Chapter 255.2: Little Gray

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They encountered quite a number of black-clothed men along the way, but Mu Ye chose to avoid them rather than kill them. He would have them hide until those people passed by before continuing on their way.

"We can't kill them, it'll attract attention." explained Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou understood the logic. At the same time, she was stunned. She hadn't expected for the Seven Great Saint Tribes' security to be this strong. From the looks of it, there were probably many black-clothed men patrolling the forbidden grounds where she and Baili Yu were walking last night. It was just that Baili Yu had skillfully avoided all of them, which made it seem like they didn't encounter anyone.

It was also fortunate that she later encountered Lan Jia. Otherwise she'd probably be ascending to Heaven by now.

When Lan Jia appeared in her thoughts, she wanted to ask about him again. She could tell from Mu Ye's words that he was very familiar with the Seven Great Saint Tribes. Su Yi had already told her before that people that were familiar with the Saint Tribes were definitely involved with them in some way.

So in the end, was Mu Ye a descendant of the Saint Tribes or a guardian?

"About Lan Jia..."

"Was he the one that led you out of the forbidden grounds?"

"That's right!" Tang Doudou nodded. "Why would he be so nice as to lead me out?"

"He has a very good relationship with Baili Yu," said Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou slapped her head. She was really dumb. Although Baili Yu disappeared suddenly, there was no way he would leave her in a dangerous situation.

However, could it be that he also knew that Mu Ye was here?

She originally wanted to ask where Baili Yu was again, but gave up when she recalled that Mu Ye had ignored her earlier when she brought up Baili Yu.

So she continued following Mu Ye while carrying the fruits.

After walking for a long time, till her legs felt like they were about to fall off, Mu Ye finally said to take a break.

In this manner, they walked with minimal breaks for an entire day and finally got away from that Ghost Village, then plunged into the dense mountain again.

On the entire way, Mu Ye didn't eat or drink anything, and Tang Doudou could only use the wild fruits to fill her stomach. Although these fruits were tasty, how could fruit compare to meat? Traveling required a lot of energy and these fruits simply didn't provide enough. Soon, Tang Doudou's legs were starting to feel weak and it got increasingly difficult for her to lift her feet.

"M-mu Ye! I can't go on anymore, I need a break!"

Tang Doudou leaned against a tree and stopped moving.

Mu Ye came back and crouched down in front of her. "Get on."

"T-that's not a good idea." Tang Doudou pressed a hand on her forehead. In reality, she just wanted to eat something else. Even a small amount of dry rations would be good!

Mu Ye said, "This place isn't safe. Endure for a little while. We can rest as soon as we get a bit further."

He paused. "I've already carried you before."

Tang Doudou had an awkward expression on her face. If it weren't for what had happened with Qing Moran, she definitely would have jumped on without hesitation. However, ever since that incident she's had a strange feeling towards Mu Ye.

When she still didn't get on, Mu Ye asked, "Are you worried that Baili Yu would get jealous?"

Tang Doudou hastily shook her head. Even if Baili Yu were to get jealous, he'd have to see it to be jealous. He wasn't even here, so why would she be worried about him getting jealous?

"No, that's not what I meant."

"Get on."

Tang Doudou tried walking again but she still couldn't move. She could only give in and get on his back. "Mu Ye, I..."

"There's no need."

Mu Ye wasn't wrong. After about another hour, a forest appeared. They walked into the forest for a while and arrived at a concealed mountain cave.

"Rest." Mu Ye set her down so that she could sit. "I'm going out for a bit. Don't make any noise."

Tang Doudou replied 'en.' He then turned and left.

Tang Doudou guessed that he had gone off to get some food. Since this mountain cave seemed to be pretty far from any roads, she felt like it wasn't likely for anyone to wander in. Thus she decided to just lean against the rock wall and sleep.

However, not long after she closed her eyes, there was a familiar rustling sound. She got up and saw that the little monkey had appeared at the cave entrance.

"Lil' Gray?" called Tang Doudou. The small monkey immediately jumped up and cupped its hands to salute her enthusiastically.

Tang Doudou was a bit surprised by the monkey's passion. She and the monkey didn't seem to be that familiar?

"Why did you come?"

Lil' Gray scratched his head, then started bowing towards her again. He then rolled around on the floor making weird gestures as if he was trying to convey something.

However, Tang Doudou couldn't understand it at all and could only ask helplessly, "Lil' Gray, what exactly are you trying to say?"

"It's saying that someone's chasing after us." Right at this moment, Mu Ye walked in. "We can't rest here anymore."

Lil' Gray became even more excited when he saw Mu Ye and rushed straight towards him. He quickly climbed onto Mu Ye's shoulder and rubbed against his face. Tang Doudou didn't know that Mu Ye knew Lil' Gray so she silently remarked 'crap' upon seeing this scene. For better or for worse, Mu Ye was the Leader of the Demonic Sect. After being offended by a monkey like this, he'll definitely smack Lil' Gray to death.

"Mu Ye, this is Lil' Gray. Don't..." Unexpectedly, before she could even finish her words, she saw Mu Ye smile towards the little monkey with a gentle expression in his eyes. He thenpatted the little monkey and moved it to his palm.

He walked towards Tang Doudou and asked, "Lil' Gray? That's the name you came up for it?"

"Mm. I encountered it earlier in Cerulean Mountain's forbidden grounds and just started calling i this way."

Mu Ye lowered his head, then handed Lil' Gray to her. His ice-blue eyes still contained a bit of the gentle smile from earlier. "I'll give him to you."

"Hah?" Tang Doudou was too surprised to react for a moment.

Mu Ye threw Lil' Gray into her arms and Lil' Gray nimbly climbed onto her shoulder.

"Lil' Gray, what a pleasant name." After he said that, he crouched down again. "Someone followed Lil' Gray over so let's hurry and leave."


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