Chapter 249.2: Appearance

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Unexpected, after she had just finished angrily cursing, a slightly cold voice arose in the room. She was startled and hastily jumped back into the blankets and covered herself, leaving only a bit of her head revealed.

"Who is it? What are you hiding in my room for?"

"It's only been a night, yet Wife has already forgotten this husband?" Suddenly, the voice came again from behind her head. This time she realized that it was Baili Yu's voice and was given even more of a shock. She shook off the blanket and made to jump off the bed.

However, the world suddenly whirled. She didn't manage to jump off and instead fell back on the bed. Following that, a heavy thing pressed down on top of her.

"Rogue, bastard! Baili Yu, get off of me!"

However, there was no way Baili Yu would be that well-behaved. He lifted her little face that was moving from side to side as she struggled and kissed it softly. "Wife, I'm sorry."

Tang Doudou froze, stunned.

Baili Yu released her and looked at her earnestly with his beautiful eyes. "Could you take into consideration the fact that this husband has realized his mistake and forgive this husband?"

Only then did Tang Doudou come back to her senses. He was apologizing for yesterday's incident.

"You don't have to apologize." Tang Doudou suddenly became calm and didn't push at Baili Yu anymore.

Did he think he could erase the past just by apologizing?

Then if she slapped him, then gave him a jujube, he should thank her for her great grace?

Baili Yu's eyes dimmed a little when he saw her reaction, but he had no intention to let go, no matter what. Moreover, it was time to let Tang Doudou know about some of the things. In the past, he thought that it was fine for her not to know anything as long as she was under his protection. He hadn't expected for her to end up in dangerous situations repeatedly due to the fact that she didn't know anything.

"Mountain's Clouds has the ability to make people hallucinate. It can stimulate and bring out the emotions and memories buried deep within a person's heart. Last time at Cloud City's Blue Moon Lake, I had captured someone. That person is a Saint Envoy of the Seven Great Saint Tribes."

"Saint Envoy? You want to use Mountain's Clouds to get something out of him?" Tang Doudou asked in surprise. So it turned out that the situation was actually this complicated.

A lot of things instantly clicked into place.

"The Seven Great Saint Tribes had been aiming for me?"

"Pretty much." Baili Yu lifted a strand of her hair with his finger while keeping his eyes fixed on her face.

Tang Doudou sunk into deep thought. The Seven Great Saint Tribes definitely wouldn't be aiming just for her. In Tian Weishi's village, when she was discussing the Hoarfrost Poison with Tian Weishi, they had speculated that the person who came up with the poison was definitely someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes as there probably exists no one else in the world with such strange methods.

Their motive in planting the Hoarfrost Poison in Baili Yu's body was probably not much different from their motive in nurturing the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. They were definitely aiming for the resulting poison blood.

She just didn't know what exactly they wanted to do with the poison blood.

"Last night, I fell under the music's spell?"


"What did I say?" Tang Doudou thought back and recalled that strange Mu Ye. Suddenly, she had a bad feeling and peeked at Baili Yu apprehensively.

However, Baili Yu had that usual seemingly smiling expression on his face. He lowered his head and softly breathed into her ear, successfully attracting an angry glare from her. Then he kissed her shoulder.

Only then did Tang Doudou realize with alarm that her shoulder was bare. She looked at Baili Yu's unclothed upper body and her expression underwent a drastic change. "You, last night..."

"Wife had been too passionate."


Baili Yu was kicked off the bed by Tang Doudou. She was probably the only one in the world that dared to treat Baili Yu this way.

His crimson robe from last night had been stained with blood so he couldn't wear it anymore. Thus, he called for Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan, who had guarded the room from outside, seemed to have predicted everything beforehand. When he came in, he was holding a moon-white outer robe.

Baili Yu didn't reach out to take it. The white robe flew up by itself and elegantly drifted towards Baili Yu's body. He lifted his arms slightly and after barely a few seconds, he was already neatly dressed. Then. he brushed his hair back lightly.

His appearance was like that of a celestial that had just descended to earth.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but stare blankly.

However, after Baili Yu walked out, she started feeling vexed again.

She buried her face in the blanket as her mind filled with questions.

Why was Mu Ye the person she saw when she was under the spell?

Why would it be Mu Ye?

You're asking her?

Then who was she supposed to ask?

Tang Doudou absentmindedly got up and left the inn. During the summer, Ocean City's sun wasn't just an ordinary hot. She had just set one foot out the inn doors when she had to hastily pull it back.

She was just wondering how to get back and trying to remember the road back when an umbrella appeared above her head.

Tang Doudou turned around just in time to see Jun Xin yawn sleepily. "Let's go, I'll walk you back. This damned place is way too sunny!"

After he said that, he walked out of the inn.

It was like someone handing her a pillow just as she got sleepy. Tang Doudou naturally wouldn't let this good opportunity pass by. She walked with Jun Xin shoulder by shoulder for a long time before she recalled, didn't Jun Xin leave the inn yesterday?

"Why were you also in the inn?"

Jun Xin inwardly called her a dumb woman, then looked down at her disdainfully. "Where'd you expect me to be, sleeping on the streets?"

"Sleeping on the streets?" Tang Doudou considered the idea seriously. "You seemed to suit that."

Jun Xin's expression immediately turned dark. He gave a cold humph, then grumbled something.

Tang Doudou listened carefully and made out what he said. It was, this young master won't bicker like a woman.

Tang Doudou inwardly replied, she also didn't want to bicker with a brat.

But for some reason, she then recalled how Jun Xin suggested to elope yesterday. Her expression then became a bit unnatural and she stopped bantering with him.

They were silent the entire way and soon got to the residence.

Jun Xin inwardly complained about Ocean City, then put away the umbrella and shoved Tang Doudou inside.

Tang Doudou had just walked in when she heard heart wrenching sobbing come from inside the residence.

She glanced towards Jun Xin, confused. She could tell that this was Bai Lianhua crying.

But why was she crying so sadly?


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