Chapter 250.2: A Story Full of Holes

Prodigal Alliance Head


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It was very easy to find Jun Xin. After leaping onto the roof, she immediately spotted him lying down on the roof tiles with his arms pillowing his head. The tree growing nearby cast motley shadows and from time to time, a sea breeze would blow over. He sure was enjoying himself.

Tang Doudou walked up and kicked his thigh.

Jun Xin was chewing on a stalk of cattail that he got from somewhere. He didn't react much to being kicked and just swept a glance towards Tang Doudou. "You believe what Bai Lianhua said?"

"Only an idiot would believe!" Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him, then sat down next to him.

Jun Xin half-propped up his body and looked at her strangely. "If you don't believe her, why bother talking with her so much?"

"Then should I have thrown her into the sea like you?" After she said that, she scrutinized Jun Xin for a moment. "Jun Xin, you'll end up single if you keep treating girls this way."

Jun Xin didn't agree. He lay down again and the cattail he was chewing on moved up and down with his motion. He humphed heavily with disdain. "Before treating girls well, a person has to first take a look at what kind of girl they are."

Tang Doudou saw that his views on this topic wasn't going to budge, so she could only drop this topic and bring up Baili Yu.

"He's probably carrying out the interrogation right now!" He had been outside Tang Doudou's window since dawn so he heard what Baili Yu had said to her.

"What about Qing Moran?"

"She's learned about something she shouldn't know about, so naturally..."

Tang Doudou jolted. "Killed?"

"Though it seems like there are a lot of people that know about the Seven Great Saint Tribes, in reality, very few know about it. Then there was the fact that the person we caught this time was a Saint Envoy of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. In order to prevent future problems, Qing Moran had to die."

Perhaps he was worried that Tang Doudou would find it cruel because he supplemented, "However, I did take into consideration how cooperative she had been and left her an intact corpse. I even sent the corpse back to Cloud Flowers House."

...Tang Doudou was speechless. Could it be that this counted as a kindhearted act despite the reality that he just killed the person?

"You also sent Mountain's Clouds back?" She was actually pretty interested in that guqin.

Jun Xin lifted his head and looked at her as if she was an idiot. "Can't you have some brains?"

She understood. Based on Baili Yu and Jun Xin's usual conduct, of course they kept something that good for themselves.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but wonder if Baili Yu's enterprise had grown so big from looting and plundering.

The two were silent for another while. It was seriously unbelievably boring. Even Bai Lianhua wasn't crying anymore. When Tang Doudou looked over, she saw that Bai Lianhua was sitting next to the window. She seemed to be spacing out, but also seemed to be looking at something.

"You were the one that threw Bai Lianhua into the ocean, right?" Since he had come back to kill someone last night, then it probably wouldn't have taken him much time to throw Bai Lianhua into the ocean as he headed back out.

However, wasn't he worried about Bai Lianhua drowning to death?

"She deserved it!" said Jun Xin angrily.

They stayed in Ocean City for about another week before Baili Yu gave the command to set off again.

On the surface, they were still sitting in the same carriage as they headed towards Huai City with the accompanying servants and subordinates.

A long procession of carriages left Ocean City and traveled very far away.

Tang Doudou rubbed her legs, trying to rub some strength into them. She turned and looked towards the side of the steep cliff facing the water. Beneath her was the turbulent ocean. As waves struck the side of the cliff, they made roaring crashes.

Hence, she had no choice but to raise her volume when she spoke. She even had to move her lips close to the person's ear.

Tang Doudou was trying reach Baili Yu's ear when he opened his arms and tugged her into his chest.

The place Tang Doudou had been standing had still been alright, but where Baili Yu was standing there were waves right below his feet. For a moment, Tang Doudou felt herself falling through the air and she was instantly frightened to the point all color left her face. She hastily reached out and wrapped her arms around Baili Yu's neck as she said in a trembling voice, "B-baili Yu..."

"I'm here."

"L-let's go back!" Tang Doudou didn't dare to even look down. Drowning had given her too much of a trauma so just the sight of the sea made her legs go weak. Baili Yu had practically half-carried her here.

As of now, that procession of carriages had already gotten far away. However, when she looked over, she could still see the mysterious people following after the carriages.

They were split into about three groups.

One of them was definitely the Seven Great Saint Tribes.

"It's Wind Cloud Island and that black-clothed man." Baili Yu's cool slender finger swept across his lip to flick off a drop of water. "So I'll have to make Wife suffer for a little as we wander the world together."

"Hah?" The wind and waves were too loud. She couldn't hear at all!

Baili Yu smiled softly. "I'm afraid we'll have to suffer some from now on. Is Wife afraid?"

Tang Doudou glowered at him. Couldn't he speak louder!? "What did you say?"

Baili Yu looked up. He didn't say anymore. Instead, he lifted her and jumped straight into the sea.

Tang Doudou was scared to the point she couldn't even speak and tightly hugged Baili Yu's neck as she buried her head into his chest. Her muffled trembling voice reached Baili Yu's ears. "Y-you! Have you gone crazy!?"

"Why is Wife cursing me?" Baili Yu simply smiled innocently as his figure soared like that of a crane. He stepped on the enormous rising waves and soon landed with Tang Doudou on a small boat that was swaying on the surface of the ocean.

After he landed, he patted Tang Doudou's head. "This husband hasn't even become a groom yet, how could this husband die?"

Of course Tang Doudou knew that he wouldn't commit suicide, but this jump had seriously been too scary. Her heart was pounding even now. She lifted her head and looked around, then her legs went weak again.


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