Chapter 257.2: Dog Bite Dog

Prodigal Alliance Head


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As she had expected, Murong Ming was standing outside.

Those gloomy eyes were currently sizing her up. However, before they entered the city, Mu Ye had put a human skin mask on her and applied makeup to her eyes. With the black robe concealing pretty much all of her features and the appearance of a hunchback added on, Tang Doudou was pretty sure that even Baili Yu wouldn't be able to recognize her if she didn't make a sound, so she wasn't worried that Murong Ming would recognize her.

Murong Ming only examined her a little before he gave a smile which he believed to be very gentle. "This friend, I heard from the shopkeeper earlier that you and your friend opened two high class rooms, but one is still empty..."

"He went out, but he'll be back soon."

"So it's like that." Murong Ming smiled slightly but didn't move to leave. Tang Doudou naturally knew what he wanted. What else could it be except that he wanted her to give up one of the high class rooms? However, why should she?

Even if he wasn't Murong Ming and was just some random stranger, there was no way she'd agree.

"If there's nothing else, I need to rest."

Murong Ming's facial color changed slightly. He had heard her ask the waiter about them, so she already knew about their situation. Anyone with brains could tell what he came for, yet she was still pretending not to know. It was seriously hateful.

"In reality, friend, I came because I wanted to negotiate a matter with you." Actually, Murong Ming also knew that this was an awkward situation, but Nangong Yan, that psycho, kept throwing tantrums just because they only had two high class rooms. She practically wanted to kill everyone she could get her hands on. The ruckus was driving him crazy. If it weren't for his uncle's command, he would have already pushed this crazy woman into the sea. He already had enough of her on the way here.

Tang Doudou rejected him without even bothering to consider it. "Please leave."

Following that, she slammed the door closed and slided the door bolt over.

If it weren't for the fact that she was worried about exposing her identity and attracting even more trouble, she definitely would have taught Murong Ming a lesson.

Her door had closed very loudly. Not only did it give Murong Ming a shock, it attracted the attention of Nangong Yan who was still going crazy by herself. When she saw that Murong Ming was standing by that door, her expression became even more displeased. She kicked aside the servant kneeling on the ground and walked over.

"What's with you? Didn't you say that you'd be able to get a high class room right away? Why haven't you gotten it yet!?" The moment Nangong Yan walked up, she started interrogating him in an overbearing manner. Even Murong Ming couldn't stand the embarrassment anymore.

"We're outside, so it'd be best if Miss Nangong restrains herself a little!" Murong Ming gave a cold humph. The only reason he had been ingratiating himself to this woman on the road here was because he was worried about her dog, Liu Zhiyuan.

However, Liu Zhiyuan had gotten angry and run off because of this woman's slap!

Thus, he didn't restrain his words anymore. This outcome naturally angered Nangong Yan to the point she almost puked blood.

"Y-you actually dare to speak to me this way!?"

"Miss Nangong shouldn't forget, you were the one that asked this favor of our Murong family. If you don't wish for the plan to fail, then you should behave and stop causing so much trouble. Should your identity be exposed, you'd be the one in trouble!" Although Murong Ming had lowered his voice, Tang Doudou who was hiding next to the door heard everything clearly.

From the looks of it, their motives in coming this time truly wasn't simple. However, she was curious. Not even a hundred Murong families could compare to the power of Wind Cloud Island, so why would Nangong Yan end up having to ask the Murong family for help?

"Murong Ming, you actually dare to threaten me!?" No matter how crazy Nangong Yan was, she still had brains. She knew that she would be the one in the most danger if her identity was revealed, but she was so angry earlier that she forgot. Now that Murong Ming reminded her, she also hastily lowered her voice. Still, her suppressed anger didn't diminish at all.

Murong Ming gave a cold laugh. "I naturally wouldn't dare to threaten Miss Nangong. I was just giving a reminder."

After he finished speaking, he moved to leave. However, when he was passing by Nangong Yan, he said in a low voice, "I feel that right now, the most important thing Miss Nangong should do is find that servant. Otherwise..."

Nangong Yan naturally understood the importance of Liu Zhiyuan. If it weren't for Liu Zhiyuan, she wouldn't have dared to be so fearless as to come to Cerulean Mountain either.

"Humph!" Nangong Yan turned her head away and paid no more attention to Murong Ming. She slowly went downstairs and left the inn. From the looks of it, she was off to find Liu Zhiyuan.

Murong Ming watched until she was far away before laughing coldly again. "Whore! And she really thinks herself to be some precious goods? I'd like to see how you could still be so arrogant when you're begging for mercy on my bed!"

It was the scenario of dog biting dog and each taking a chunk of fur off!

After listening to the drama, Tang Doudou stood up and yawned. She was just about to head to bed when she heard Murong Ming say, "And that shameless despicable Li Xueyi! How dare she allow Jun Xin, that rabid dog, to injure me so severely! I'll make her pay for that sooner or later!"

Da fudge? She got shot even though she was lying that far away?

She really had to admit respect for these people's ability to pick trouble out of nothing.

"Lil' Gray, help me keep an eye out. I'm going to rest for a while." If she hadn't used qinggong, she definitely wouldn't be this tired. She should rest properly in order to help the injury heal and avoid further complications.

Lil' Gray screeched softly in response, then obediently crouched down by the head of the bed and watched the surroundings vigilantly.

His responsible and loyal little manner made Tang Doudou smile. She lay down on the bed and was soon asleep.

Lil' Gray glanced at Tang Doudou who was sound asleep, then jumped off the bed. He went to the place where Mu Ye had left a cloth bundle and dug inside for a small bottle.

After that, he jumped onto the table and poured the thing inside the bottle into the kettle before putting away the bottle and jumping back onto the bed.

He continued to watch Tang Doudou for a while before smiling in a very human way. This female master was pretty nice. She was cute and gentle, and also treated him very well. It was just that she didn't seem to like Master much.

Mu Ye only returned to the inn when it was very late in the night.

Lil' Gray was excited and about to rush up to his master when he saw his master make a shush motion towards him.

Only then did he recall that there was someone on the bed, so he jumped off to give his position to Mu Ye.

Mu Ye walked over and half-crouched by the bed. The coldness in his eyes melted into gentle water. "You've forgotten, but that's also good."


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