Chapter 252.1: Cerulean Mountain

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"It's a sea dragon!" Baili Yu quickly informed her.

"Don't make any sounds. I'm going to distract him with the water curtain until another sea beast appears, then we'll take advantage of that to slip past them."

His tone was very calm as if he had plenty of experience with this.

Hence, Tang Doudou calmed down and turned to glance over. She only got a brief look, but she saw that an enormous dragon-shaped thing was half standing on the surface of the ocean. However, she wasn't able to get a clear look at what exactly this legendary dragon looked like since Baili Yu wouldn't let her move and pressed her head back into his chest.

That nice smell once again enveloped her.

She couldn't help but lean against Baili Yu's thin inner clothes and take a deep breath.

Baili Yu's body stiffened for a moment, then he reached out and shifted Tang Doudou's mischievous little head to the side before turning his focus towards the fearsome sea dragon again.

He indeed had come here many times before and he also understood this sea dragon and that old sea beast quite well. As long as this sea dragon came out and caused a disturbance, that old sea beast would soon rush here as well. It was necessary to pass through this sea dragon's territory in order to reach the island that the Seven Great Saint Tribes were temporarily staying in. This was also the reason why although there were people that knew that the Seven Great Saint Tribes were staying in this ocean, very few people actually managed to make it to those islands.

Hence, he probably counted as quite unusual!

When Baili Yu's thoughts got to this point, he tightened his embrace around the person in his arms again. Then, when he looked towards the distance, a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes.

It turned out that not far away from them, there was another small boat traversing the waves. The figures on the boat seemed to be struggling. Baili Yu's eyesight was very strong, and he was able to recognize Nangong Yan and Murong Ming with one glance.

The other people on the boat were definitely their attendants.

When Baili Yu saw Nangong Yan, his brows furrowed for a moment before smoothing out again. He seemed to have figured out something as his lips hooked in a meaningful smile.

So it was like that.

"B-big evil spirit..."

"Endure for just a little longer."

Tang Doudou gloomily buried her head back in Baili Yu's chest. There was something in his chest that kept moving up and down with the waves and kept knocking against her painfully.

She reached out to press on it as she grumbled. What exactly was it?

Then, the surrounding waves got louder and louder until it almost sounded like thunder. It was as if an enormous beast that had gone wild was about to swallow this boat. The boat was shaking so much that Tang Doudou's heart was about to leap out of her throat.

Only then did Tang Doudou finally realize the severity of the situation. They were on the vast ocean. No matter how amazing Baili Yu was, if they encountered any danger on the ocean and lost the boat, it'd be hard for them to survive.

She immediately hugged Baili Yu's waist tightly and asked, "How are things now?"

Baili Yu gently lifted her head. "It's done, but you have to hold on to me tightly."

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou looked up. "F*ck! What is this?"

Their boat was currently flying in midair while two enormous beasts were entangled in a violent battle below them. Enormous waves were created due to the two beasts fighting and their boat was currently being lifted up by these waves.

In this situation, the boat should have long been overturned, but due to Baili Yu's control, no matter how those waves crashed into the boat, the boat continued to ride on top of them with minimal swaying.

When Tang Doudou saw that Baili Yu didn't even seem nervous in the slightest, she relaxed as well. In her heart, she exclaimed, Baili Yu seriously was too amazing!

Following that, the boat soon left the area where the battle was taking place and reached a relatively calm part of the ocean. They had actually managed to pass that dangerous area so leisurely.

"Phew! That was seriously too thrilling!" Tang Doudou patted her chest, then glanced at Baili Yu. There wasn't a single drop of water on him even though quite a bit of water had splashed onto her forehead.

Baili Yu lifted his hand to wipe them off for her, then had her stand up. He pointed ahead of them and said, "We're here."

Tang Doudou looked in the direction he was pointing and had her breath taken away.

At the place where the ocean ended were unending stretches of lush green mountains. They had the blue ocean as a companion and soft mist as a cloak while the cool moonlight cast a shimmer of frost on them. A few seabirds were flying into the mountains and a waterfall could faintly be heard.

Was this really the place where the strange Seven Great Saint Tribes were staying and not a paradise where immortals stayed?

As she was spacing out, another enormous shadowy figure appeared behind them. She was so frightened that she immediately swallowed all the praises for the beautiful scene back into her stomach and shouted in alarm, "B-big evil spirit, be careful!"

Baili Yu had already responded by the time she shouted. All around him, thousands of flower petals rose, then with a light push of his palm, he sent all the petals flying towards the center of the sea dragon's forehead. The sea dragon's enormous body fell back from this seemingly light blow and it smashed into the surface of the sea hard, causing gigantic waves.

It was so astonishing that Tang Doudou was completely dumbstruck.

Then this wave pushed their boat onto the island in the blink of an eye.

Baili Yu got up. Putting that guqin named Seep on his back, he got off the boat.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou was still staring in disbelief at the ocean behind them. The sea dragon who was as large as an island was slowly sinking into the sea. However, its ice-cold triangular eye had glanced over in this direction. When it did, Tang Doudou felt goosebumps rise all over her skin.


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