Chapter 250.1: A Story Full of Holes

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Jun Xin shrugged, expressing that he didn't know what happened either.

Tang Doudou could only head into the residence with him and walk towards the direction of Bai Lianhua's crying.

She didn't have much reaction but Jun Xin was very surprised. Who would have expected that Bai Lianhua was this fast?

And her skin sure was thick.

Bai Lianhua was of course crying in her room. However, she was crying so loudly that though her room was in the innermost part of the residence, her crying could still be heard. They hadn't been able to hear what she was wailing when they were far away, but when they got close the words became clear. She was talking about some 'da hai ah,' almost dying ah, someone get her justice ah... type of thing. (Da hai is the sea)

"Who's Da Hai?" Tang Doudou looked up and asked Jun Xin.

'How would I know' was still written on Jun Xin's face.

So she stepped into the house.

The moment she stepped in, a figure ran up and threw herself at her. As Bai Lianhua wiped her snot on Tang Doudou, she said, "Doudou, I really really didn't do it on purpose!"

"What wasn't on purpose?" asked Tang Doudou.

Bai Lianhua glanced at Jun Xin who was next to Tang Doudou and her lips moved soundlessly for a moment before tears of grievances spilled out again.

Tang Doudou also followed her gaze and looked towards Jun Xin.

Jun Xin pointed at himself innocently for a moment, then spread out his hands.

The meaning was clear. He was saying it had nothing to do with him.

Tang Doudou turned her gaze back to Bai Lianhua's face once again. She saw that her makeup was ruined and her eyes were extremely swollen. Tang Doudou found it strange. No matter how she looked, Bai Lianhua's appearance seemed as if she had just been abandoned by someone.

As she thought about this, she glanced at Jun Xin again.

Seeing that the fire was coming towards him again, Jun Xin rolled his eyes, then flung his sleeves back and walked out.

"Lianhua, why do you look soaked?" Tang Doudou recalled what this reminded her of. Bai Lianhua's current appearance was similar to the corpses thrown in rivers. Basically, she was completely swollen up.

It wasn't just her eyes. Tang Doudou looked closely and found that her face, hands, and even her neck were swollen. It was a swelling caused by water, which made her skin look faintly white.

Wasn't it precisely that she got soaked in water? Bai Lianhua's lips flattened with grievances and tears started dropping from her eyes again

"Why don't you tell me what happened?" Tang Doudou saw that she was starting to cry again and hastily grabbed Bai Lianhua's sleeve to wipe her face. "Aiyoh, if you keep crying your eyes will become light bulbs!"

Bai Lianhua didn't know what a light bulb was and confusion briefly flashed through her eyes. Then she continued sobbing as she started quietly talking about the incident she encountered.

In fact, it turned out to be very simple. She was thrown into the sea and only woke up after soaking for an entire night. When she woke up, she was so shocked her soul almost went flying.

Apparently she had been washed up onto the shore but there have been legends passed down since ancient times of strange beasts in the ocean of Ocean City. Bai Lianhua wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at the fact that she had been able to make it out unharmed. Then she ran back as best as she could.

After she came back, she didn't do anything and just stayed in the room. The more she had thought about it, the more hurt she felt. She didn't know who she had offended for them to mess with her this way!

Tang Doudou's first thought was of course Jun Xin.

Out of all the people traveling with them, he was the only one that was bored enough to mess with Bai Lianhua.

But Jun Xin hadn't gone back to the residence last night.

Then, Baili Yu?

He didn't even want to touch Bai Lianhua, so that was even less likely.

She suddenly recalled the way Bai Lianhua shouted when she was coming in.

Had it been on purpose? When she recalled some of the things Bai Lianhua did yesterday, she couldn't help but become indignant.

This woman was probably trying to become friends with her while still harboring the intention of snatching her man!

When her thoughts reached this point, she gave a cough and tactfully pushed Bai Lianhua away.

Bai Lianhua looked at her, seeming to understand what this signified. She once again made that expression as if she was suffering a grievance as she said apologetically, "Doudou, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have been envious of you and Big Brother Baili getting along."

Huh? Tang Doudou was rather surprised to hear her confess this.

Then Bai Lianhua continued, "Even though I've always been restraining my feelings towards Big Brother Baili..."

Tang Doudou recalled the incident in which she bathed in Baili Yu's Wind Building back when they were in Plum Garden and nodded. Indeed, she had restrained herself a lot.

"But Doudou, you know better than anyone how a person like Big Brother Baili is... to woman..."

"Extremely attractive, yes." Tang Doudou finished it for her.

Bai Lianhua immediately blushed and started wringing her handkerchief. "A few days ago, someone came to me."

As Bai Lianhua spoke, she glanced up at Tang Doudou. When she saw that Tang Doudou was expressionless, she continued, "It was a woman that I didn't know. She was covered in black so I couldn't see her face. However, based on her voice, she probably isn't that old and her tone was very haughty."

"After she saw me, she exposed the thoughts in my heart and said that she could help me obtain Big Brother Baili."

Tang Doudou said 'oh.' So it turned out to be such a melodramatic story!

"But to obtain Big Brother Baili, I have to ruin the relationship between you two. At that time, I had refused to."

"But she forced me to take a poisonous pill and said that if I didn't help her, my body would start to rot until I eventually died. I was terribly frightened and agreed before I even thought about it."

There was no need for Bai Lianhua to narrate the rest of it. Tang Doudou could fill it in herself pretty accurately, so she just asked, "Then has your poison been cured?"

Bai Lianhua started crying again with a 'wah.' "Doudou, please save me ah!"

Tang Doudou comforted Bai Lianhua a little despite not knowing whether she was acting or not, then headed out to look for Jun Xin.

The reason was because if she looked for Baili Yu, the response she would get was probably that he wasn't here.


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