivators were like gods that could create flames and water from nothing. The stronger ones could even move mountains and part seas. However, something happened later and all the cultivators disappeared. There are also barely any records left documenting the existence of the cultivators. If it weren't for the implicit information left in some things, we wouldn't even know that these people once existed."

"This Mountain's Clouds is a very good proof for their existence. It's said that as long as one inserts enough inner strength into it, a fire red dragon would appear from Mountain's Clouds..." (dragon refers to Chinese dragons, those long ones)

"Something that magical can happen?" The curiosity that had originally faded once again surged up. "Then that means Qing Moran pretty much possesses an ancient spirit tool?"

The term spirit tool was something she saw when she was reading novels on the web.

Bai Lianhua's eyes lit up. "That's right, it's a spirit tool!"

"Tsk tsk..." Tang Doudou clucked her tongue. What a waste. Although it was a spirit tool, its abilities couldn't be fully utilized in the hands of a simple performer. However, exactly who gifted it to Qing Moran? His actions were sure lavish.

During this time, a lot of people had rushed into the pleasure quarters. Bai Lianhua who was watching seemed tempted too. She was just about to suggest going in when Qing Yu stopped her. "Lady Doudou, it's already quite late, so let's head back!"

Tang Doudou gave her a strange look. Didn't they just come out?

So Qing Yu hugged her stomach and said, "I must've eaten something bad. My stomach hurts."

A large sweatdrop appeared on Tang Doudou's head. Couldn't she use a different tactic?

However, why did she want them to head back all of a sudden? She clearly seemed to be enjoying the lively atmosphere as well!

She only started acting strangely after seeing Qing Moran.

Qing Yu, who was usually very clever and cute, actually made the remark that 'she was nothing but an entertainer.' It was clear from this that she strongly disliked Qing Moran!

Could it be that there was a past conflict between them?

"Your stomach hurts? There's a medicine shop right over there. You should have a doctor take a look!" Bai Lianhua suggested, concerned.

Qing Yu immediately shook her head. "No, no need to go to a medicine shop. I'll be fine after using the latrine."

"Will you really be alright? I feel like it would be better to go to the medicine shop too." Last time Qing Yu was acting, but this time might actually be for real. Tang Doudou had listened to the story of the boy who cried wolf too many times. There was always a chance that Qing Yu wasn't acting so it was best to be careful.

Qing Yu still shook her head. "I really am fine. I just need to use the latrine then rest a little once I get back."

Bai Lianhua walked up and grabbed her hand. "What need is there to wait so long before using the latrine? Why don't we just go into the Cloud Flowers House? There's definitely a latrine inside and it's also a good place to rest for a while. We can just head back after resting inside a bit."

Tang Doudou found the suggestion reasonable as well and nodded. "Lianhua's right. Qing Yu, let's just go to Cloud Flowers House!"

Qing Yu was doing this to stop Tang Doudou from going into Cloud Flowers House, but in the end, Bai Lianhua still convinced her to go inside.

At this point, Qing Yu couldn't come up with any other excuse and could only allow Tang Doudou and Bai Lianhua to bring her to the building.

The reason they could suggest going in was because they saw earlier that there were women entering as well. Thus, it was easy to conclude that this place wasn't off limits to women.

However, just as they were about to walk in, they saw Jun Xin walk out.

Jun Xin's facial color seemed to change slightly when he saw them. He walked over, then started dragging Tang Doudou with him away from the building. "Stinkin' woman, why did you come to the brothels?"

Tang Doudou hadn't seen Jun Xin for a long time and hadn't expected to encounter him here. It seems that although he was a complete blockhead most of the time, he still knew to look for women ah!

Tang Doudou couldn't help but want to tease him. "You're the only one that can go? I can't? Hey, I saw earlier that an extremely beautiful lady just went in. It's said that she's the number one entertainer in the world ah, did you come for her?"

She saw Qing Moran?

Jun Xin lowered his eyes for a moment before looking at her with a very displeased expression. "Tch, what's the use of having good looks? It's nothing but a layer of skin. This little master came here to deal with proper business. Don't think of everyone so vulgarly, alright?"

"Strolling the pleasure quarters is also proper business ah!" As Tang Doudou spoke, she moved closer to put an arm around his shoulder. "Aiy, what's our relationship ah? If you came to visit the pleasure quarters, you came to visit the pleasure quarters. What need is there to hide things between us? Young people ah, tend to be very heated so they have to let it out from time to time. There's nothing bad about that..."

Jun Xin almost got internal injuries from listening to these words. She sure understood very well!

"Tang Doudou! If you want to be allowed out to stroll around again, go back home right now!"

The sound of Jun Xin speaking between gritted teeth made Tang Doudou feel very pleased. There was no way she would believe some crappy excuse that he came here to the pleasure quarters for some proper business.


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