Chapter 247.1: Let's Elope

Prodigal Alliance Head


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This figure seemed extremely familiar, especially this outfit of full black.

An image immediately emerged in Tang Doudou's mind and she abruptly looked up. As she had expected, the person in front of her was Mu Ye!

"M-mu Ye?" She was a bit tongue-tied to suddenly see him. When she looked into those ice-blue eyes, her heart started leaping rapidly, to the point she almost couldn't breathe.

She was surprised by this sensation. The stranger thing was, as Mu Ye gazed at her, he smiled very warmly.


And he actually called her like this!?

It was too strange!

Tang Doudou found the situation very abnormal, but Mu Ye didn't give her any time to think. He actually leaned forward and pulled her into his arms. Giving a satisfied sigh, he said, "I finally found you, Doudou."

"I missed you so much."

Tang Doudou was stunned. She pushed at him a little but wasn't able to push him away. "You- Mu Ye, are you alright!?"

However, Mu Ye paid no attention to her words at all and just continued talking on his own. He said a bunch of things. It was all things like he missed her, he loved her. It was so much that Tang Doudou felt like falling apart from listening.

In the end, perhaps noticing that Tang Doudou wasn't really reacting, Mu Ye grabbed her shoulders and peered into her eyes earnestly. His ice-blue eyes seemed to see straight into her heart. "Doudou, have you forgotten?"

"Forgotten what?" Right now Tang Doudou couldn't think much about anything. Whenever a thought started to emerge, some sort of screen in her mind seemed to block her thought before it could fully form.

By this time, she had realized that something was off.

How could Mu Ye appear here all of a sudden for no reason? And even if he appeared, based on how cold Mu Ye's personality was, there was no way he would hug her in front of so many people, much less say so many strange things...

Most importantly, the sound of the guqin was gone!

As expected, something was off!

Tang Doudou lifted her head and pushed Mu Ye away again. Earlier she hadn't been able to, but this time she succeeded easily. She looked warily at Mu Ye. "Who exactly are you?"

Mu Ye smiled slightly and tried to approach her again. "I'm Mu Ye ah. Doudou, could it be that you've forgotten even me?"

After he finished speaking, deep hurt emerged in his eyes as if she had wronged him somehow.

"Liar, you're not Mu Ye!" Tang Doudou shouted, then retreated behind her chair. Suddenly, she realized something even more abnormal. There wasn't a single person around!

The entire Cloud Flowers House was empty. All that was left were the colorful gauze fabric that were drifting in the wind, even the candles had gone out. The only source of light was the white above their heads, which made Mu Ye's face seem deathly pale and eerie.

Could it be that this was a ghost?

This strange thought started to emerge in Tang Doudou's head, but after a few moments it was pushed away by that screen in her mind.

"I am Mu Ye! I'm the one you like, Mu Ye. Could it be that you've forgotten? That day, we..."

"Shut up! Don't try to confuse me by making things up! Mu Ye isn't like you!"

"Then what is Mu Ye like?""Why should I tell you!?" Tang Doudou glared at the 'Mu Ye' in front of her. This person was seriously too shameless. Not only was he pretending to be Mu Ye, he was even making up stuff to ruin her reputation.

"But aren't I the Mu Ye your heart desires most?" 'Mu Ye' asked softly.

"Pei! My heart doesn't desire Mu Ye, what my heart wants is..." Tang Doudou was just about to say a certain name when her throat felt like it was blocked by something. It was extremely uncomfortable.


"I am the one you want, Mu Ye is who you desire!" The person's voice seemed to carry some demonic power. It seeped into her head and continuously reverberated in her brain.

"Mu Ye is the one you want... Mu Ye..."

"No! Mu Ye isn't the one I want!" Tang Doudou hugged her head and covered her ears, trying to block this spell-like sound.

However, the more she covered her ears, the clearer that sound became. It pierced her ears like sharp needles and she felt a sharp pain in her head like it was being hit. Her vision started dimming and she nearly passed out.

"Stop!" It was Jun Xin's voice.

At this moment, to Tang Doudou, this voice was like the only lifesaver visible in the vast dark ocean. She abruptly opened her eyes.

The dazzling lamp light pierced her eyes and she subconsciously lifted her hand to block it.

"Are you alright? I was only gone for a little while. How did you end up falling into it so easily? You're seriously stupid." Jun Xin was still complaining. His words seemed to indicate that something had happened to her after he left.

She slowly moved her hand away. After her eyes adjusted to the light, she looked over and saw that Jun Xin was right in front of her. He was so close their faces were almost touching. His eyes were filled with concern. "Are you alright?"

Tang Doudou rubbed her swollen-feeling temples. "What happened to me?"

"Ask yourself!" Jun Xin rubbed her hair, then moved aside to reveal Qing Moran who had been trapped by his antique lamp. Qing Moran was staring at Tang Doudou in shock.

"She- she..."

"So unbehaved. Well now you're behaving!" Jun Xin laughed 'hehe' and moved over some more to completely reveal the scene behind him.

It turned out that Ye Chuan was standing next to Qing Moran, and next to him was Baili Yu.

"Ye Chuan, bring Qing Moran back."


After Ye Chuan replied, he turned around and looked at meaningfully Tang Doudou for a moment before having someone bring Qing Moran and Mountain's Clouds away.

Tang Doudou looked around and saw that they were the only ones left in the originally lively Cloud Flowers House.

"What exactly happened? Baili Yu, he..."

"Hehe, it's obviously because you pissed him off."

"I pissed him off?" Tang Doudou looked towards him. "How did I do that?"

She was calm for barely a moment before anger rushed to her head again. "I pissed him off? How laughable! He was clearly the one that came out to enjoy the flowers (visit brothels). He's probably angry from the humiliation of being caught!"

Tang Doudou recalled that he even ordered Ye Chuan to bring Qing Moran back before he left. During that entire process, he didn't even glance at her or bother to ask her what happened!

Baili Yu has seriously disappointed her!

Luckily she only agreed to his proposal and hadn't married him yet, otherwise it would've been too late.

"Enjoy the flowers?" Jun Xin sighed. "Stupid woman, how are you so stupid?"

"That's right, I'm just stupid, that's why I was fooled by Baili Yu, that damned fox. I thought he was a good man but it turns out he's as black as a crow!" The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more wronged she felt. She recalled what Su Yi said. It really was true that you'd suffer if you didn't listen to your elders.

Su Yi had told her multiple times that Baili Yu wasn't a good person, but she had refused to believe it and thought that he was someone she could entrust the rest of her life to!

"Hey hey, don't judge a person based on a single incident, arlight?" Jun Xin then rapped her forehead. "You seem like you don't want to be with Baili Yu anymore?"

"Pei! Whoever wants to be with him can just go! He's just a little good-looking, but so what? There are plenty of people more good-looking than him! Look at you, look at Mu Ye. How are you guys any inferior!? Damned narcissistic fox!"

The way she was cursing like a fishwife delighted Jun Xin. "Haha, you're completely right. He's just a narcissistic damned fox! Haha..."

"Stinkin' brat, what are you laughing at? You're the same!" Tang Doudou saw that he seemed to be enjoying schadenfreude and shot him an annoyed glare before sitting down again.

Something had definitely happened earlier.

Otherwise there was no way Baili Yu would ignore her like that. Even if he was going to take a mistress, there was no way he'd change his attitude so abruptly. It was completely inconsistent with his fox-like personality.

Jun Xin, who had just been yelled at for being the same, now rubbed his chin and said, "Hey, why don't we elope?"


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