Chapter 244.2: Cloud Flowers House

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She patted Jun Xin and continued, "Aiyah, don't worry, I won't get in the way of your business. I'm just going in to look around and increase my knowledge a little. You should go do whatever you need to do."

After she finished speaking, she winked and added, "How many did you call? It's not good to go too hard, you should be careful of your hips while you're young."

Jun Xin's face turned completely red. Her words were getting more and more frank. As expected, he still couldn't win against her in shamelessness.

So he didn't try to argue with her anymore and directly started dragging her back.

At this time, Qing Yu and Bai Lianhua had caught up with them. They saw that Jun Xin was forcefully dragging Tang Doudou away, but Qing Yu didn't move to stop him.

Bai Lianhua wanted to stop him, but she knew his temper too well. If she walked up, it was very likely that she'd get beaten up. That guy didn't understand the concept of cherishing the fragrance and pitying the jade at all. However, this was such a good opportunity. She had finally managed to trick Tang Doudou into coming out and brought her all the way here. To fail at the door was way too much of a waste!

Moreover, she didn't know when the next opportunity would come!

As Bai Lianhua thought about all of this, she couldn't help but start feeling anxious. Only a trace of impatience showed on her face, but Jun Xin immediately noticed it and figured out the situation.

He was wondering why Tang Doudou ended up heading out today out of all days. As expected, it was due to someone purposefully pulling strings, and this person was Bai Lianhua.

This woman seriously didn't know when to give up her stupid antics. She had been pretty quiet and stayed in her place this entire time without bothering Baili Yu, so he thought that she had thought things through.

When his thoughts got to this point, Jun Xin released Tang Doudou and prepared to teach Bai Lianhua a lesson.

Bai Lianhua was very familiar with the current look in Jun Xin's eyes. He was about to sort her out!

She reacted quickly. She knew that Tang Doudou was the only one that could save her now, so she ran to Tang Doudou and made a show of examining her. After seeing that Tang Doudou didn't seem to have been injured by Jun Xin's rough pulling, she sighed in relief and asked as if she didn't know anything, "Doudou, are you alright? Young Master Jun is..."

"A psycho!" Tang Doudou rubbed her shoulder. Hell, this damned psycho. All she said was to be careful with his lower waist! Even though she had warned him about that out of the goodness of her heart, this was how he repaid her!

It was seriously too much!

"Tang Doudou, come over here! You're not allowed to stay with that woman!" When Jun Xin saw that she was still standing with Bai Lianhua and acting so close with her, he couldn't help but become angry with frustration. Was this woman blind? Why couldn't she see that Bai Lianhua was harboring bad intentions?

"Young Master Jun, perhaps you've misunderstood? Doudou and I are just out to stroll around a little. If we're disturbing Young Master Jun, we just won't go to Cloud Flowers House! However, Qing Yu's stomach hurts so we need to find a place for her to rest..."

"Jun Xin, get out of the way! I said that we wouldn't bother you in your fun, but Qing Yu needs a place to rest. Out of all the places nearby, this place is the most convenient." When Tang Doudou recalled that Qing Yu's stomach hurt, she started feeling worried again and directly told Jun Xin to move out of the way.

Jun Xin was enraged to the point his temples pulsed, yet he couldn't bring himself to be violent with her. Moreover, Bai Lianhua was currently next to her so he couldn't sort her out either. He could only keep the fury suppressed in his chest. Then he looked towards Qing Yu.

Upon sensing that scorching stare, Qing Yu immediately knelt down. "Young Master Jun, m-my stomach doesn't hurt anymore."

Her stomach didn't hurt in the first place, but at this point, she could only lie to the end. "My stomach hurt a lot earlier so I suggested heading back. However, Lady Doudou was worried I wouldn't be able to hold up and suggested dealing with it in Cloud Flowers House first. However, after walking a little, my stomach no longer hurts..."

Although everything she said sounded true and reasonable, Tang Doudou mistook the helplessness on her face as having no choice but to lie due to Jun Xin's presence. Thus, she walked over and pulled Qing Yu up from the ground. Then, without even sparing Jun Xin a glance, she helped Qing Yu towards Cloud Flowers House.

Bai Lianhua naturally wanted to follow as well, but Jun Xin glared at her and she hastily stopped. "Jun Xin, I..."

"Give up on those little schemes of yours. If there's a next time, you shouldn't blame me for paying no heed to past sentiments!" After giving this warning coldly, Jun Xin swept his sleeves back and followed Tang Doudou into Cloud Flowers House.

Bai Lianhua's chest was rising unevenly as she watched Jun Xin disappear into Cloud Flowers House. Then she gave a cold smile. "Jun Xin, when have you ever paid heed to past sentiments?"

Following that, she glanced towards the upper story of Cloud Flowers House. After taking a moment to fix her makeup, she walked in as well.


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