Chapter 258.1: Mu Ye's Killing Intent

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Tang Doudou only found out the next day why that waiter said that their inn was the only one that still had empty rooms in Saint City.

It turned out that the Seven Great Saint Tribe's quinquennial conference was about to start. Tribe members from all parts of the world had come here. Not only were the inns completely full, there were even people sleeping on the streets.

Tang Doudou closed the window since all that could be seen was still the same black.

She seriously couldn't understand why they all had to wear black robes.

When a crowd gathered, it looked like the street was filled with black bugs.

"If the conference is at Saint City, then there's no need to go to the Saint Palace to look for Shen Moru."

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou was thinking that it was no wonder Baili Yu chose to come at this time. He had definitely been aiming for the conference time. With so many black-robed people around, even if he caused a bit of a disturbance, not much people would notice.

Then Baili Yu should also be in Saint City right now, right?

When Mu Ye didn't hear any response from her, he glanced over at her and saw that she was deep in thought. He said coldly, "Your injury hasn't healed so you probably won't even have a chance to escape if you encounter Shen Moru."

It was rare for Mu Ye to speak so much in one go, so his words immediately jolted Tang Doudou out of her thoughts. She picked up the kettle on the table and poured herself a cup of water. "Do you want some?"

Mu Ye was just about to nod when he saw Lil' Gray shake his head. "No need."

"That's why I was saying we should just use schemes instead of brute strength." Tang Doudou took a sip to moisten her throat but found that this water seemed very soothing. It felt like even her pores were relaxing after she drank it.

Her attention was immediately attracted by the water. She drank a couple more mouthfuls and was just about to pour more when she found that the kettle was already out of water. "This water is really strange..."

"It's just normal tea," said Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou immediately shook her head. "It doesn't taste like tea. It's just boiled water... Oh, that's right, I forgot to tell you. Last night, the food the waiter brought was poisoned. If it weren't for Lil' Gray, I probably wouldn't be here anymore."

Mu Ye lifted his brows coldly. "The inn did it?"

"From the waiter's manner, probably. However, if they were the ones behind it, why would they do it so openly? Could it be that they're not worried about being caught?" Tang Doudou was very curious about this.

Mu Ye looked up. "Did you look for him?"

"Me?" Tang Doudou suddenly understood. "So it was like that! The inns were probably used to doing this, and since people in Saint City usually want to keep their identities hidden, they usually don't pursue the matter in order to avoid attracting attention. That's why the inns would be so unrestrained in their doings!"

"En." Mu Ye expressed his agreement.

"This Saint City sure is messy." She also understood now why everyone in Saint City would wear black robes. Jun Xin had once said that if he didn't state his own identity, no one would be able to guess that Ming Mengxin was Jun Xin. Back then, the Seven Great Saint Tribes ruled the entire world and there were a lot of people that were members of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. Although several hundred years had already passed, the secrets of the Saint Tribes were probably still being passed down in quite a lot of families. Some of these people were probably willing to return to the Saint Tribes, but probably unwilling to expose their identities in the outside world, that's why they used black robes to hide their identities.

Perhaps if she pulled the robe off a random black-robed person, the person might turn out to be a member of her martial arts alliance, or even a subordinate.

There might even be people from the imperial household.

There were probably quite a lot of people that snuck in like her, Mu Ye, Nangong Yan, and Murong Ming...

That's not right!

Her eyes lit up. Murong Ming was probably also someone of the Saint Tribes!

Nangong Yan had probably asked him to help get her into Cerulean Mountain. As for what she was after, it was definitely related to Baili Yu.

She just didn't know how Nangong Yan managed to find out that Baili Yu had come to Cerulean Mountain. Back then when they had split up with the group, Jun Xin was the only one that knew about the situation.

Could it be Jun Xin was the one who told her?

Even a brainless idiot would know that it wasn't possible. Even if it were possible, would Nangong Yan believe Jun Xin's words?

"Let's go out and take a look," said Mu Ye as he stood up.

"Is your arm alright now?" He had already changed, but she didn't see him reapply any medicine.

Mu Ye nodded. "En."

She tidied up a little, then stuffed Lil' Gray on her back before heading out with Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou walked in front. She glanced down and saw that the inn was also filled with black-robed people. She shrugged helplessly and had just taken another few steps when she heard a 'thud' behind her.

Following that, there was the sound of Nangong Yan's insane-sounding shriek again. "Ah! Bastard! You actually dared to push me!?"

Tang Doudou felt a headache. Was it because she didn't check the almanac before heading out today? Why did she encounter this crazy woman again the moment she headed out the door?

She was about to just continue walking when she sensed a cold murderous aura appear behind her. The temperature of the inn instantly dropped.


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