Chapter 254.2: Once Again Encountering Mu Ye

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They were silent the rest of the way and soon reached the edge of the forest. The scene outside was already faintly visible. Tang Doudou couldn't help but peek at Lan Jia. When she saw that he seemed completely calm, she became even more puzzled.

"Lady, we're out," said Lan Jia as he turned to look at her.

Due to the fact that Tang Doudou had been staring at Lan Jia, she was surprised when he suddenly looked over and tripped over a rock.

Lan Jia moved extremely fast. An arm that was smooth as jade came out of his black robe and passed through her hair. His warm palm swept past her cheek as he caught her head and her waist. His gentle gaze contained faint concern. "Are you alright?"

Tang Doudou came back to her senses but couldn't look at his eyes. A strange feeling was emerging in her. "I'm fine, thanks!"

Lan Jia helped her up. Due to the fact that they were very close together, Tang Doudou could smell a faint, sandalwood scent coming from him. It was light and mild, just like his eyes. For some unknown reason, it caused people to have a favorable impression of him.

Ever since she had encountered him, she had felt as if something was trying to emerge in her brain.

Could it be that she knew this person?Or was it that Li Xueyi knew him?

Regardless of whether she knew him or not, it was still best to stay as far away from the members of the Seven Great Saint Tribes as possible!

"Thank you for seeing me out. If there's nothing else, I'll be taking my leave!" Tang Doudou didn't want to stay together with Lan Jia for even a minute longer. Although he seemed like a good person, she kept having a strange feeling.

Moreover, she still had to figure out a way to meet up with Baili Yu again.

Lan Jia once again said 'not at all,' then turned and walked back into the forest.

Tang Doudou's brows furrowed when she saw him walk away without hesitation. Could it be that she had been overthinking things? Lan Jia really was just helping her out of the goodness of his heart?

Well, it didn't matter!

Tang Doudou glanced around. Near the forest was a river and there was a hill on the opposite shore. The hill wasn't very tall and there seemed to be a bit of smoke rising, so there was probably a village over there.

She glanced at the forest behind her again. She didn't know if Baili Yu had made it out yet.

However, it was clear that she couldn't wait for him outside the forest. Since this was the forbidden grounds of the Seven Great Saint Tribes, there were definitely a lot of black-clothed men. She had better get to the opposite shore first before making any more plans!

Tang Doudou was just about to leave when the leaves behind her rustled again.

After the incident with the monkey, Tang Doudou wasn't as afraid anymore and she turned around slowly. However, she still didn't see anything.

Could it be that the monkey from earlier has come back after seeing that Lan Jia left?

"Little monkey? Lil' Gray?" Tang Doudou actually quite liked that monkey. It didn't seem to have an owner, so it'd be nice to have it as a companion.

She called a couple times but that monkey didn't show up, so she could only drop it. It seemed they weren't fated to be. She turned and was about to leave.

However, she spotted another person standing not far from her.

This time, she wasn't frightened and instead reacted with pleasant surprise. "Mu Ye!"

It was actually Mu Ye!

"Why are you here?" Tang Doudou started running over, but stopped halfway. She recalled the hallucination that Qing Moran's guqin caused. "Y-you're Mu Ye, right?"

"En." It was a short and cold reply. It really was him.

Tang Doudou immediately rushed over with a happy smile. "It really is you! Why are you also here?"

She was happy to see that Mu Ye seemed completely fine, but when she got close, she couldn't help but act a bit reserved. She didn't know what to say, especially when she recalled what that fake Mu Ye was like.

When Mu Ye saw her, although he was cold as unusual, his gaze became conspicuously gentler. "I have business."

"Were you the one that caused the disturbance in the forest earlier?"


Tang Doudou rubbed her chin, then looked towards the other side of the river. "Then did you come from that side?"


Tang Doudou was just about to ask another question when she heard him say, "I saw Baili Yu earlier."

"Really? Where is he?"

"He left with others. This place isn't safe, so come with me." Mu Ye lowered his head to glance at her. When he saw the fruits she was hugging, he asked, "Spirit fruit?""I don't know. Baili Yu said that these were tasty so I picked some extra. Do you want to try some?" asked Tang Doudou.

Mu Ye's gaze flickered for a brief instant. "En, no need."

After he said that, he started walking towards the river.

Tang Doudou followed after him. The rush of delight from seeing him again gradually faded and she became curious again. Was Mu Ye's so-called 'business' pointing to finding Shen Moru for revenge? Or was it to investigate the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?

"Why did you guys come here?" asked Mu Ye as he glanced back at her.


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