Chapter 246.2: Another Song

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Meanwhile, Baili Yu who was in Orchid Fragrance Pavilion lifted the jade wine cup next to his hand with his eyes half closed in a languid manner. Ye Chuan was standing behind him motionlessly and observing the tied up person on the floor.

That person was tied up securely with rope and a rag had been stuffed in his mouth. His hair was messy and he continuously rolled in agonized struggle as that music played.

Baili Yu took a small sip of wine before placing it down. His gaze became troubled as he looked downstairs towards Tang Doudou, who was currently hugging her head.

Why was she here?

Why didn't Jun Xin stop her?

He had already revealed his presence earlier so how was he supposed to explain to her about this later?

If he had known that this was going to happen, he wouldn't have gone through so much trouble and would have directly snatched Qing Moran's Mountain's Clouds. It was all Feng Long's fault for saying something like there would be more 'feeling' in Cloud Flowers House. She caused them to waste so many days.

And the result... He retrieved his gaze and looked towards the person thrashing about on the ground. It didn't seem to have much effect ah.

"Master, this song is about to be over." Ye Chuan heard that the song was about to finish and spoke up in reminder.

Baili Yu softly replied 'en' right as that song stopped.

Following that, there was the sound of Qing Moran's voice. "Did Nobleman find this song pleasing?"

"En, it's not bad. However, I still want to listen for a while longer. Wonder if Lady Moran would mind playing another song?" Baili Yu didn't bother to be polite at all and straightforwardly asked Qing Moran to play another song as if he wanted to listen until he was satisfied.

When Qing Moran heard this, her brows knitted with confusion.

Meanwhile, the audience started cursing and some even said that they were going go up and teach Baili Yu why flowers were so red!

As for Tang Doudou, her expression was very displeased. Earlier, she had still been coming up with excuses for Baili Yu. She told herself that he had come here for business and just happened to encounter Qing Moran performing.

Qing Moran was the signboard entertainer of Cloud Flowers House, so she definitely got the news when Baili Yu came. She probably only broke her personal rule and played a second song to get on the good side of this man known as the richest in the world. However, before Tang Doudou could even finish coming up with this excuse, she heard Baili Yu speak with a hint of a smile.

His words sounded so flirtatious it almost drove her crazy with anger!

Moreover, their exchange seemed to contain a very natural tone, like they were old friends that knew each other very well!

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more uncomfortable her heart felt. What 'love bound by hair'? It was all just fart! How long has it been since he proposed to her? And he was already heading out to fool around! With things like this, he'll probably be bringing back a different concubine every day once they got married!

In the ancient era, men had strong tendencies to take multiple wives!

"Since Nobleman is enjoying it, then Moran will perform another song." Although there were a lot of objections, Qing Moran still agreed to Baili Yu's request.

Or perhaps it should be said that she didn't want to say no at all. When all was said and done, it was a huge honor to have Baili Yu listen to her play!

Since she already replied with this, the rest of the people didn't say anymore. After all, they really wanted to hear more as well. They were just a bit jealous since Qing Moran said that she was playing solely for that person's sake.

When Qing Moran placed her fingers on the guqin, everyone simultaneously fell silent and looked towards the stage.

The guqin sound started once again. It was even worse than the last two times and wasn't moving to hear at all.

"I'm leaving!" Tang Doudou felt like she wouldn't be able to stop herself from rushing up to kick and slap Baili Yu if she stayed any longer.

Jun Xin shook his head. If she left now, she would attract the attention of the people in hiding and might cause the plan to fail. At that time, Baili Yu would go crazy. He had no desire to see Baili Yu like that again.

He was turning to comfort Tang Doudou when he suddenly noticed that Bai Lianhua was sneaking upstairs.

What was that woman trying to do now?

His expression turned serious. "There's a lot of people here and the roads are confusing, so you might get lost. Wait for me a little while. I'll go grab something and then see you back."

Tang Doudou thought about it and found that she really didn't remember the road back. From the start she didn't have a good sense of direction, so it really would be dangerous for her to get lost at night.

When her thoughts reached this point, she nodded. "Alright then, go. Make sure to come back soon!"

Upon hearing this, Jun Xin seemed to suddenly see another scene.

A very virtuous-looking young madam helped him tidy up his clothes and put a hat on him. After fixing his hair, she gently touched his cheeks and said softly, "Have a nice day, Husband. Make sure to come back home early."

He also gazed the madam lovingly. As he watched, her features gradually became clearer. It was the face that he yearned for in countless dreams. With a soft laugh, he leaned down to give her a kiss when the scene in front of him abruptly dissipated like smoke.

He instantly realized that it was a hallucination caused by Mountain's Clouds and angrily kicked a nearby person's leg before storming upstairs.

Tang Doudou was confused as to why Jun Xin suddenly got angry and watched as he rushed upstairs. Could it be that he was going to get revenge for her?

That wasn't good!

Jun Xin wouldn't be able to beat Baili Yu! If he got injured, the person in trouble in the end would be her!

When Tang Doudou thought about how Jun Xin would use the injury as an excuse to command her to do all sorts of things for him, she got even more worried. However, she didn't want to see Baili Yu right now...

Forget it. She sat back down on the seat, feeling depressed again. If he wanted to fight, then let him. What did it have to do with her?

However, when she sat down, a tall and broad figure appeared standing in front of her. He gazed at her without moving.


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