Chapter 245.1: An Enchanting Melody

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Cloud Flowers House was filled to the brim with people due to the fact that the number one entertainer in the world, Qing Moran, had come. There were heads everywhere one looked and even the corridor of the second floor was filled with people.

Tang Doudou wanted to ask someone where the latrine was but didn't know who to ask. The ladies of Cloud Flowers House were nowhere in sight either. Tang Doudou and Qing Yu ended up being pushed around by the crowd so much that they almost got split up.

After finally making it to a less crowded corner, Tang Doudou patted her chest and exclaimed, "Fudge! Isn't this a little excessive!?"

Qing Yu hastily patted Tang Doudou's back to help her breathe. "Lady, there are so many people here. Why don't we head back out after all?"

Tang Doudou glanced over at her and asked, "Your stomach doesn't hurt anymore?"

"Yes, it doesn't hurt anymore." Qing Yu lowered her head awkwardly, knowing that Tang Doudou had seen through her lie.

Tang Doudou patted her shoulder and sighed. "You should just say things directly rather than always using the excuse that your stomach hurts. What if one day your stomach really hurts and no one believes you?"

Qing Yu's head lowered even more. "I was wrong. Lady, please give a punishment."

"Why would I punish you over such a small matter?" Tang Doudou smiled and told Qing Yu not to worry about it, but also not to do it again.

Following that, she started looking around Cloud Flowers House.

When Qing Yu saw that Tang Doudou wasn't planning to leave, she couldn't help but become anxious. She was just about to try and persuade Tang Doudou again when Jun Xin walked over.

"Aren't you guys here to rest? Come with me to the private room upstairs." He didn't insist that Tang Doudou leave when he reached them. Instead, he pointed upstairs and said this in an annoyed tone.

Tang Doudou took a moment to scrutinize him. Humph! There was no way she would forgive his use of brute force earlier with just this. The more Jun Xin tried to stop her from coming in, the more she certain she became of the fact that there was something here that he was trying to keep her from seeing.

In addition, after Qing Yu also tried repeatedly to stop her, if she still couldn't guess that there was something going on, she should just buy a block of tofu and smash her useless brain to bits.

It was obvious that right now, Jun Xin wanted her to bring her over to some private room so that he could keep her inside and prevent her from heading out to look around.

However, there was no way she was going! She'd like to see what Jun Xin dared to do to her!

"Qing Yu said that her stomach doesn't hurt anymore, so she doesn't need to rest. You should just go do whatever you need to do. Don't get in the way of my sightseeing."

Jun Xin's face immediately turned black. What would he head off to do?

If it weren't for the fact that she had suddenly appeared here, he would have already been back at the residence by now.

"Since your stomach doesn't hurt anymore, you should bring Lady Doudou back to rest. It's just a woman, what's there to see?" Jun Xin looked towards Qing Yu with a bit of displeasure. It was clear he wasn't happy with how useless her scheme had been.

Qing Yu was about to kneel down again when Tang Doudou stopped her. "There's ten thousand gold beneath a woman's knees. Why are you always kneeling for every little thing? You're not allowed to kneel anymore in the future. If you kneel again, then don't follow me anymore."

After she finished speaking, she glanced over Jun Xin, then brushed past him and started walking towards the center of Cloud Flowers House.

Cloud Flowers House was very large; it was several times larger than Rutaceae Pavilion and was also decorated extremely elegantly. It didn't seem like a place for prostitutes at all. It was just that there was an unusually huge amount of people here today. The crowd was noisy and smelly, which destroyed this elegant atmosphere.

At the innermost part of Cloud Flowers House was a small stage. There were currently several girls dancing gracefully on the stage.

The people that made it over all started looking for seats. Those who couldn't find seats just stood to the side and gazed up at the stage.

These people had probably all been attracted here due to the presence of the famous Qing Moran. So since she had already come in, of course she had to take a good look and see how much charm Qing Moran had to earn the title of the number one entertainer in the world.

Although she was pretty enough to overshadow the moon and shame the flowers, her beauty wasn't to the point that it would cause the downfall of a city!

The only person that she had ever seen that was beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a city was probably Baili Yu.

That seductive yao...

She suddenly glanced back at Qing Yu and Jun Xin. It couldn't be that they were trying to stop her from coming in because Baili Yu was in Cloud Flowers House?

This was very possible ah!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. Baili Yu was never around lately, and then there was the fact that he went out of his way to stop by this Ocean City before heading back to Huai City...

Then the number one entertainer in the world just happened to show up here and Jun Xin started acting weirdly. There didn't seem to be any other possible reasons for all these coincidences.

She looked over and saw that Bai Lianhua didn't seem to have come in with them. Qing Yu had been scolded by Jun Xin and was now staring at the ground with her head lowered as if she wanted to count every single ant on the ground.

Meanwhile, Jun Xin was looking at her. When their eyes made contact, his flickered a little. It was clear that something was up.

Tang Doudou didn't pay anymore attention to him and followed the crowd to that tall stage. She just happened to see that someone was getting up and hastily took that seat. A few moments later, a waiter ran over and asked her if she wanted some tea and refreshments.

It seemed that he had only offered her tea without offering her alcohol because he saw that she was a woman. This attentive service was enough to show that the quality of this Cloud Flowers House really wasn't on an ordinary level.

Tang Doudou checked the banknotes on her, then confidently ordered some high quality refreshments and tea. The waiter withdrew and soon came back with tea and refreshments.

Tang Doudou sampled them. They were actually pretty good. At the very least, they were much better than those signboard snacks she ate in Rutaceae Pavilion and they even had some of the local coastal flavor. She immediately started eating happily.


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