Chapter 255.1: Little Gray

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"I followed Baili Yu here. He seemed to have come to take care of some matters!" Although she had a bond with Mu Ye resulting from escaping a life or death situation together, she still held her own principles. The Hoarfrost Poison and Madam Qin were Baili Yu's secrets. Just because he shared them with her didn't mean that she was allowed to share them with others.

Mu Ye's expression didn't change. "Then why did you come here?"

Tang Doudou's eyes lit up a little and she laughed. "Of course it’s because it’s fun!"

"This place isn't fun." Mu Ye stopped walking. "I'll send you back!"

"No, no. I'm already here so I definitely have to take a look around! It's the perfect opportunity to check if Shen Moru, that bastard is here. If he is, I'll take advantage of this chance to get revenge!"

"You're not a match for Shen Moru."

"It's fine. We aren’t uncouth people, why would we resort to violence with every little thing?"

"Even if he fell for it once, he wouldn't fall for it again." Mu Ye glanced towards the fruits in her arms again. The meaning was clear: although she had been able to trick Shen Moru with the fruits before, she definitely wouldn't be able to do it a second time.

Tang Doudou didn’t know how to respond upon hearing his serious replies. She was just joking.

"Ahem, I obviously won't use the same methods."

"What do you plan to do?" asked Mu Ye.

When Tang Doudou saw how serious he was, she gulped. From the looks of it, Mu Ye was really here for revenge!

He truly had a lot of guts.

This was the headquarters of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. There were as many experts as there were clouds in the sky. Killing Shen Moru would probably be harder than touching the sky!

"Shen Moru's really at Cerulean Mountain?"

"I've chased him the entire way so there's no mistake." Mu Ye's eyes flickered slightly with a hint of guilt.

However, Tang Doudou didn't notice. She was thinking that if Shen Moru really was here, then this place was actually quite dangerous.

"Then do you know who Baili Yu left with?" After thinking about it, Tang Doudou felt that being by Baili Yu's side was safer after all.

Mu Ye seemed to be a little unhappy when she brought up Baili Yu again. He pressed his lips together and ignored her.

Tang Doudou was baffled by his reaction and eventually chose to stop talking as well and followed Mu Ye silently.

The two soon passed the river and got to a mountain.

She had been right earlier. About halfway up the hill was a village. All the houses were pretty close together and there were overlapping stepped fields outside the village. The green rice fields were currently very lush and soothing to look at.

Tang Doudou glanced at Mu Ye. When she saw that his face was devoid of expression, she asked, "That's right, Mu Ye. Do you know if there's someone called Lan Jia in the Seven Great Saint Tribes?"

Mu Ye nodded. "I know him."

"Is he a good person or a bad person?"

"I don't know.""Then what about Dual Moon Palace?"

"You want to go there?"

"No, I was just asking. Mu Ye, did Shen Moru take you away?"

"En." Mu Ye glanced at her. "It was Jun Xin that saved me. After that, I followed Shen Moru all the way to here."


"Don't worry about it," said Mu Ye. "At that time, I would have done the same for anyone."

"If people found out that the Leader of the Demonic Sect was actually this kind-hearted, wouldn't their jaws drop to the ground?" Tang Doudou teased. She then pointed towards the village ahead. "Are we heading there first?"

"No, that's not a nice place. We're going to cross the top of the mountain and head down, directly towards the center of Cerulean Mountain. Shen Moru is there."

Tang Doudou was stuck between wanting to laugh and wanting to cry. She didn't really come here to take revenge on Shen Moru. Even if she wanted revenge, she'd still have to wait until she recovered from her injury. If she headed over like this, it was no different from throwing her life away!

Most importantly, she still had to wait for Baili Yu.

Cerulean Mountain was very large. If she walked too far, Baili Yu wouldn't be able to find her.

When Mu Ye saw her troubled expression, he took down the map attached at his waist and spread it open in front of her. "There are only three places on Cerulean Mountain that we can go to."

Tang Doudou hastily moved over to look. When her hair fell onto the back of Mu Ye's hand, his expression changed a little, but he started pointing and speaking without a pause, "This is where we are."

The black squiggly line was the area they were walking along.

Mu Ye's finger moved down towards that village. "This place is called the Ghost Village."

Upon hearing this name, Tang Doudou understood what he meant by that village wasn't a nice place. It was fortunate that she encountered Mu Ye. Otherwise, she would have ignorantly wandered in and probably encountered huge trouble.

"The inhabitants of Ghost Village are people that failed to successfully cultivate the poison. They're pretty much all lunatics. Even the people from Cerulean Mountain avoid this place." After Mu Ye finished speaking, he pointed towards the center of the map. There were several hills and an enormous lake between their location and that point on the map. "This is the interior of Cerulean Mountain. Everyone from the Seven Great Saint Tribes stay here. They call this place Saint City."

He then moved his finger over several more hills to a place where a weird sign was drawn. "This is where Dual Moon Palace is located. That place is also called the Saint Palace. All the Saint Envoys, Saint Kings... and other core influences stay there."

"It's that far away?" Tang Doudou looked at the black line where they were and then again at Dual Moon Palace's location. She suddenly felt like crying but didn't have the tears.

As Mu Ye put the map away, he said, "You can still make it if you head back now."

Tang Doudou hastily shook her head. "Let's just head to Saint City then!"

Mu Ye nodded and they continued forward.


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