Chapter 245.2: An Enchanting Melody

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She didn't even notice when Jun Xin came over to sit down next to her. It was only when melodious music started playing and the crowd started quieting down that she looked up. She then found that Jun Xin was sitting next to her with a displeased look on his face as he spaced out while staring at the refreshment she was holding.

"If you want to eat, just eat. Just don't make annoying remark." Tang Doudou couldn't bear watching his craving expression anymore and pushed a plate of refreshments towards him.

Jun Xin stared at the refreshment in front of him for a while before he asked, "You really want to watch?"

"Waste of words! I've already ordered the food, does it look like I'm about to leave?" Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him, then looked towards the stage.

When the music started, a row of women with delicate makeup dressed in revealing garments leapt out and started a very enticing dance.

The entire room instantly became filled with the smell of hormones. There weren't many girls in here. Although Cloud Flowers House was open to women, most women in Ocean City had reserved personalities. Most wealthy misses didn't come to this place and peasant girls didn't have the money to waste here, so the women here were mostly middle-aged women or tomboys that were traveling the Jianghu.

Even so, there were very few of them. Tang Doudou looked all around and barely saw a handful of girls. There were pretty much only vulgar-looking middle-aged men around them, so Jun Xin sitting here attracted a lot of attention. Some men even boldly sized him up in a very obscene manner.

Jun Xin's looks were actually by no means inferior to Baili Yu's, it was just that his looks were of a completely different style. His unruly youthful personality paired with those tsundere eyes easily made people feel like subduing him.

"Hey, Jun Xin, if you ever go off the straight and narrow, you'll definitely be able to easily beat that Qing Moran!" Tang Doudou couldn't stop herself from teasing Jun Xin.

As expected, his unperturbed expression instantly crumbled as he shot her a glare. "If you want to watch, just watch! Stop making up so much nonsense!"

After he finished speaking, he looked towards those people coldly. His chilling aura spread outwards and those people's faces immediately turned pale. Some even collapsed weakly to the ground.

"Humph!" Jun Xin gave a cold humph, then turned back around. Putting one foot over his other knee, he settled himself down comfortably, then glanced at Tang Doudou, "Stinkin' woman, since you insisted on coming here, don't blame me later for not having warned you about what you see next."

"Tch." Tang Doudou disdainfully replied, then copied his pose before directing her attention towards the stage.

What would she see?

The worse scenario would just be that Baili Yu appeared in Cloud Flowers House, or that there was something going on between Baili Yu and Qing Moran... Or the scenario of Baili Yu visiting a prostitute?

However, she felt that a scenario like that wouldn't occur due to how severe Baili Yu's mysophobia was.

No matter how much she thought like this to console herself, her heart still felt very uncomfortable!

Could it be that during all those days Baili Yu was away, he was actually with Qing Moran? If that really was the case, if Baili Yu liked Qing Moran, then that stupid mysophobia must not exist at all...

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more confused her thoughts became. As the dancers gradually left the stage, the white gauze curtains on the stage started fluttering suspensefully. From the looks of it, Qing Moran was about to make her appearance.

Tang Doudou suddenly felt the urge to flee.

Although Jun Xin had been looking at the stage the entire time, he had also been looking at her out of the corner of his eye. When he saw her shifting around uncomfortably, he reached out to rub her hair. "Stinkin' woman, it's fine. Just believe in yourself."

Tang Doudou glanced at him strangely, a bit confused as to what he meant. However, when she saw the concern and doting affection in his eyes, she seemed to abruptly realize something.

"Jun Xin..." She opened her mouth and was just about to ask him something when a few bewitching notes from a guqin compelled her to look towards the stage.

Upon seeing this, Jun Xin hastily grabbed her hand and inserted some cold energy into her body.

Tang Doudou's mind instantly cleared up and she realized what just happened. When she looked around, she saw that everyone was gazing with stupid fascination towards the figure that was gradually walking onto the stage.

"T-this guqin playing..." Tang Doudou wanted to ask Jun Xin about it but he made a shush motion towards her. She closed her mouth obediently even as her heart started pounding. This Mountain's Clouds was seriously strange!

Just the sound of the guqin was enough to captivate a person's soul and control their thoughts and actions. If it weren't for the fact that she had just experienced it herself, she wouldn't have believed it was possible.

She glanced over at Jun Xin and saw that his eyes were completely clear even as he stared at the figure on the stage with a hint of interest.

And yet he had refused to admit that he came because of Qing Moran. He was staring at the person so hard his eyeballs were practically about to fly over. Tang Doudou rolled her eyes as she silently spat out these comments.

Although Jun Xin wasn't looking in this direction, he reached over and rubbed her head.

It was as if he was comforting her.

But what was he comforting her about?

She was completely fine... Tang Doudou continued silently roasting Jun Xin for being weird and the sound of the guqin eventually stopped.

After a few moments of complete silence, the audience slowly returned to their senses and thunderous applause filled the area. "Lady Qing's skill at the guqin truly is impressive!"

"This melody truly belongs to the Heavens. It's our great fortune to have a chance to enjoy it!"

"I have no regrets left in this life after being able to hear Lady Qing play!"

The room was filled with praises for Qing Moran and her playing. The only two who seemed unperturbed were Tang Doudou and Jun Xin.

When Tang Doudou heard what they said, she scratched her head in confusion. The music hadn't sounded very beautiful to her though?


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