Chapter 257.1: Dog Bite Dog

Prodigal Alliance Head


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This time, Tang Doudou immediately understood what it meant. She put her chopsticks down and whispered, "Lil' Gray, you're saying that these dishes are poisoned?"

Lil' Gray hastily nodded, then started to clutch his neck again. As he clutched at his neck, he even stuck out his tongue and rolled his eyes back.

Tang Doudou hastily pulled his claws away from his neck. "That's enough, I got it."

Lil' Gray blinked, then quickly shrank into Tang Doudou's chest again.

Could it be that they've already been discovered?

Tang Doudou knitted her brows as she looked at the food in front of her. Her body was immune to a hundred poisons so normal poisons wouldn't have any effect on her. It was just that she didn't know how to distinguish between poisons. If she had that ability, she could have figured out the type of poison and based on that, deduce who was behind this.

If it was done by someone as vicious as Shen Moru, it would definitely be an abnormal and venomous poison.

However, that aside, there was no way she could risk eating these dishes.

She picked up the chopsticks and grabbed a bit of every dish to put in her bowl in order to make it seem as if she had already eaten. Then she found a flowerpot and buried the food from her bowl inside the soil.

Only then did she sit back down at the table. After about an hour, a knock came from the door again.

"Dear guest, have you finished eating?"

"Come in. You can clear the table!" Tang Doudou got up from the table and Lil' Gray immediately moved onto her back.

The door opened. It was still the same waiter. He first greeted her with a smile. However, as he was greeting her, he glanced over towards the table. When he saw that she hadn't eaten much, a shadow flashed through his eyes before he asked with a smile, "Dear guest, were the dishes lacking?"

"I haven't really had an appetite lately." Due to the fact that she was lowering the tone of her voice, in order to avoid making any unnatural sounds, Tang Doudou tried to speak as little as possible.

The shadows in the waiter's eyes disappeared. He started collecting the leftover food on the table as he said, "If Lady had said so earlier, we wouldn't have prepared such rich dishes. It would've been better to prepare more mild dishes!"

"Perhaps he forgot." Tang Doudou's eyes were fixed on that waiter's face as she spoke.

As she expected, when she said this, an unnatural expression appeared on the waiter's face. She immediately concluded that the person behind this probably wasn't Shen Moru. It seemed to be this inn's doing.

This inn was right in the middle of the street. Could it be that it dared to kill and rob guests in broad daylight?

However, when Tang Doudou recalled that this was where the Seven Great Saint Tribes were located, she didn't found it as implausible. She had already silently remarked upon entering the city that since this Saint City was full of black-robed people, it'd probably be hard for anyone to catch criminals.

Opening a black shop and gaining a bit of money on the side from time to time probably worked well. After all, no one would know even if a few people died every once in a while.

However, shouldn't they have looked for someone who was by himself? Were they not worried that her companion would raise a ruckus?

Or could it be that they had some other scheme.

While she was deep in thought, the waiter had already finished collecting the dishes. He was just about to leave when Nangong Yan's shriek came from outside. "Audacious dog of a servant! Have you no eyes!? To dare to bump into this lady! Ah Yuan, kill him!"

Tang Doudou was speechless. Did that girl think she was still on Wind Cloud Island?

It was said that Wind Cloud Island and the Seven Great Saint Tribes were arch-enemies, yet she was being so unbridled on the territory of the enemy. Tang Doudou really couldn't tell if it was because Nangong Yan was naive or that she was too confident in her backing.



There was no need to wonder. Liu Zhiyuan had gotten slapped again.

"Lowly slave! You dared to disobey my command!? I'll have you skinned!" Nangong Yan's malicious voice instantly attracted the attentions of the people around. The waiter standing in front of Tang Doudou wiped his cold sweat repeatedly. He was even trembling slightly with fright.

Nangong Yan seemed to be becoming increasingly crazy. In the past, though she had a horrible temper, she would rarely exhibit it in front of others, much less threaten to skin someone like that.

Tang Doudou didn't step out of her room, but also didn't close the door. The waiter stayed by her door and remarked quietly, "What family did this Miss come from? Isn't her temper a bit too repulsive?"

How was it just at the level of repulsive!?

Tang Doudou saw that the waiter wasn't leaving so she took this chance to try and get some information. "I heard your shopkeeper say earlier that there were only two high class rooms left. Why did they decide to stay?"

"Heh, they had no choice. As of now, we're the only inn in the city that still has room." The waiter replied very quietly. He seemed to be quite scared of Nangong Yan.

"However, that Miss got really angry when they took a different room. It's so strange. The high class rooms are for the two masters while the normal rooms are for the servants. Isn't this normal?"

"Perhaps they feel like it's losing face."

"Heh, you have a point. I'm going to head back to work. Dear guest, have a good rest!" The waiter then respectfully left.

Tang Doudou poked out her head and glanced in that direction to check the situation. Then she shrugged and turned to head back in.

Just as the door was closing, a fan poked through the opening and blocked the door. A trace of understanding flashed through her eyes and she opened the door.


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