Chapter 252.2: Cerulean Mountain

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Baili Yu went to check the surroundings and only came back after he ascertained that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Then, he lifted Tang Doudou in a princess carry and brought her onto the sandy shore.

The feeling of finally being on solid ground again was indescribably delightful.

"This is Cerulean Mountain?" After she gained a steady footing, she started sizing up this island that was named Cerulean Mountain. "No matter how I look at it, it doesn't seem to be a place that the Seven Great Saint Tribes would be staying in!"

Baili Yu walked up and tapped her nose. "Let's go."

Then he started heading into the island.

Tang Doudou once again turned back to look at that sea dragon. For some reason, a strange feeling had floated up when that sea dragon glanced at her. She felt as if she had seen the sea dragon before.

However, when she glanced back this time, the sea dragon was already gone and the surface of the sea was once again tranquil as if nothing had ever happened.

Tch. Forget it. If it was gone, then it was gone!

Tang Doudou was just about to retrieve her gaze when she saw that there was a little black dot in the distance. It seemed to be a boat.

"Baili Yu, Baili Yu!" She chased after Baili Yu. "Look over there, isn't that a boat?"

Baili Yu didn't have to look back to know that she was talking about Nangong Yan's boat.

"It's Nangong Yan."


"Wind Cloud Island isn't far from Cerulean Island, but Wind Cloud Island prohibits their disciples from getting within one hundred meters in the range of Cerulean Island." Baili Yu reached out and pulled Tang Doudou into his arms again. "I'm afraid that her motives in coming here probably aren't simple."

"She couldn't be aiming towards you again, right!?" Tang Doudou had really wanted to say that Nangong Yan was aiming for her, but she already blurt out her first thought before her second could fully form.

Baili Yu lightly rubbed his chin on her forehead. "Wife looks so cute when she's jealous."

Tang Doudou reached up and softly slapped his face. Then she stepped backward onto a rock and said, "Young fellow Baili, you'd best behave! Otherwise, this lady will make you regret it!"

Baili Yu smiled gently, completely unconcerned about her threat. He reached out and tugged again, then lifted her onto his shoulder and started walking forward with quick steps.

Not walking saved energy, so Tang Doudou stayed on Baili Yu's shoulder and enjoyed the break.

She looked at the surrounding trees that seemed to be tall enough to reach the sky and the bits of moonlight that spilled down. She suddenly realized that Baili Yu seemed very familiar with this place, so she asked, "Big evil spirit, you've been here before?"

"I've probably already gone to all the places that needed to be visited in the world these past years while investigating Madam Qin and the Hoarfrost Poison," replied Baili Yu.

When he brought up the Hoarfrost Poison, Tang Doudou immediately latched onto the topic. "What exactly is with the Hoarfrost Poison?"

Baili Yu froze for a moment before he continued walking. "Back then I was still a child. How could I know what it was?"

"You know that I've read that medicinal book?"

"You and Tian Weishi were talking about it every day. Even if I didn't want to eavesdrop, it'd be difficult."

Tang Doudou gave a heavy sigh. "Baili Yu, if we don't find the antidote soon, you're going to die! What will I do after you die? Could it be that I'll have to just be a widow?"

Upon hearing this, Baili Yu slapped her butt as punishment. "Wife should get rid of this thought. How could this husband bear to die before enjoying a lifetime together with Wife?"

"Tch. But even now there's still no way to cure this Hoarfrost Poison..." Tang Doudou propped up her head to look towards the distance. "Baili Yu, I'll warn you now that if you die, I'm going to remarry right away. I'm going to marry several dozen men so that even when you're down at the Yellow Springs, there'd be a mass of green as large as the prairie of Hulunbuir above your head!"

Baili Yu "What is the prairie of Hulunbuir?" (Hulunbuir is a prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia)

"You've heard of getting a green hat, right?" Tang Doudou giggled. "Once you die, I'll make you wear lots and lots of green hats until you're so pissed you’ll crawl out from your grave! Aiy, just the thought of that scene is hilarious!"

"Wife has such a good heart!" Baili Yu gritted his teeth. From the looks of it, he really couldn't die! Otherwise, if he really ended up getting some prairie of Hulunbuir due to this dumb woman, wouldn't his illustrious reputation be completely ruined?

Tang Doudou grinned. "That's why ah, it's best if you don't die."

Baili Yu replied, "This husband will carefully obey Wife's command and definitely will not die."

Tang Doudou hugged his shoulder and chomped on him. "I'm being serious!"

"I'm not lying either." Baili Yu shifted the person biting his shoulders to lean her against his chest. "Doudou..."

Tang Doudou now felt like crying.

She just hoped that they would be able to find a way to cure the Hoarfrost Poison on this island. Otherwise, Baili Yu would definitely die!

The events hadn't even advanced, but she already had a bad premonition.

Baili Yu comforted his rather emotional little wife, then carried her and continued walking into the forest.

Beneath the rays of the moon, a black-clothed man's figure flashed behind the two, and then he landed on the top of a distant tree.

He coldly watched the two gradually walk into the distance. Suddenly, he tugged off the black cloth around his face to reveal cold facial features. His black eyes had already become the blue of ice.

This person was precisely the person that had followed them the entire way, the person that not even Baili Yu had been able to shake off - Mu Ye.

After tugging off the cloth, he whistled towards the forest. It was a signal with three long tunes and two short ones.

A few moments later, an energetic gray monkey bounced out. When it saw Mu Ye, it cried out happily as it ran over.

It climbed up onto Mu Ye's shoulder and rubbed against his face affectionately.

Mu Ye took out a bag of melon seeds and said expressionlessly, "Keep careful watch on the people that just passed by."

The gray monkey took the seeds and bowed as it nodded. Then it jumped off his shoulders and started chasing after Tang Doudou and Baili Yu while looking back every few steps.

Mu Ye then took out several similar-looking antique lamps from the cloth bundle on his back. He picked one up and looked at it in the moonlight, but still couldn't see any signs of what he was looking for. He placed the lamps back, then disappeared into the forest like an owl.


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