Chapter 246.1: Another Song

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For that short instant when she was under the spell, she had felt that the sound of the guqin was bewitching and had a very unique flavor. However, when she snapped out of it, the sound of the music didn't just lose that flavor, it became completely ordinary-soundingl. There was nothing breathtaking about it at all.

On the stage, the layers of gauze were pulled away one after another to reveal Qing Moran who was dressed in white. She seemed to have just pulled herself out from being immersed in the music and slowly lifted her eyes. Her long eyelashes sparkled in the candlelight as she got up with a slight smile to bow towards the audience. "Please excuse Moran's poor performance."

"Lady Qing, you're too humble. There exists no one else in the world who can play as well as you do. It's truly due to three lives of accumulated fortune that I had the good luck to be able to hear you play today!"

"Not only is Lady Qing's skill at the guqin outstanding, Lady Qing is also beautiful. Despite that, she's still not arrogant, showing that her personality is wonderful as well."

Qing Moran's words of modest self-depreciation immediately drew a round of praises. Tang Doudou took in the wolf-like look in everyone's eyes, then glanced at Jun Xin. "Hey brat, could it be that I think it sounds bad 'cause I have no sense of tune?"

"No, she doesn't play well in the first place," replied Jun Xin, still staring fixedly towards the stage

Tang Doudou thought earlier that he was watching Qing Moran, but now she realized that he was actually staring at Mountain's Clouds.

"That guqin..." Before she even finished speaking, she heard Qing Moran start to speak again.

"Moran still has another song to play today. I had carefully prepared this as a present for the nobleman in Orchid Fragrance Pavilion, I hope you will like it."

Orchid Fragrance Pavilion?

Tang Doudou was just wondering what that place was when she saw that everyone had turned to look towards the second floor, towards the area directly opposing the stage. There was an unusual private room there that wasn't completely covered. A person's figure could be faintly made out through the lightly fluttering gauze cloths. He was sitting in the middle of the room and seemed to be looking this way.

"Hasn't Qing Moran always only performed one song each time she went out? Who is that person? How was he able to convince Qing Moran to make an exception and play a second song?"

"It's probably just a spendthrift. In places like this, what couldn't you get with money?"

"No matter how lofty and unsullied Qing Moran may be, in the end she isn't a celestial. How is it possible for her to be completely aloof from worldly matters?"

The moment Qing Moran said that she was going to play a second song, the entire hall exploded with discussions. Some were guessing at the situation, some were badmouthing Qing Moran, and some were guessing at the identity of the person upstairs.

It made Tang Doudou's heart itch with curiosity as well. She really wanted to know who that person was. He seemed really amazing.

Meanwhile, Qing Moran was also staring towards the second floor as if she didn't dare to perform if that person didn't tell her to play. What surprised Tang Doudou was the fact that Qing Moran looked like she was anticipating something nervously, but also very confident that the person on the second floor would have her perform.

What was her motive in doing this?

To gain favor with that person?

Tang Doudou's curiosity didn't have to burn for long. Just as she was turning around to ask Jun Xin about it, a languid and charming voice drifted out from Orchid Fragrance Pavilion. "Who in the world doesn't like the sound of Lady Qing's guqin?"

"Since that's the case, then Moran shall start! If the playing isn't good, I ask Nobleman to please give pointers." Qing Moran's face immediately lit up with joy when she heard this voice. Then she sat back down and prepared to play the next song.

However, Tang Doudou looked as if she had been struck by lightning. She couldn't be more familiar with this voice.

The person in Orchid Fragrance Pavilion was Baili Yu? The song Qing Moran had specially prepared was for him?

She reflexively jumped to her feet and looked towards Orchid Fragrance Pavilion disbelievingly.

Since Tang Doudou had been sitting near the front, she immediately attracted Qing Moran's attention when she stood up.

"This lady, can it be that you have a comment to give?"

Jun Xin who was next to Tang Doudou had also been distracted by something and had only noticed that Tang Doudou had stood up after Qing Moran spoke.

"She doesn't have any comments. Her legs just fell asleep from sitting too long!" Jun Xin gently pulled Tang Doudou to sit back down before replying to Qing Moran coldly.

Qing Moran smiled. "So it's actually Young Master Jun. Please accept Moran's greeting."

After she finished speaking, she got up to curtsy towards Jun Xin.

"No need to be so courteous." Though Jun Xin was speaking to her, he didn't look at her at all.

A slight ripple appeared in Qing Moran's eyes but she didn't say anything and just sat back down to place her hands on Mountain's Clouds.

The music started again. Everyone present once again sank into that intoxicated stupor, with only Jun Xin and Tang Doudou remaining clear-headed.

"What were you doing earlier?" asked Jun Xin softly.

Tang Doudou didn't speak and simply glanced upwards.

Jun Xin sighed. "Things aren't what you're thinking, but I can't explain to you right now. If your heart is uncomfortable, then just punch me a couple times."

Tang Doudou lowered her head onto the table and said gloomily, "It's not like you did anything, why would I hit you?"

Jun Xin rubbed her head. "Stinkin' woman, you're seriously dumb. You can vent your anger by hitting me. This way you won't be unhappy anymore!"

"It's not like I'm a freakin' sadist that can only vent anger by hitting people!" Tang Doudou lifted her head and rolled her eyes at him.

"Dumb woman." Jun Xin started rubbing her hair again.

Tang Doudou was pretty vexed and felt even more annoyed when he rubbed her hair, so she pushed his hand away and scratched her head. This playing was seriously horrible to listen to.

When Jun Xin saw that Tang Doudou was really unhappy, he didn't mess with her anymore and just sat there calmly. He seemed to be listening to the music and looking at the player but no one could see through what he was really thinking.


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