Chapter 264.1: Wants Her Life

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Suddenly, knocking came from the door. "Hey, are you done yet!? How long does it take to take off some clothes? Don't you know how precious Saint Envoy's time is!?"

It was that black-robed youngster urging her to hurry.

Tang Doudou distractedly replied with something, then called Lil' Gray out and said to him quietly, "In a little bit, once I bring you out, you need to run, got it?"

Lil' Gray's speed was extremely fast. As of now, this was the only thing she could bet on.

"If you're done, then hurry and come out!" The black-robed youngster kicked the door again. Tang Doudou who was already flustered became even more jumpy. She glanced at that wall again. Hopefully she had heard wrong!

Then she went outside with Lil' Gray in her arms.

When the door opened, she saw that the black-robed youngster had a very impatient expression on his face. However, when he saw Lil' Gray, he shouted in delight, "It's a Nine-eared Monkey!"

Lil' Gray did as Tang Doudou instructed. The moment the door opened, he jumped out of Tang Doudou's arms and became a streak of gray as he ran and landed on the street nearby.

Tang Doudou feigned panic and called for Lil' Gray as she made to run after him.

However, the white-robed Saint Envoy stopped her. "Nine-eared Monkeys are extremely fast, you won't be able to catch up to it. Just leave it to me!"

After he finished speaking, he gave chase without waiting to hear Tang Doudou's reply.

The black-robed youngster also came over. "Don't worry, Saint Envoy will make good arrangements for that monkey. However, remember not to bring any pets here next time. Didn't you see all the information posters in Saint City..."

The black-robed youngster nagged for a while, then also ran in the direction Lil' Gray had gone in.

Tang Doudou could do nothing but pray. Hopefully Lil' Gray was smart enough to find a place to hide and didn't try to just keep running.

Just as she was thinking about this, she heard a door open.

She reflexively turned to look and saw those familiar eyes. However, she instantly looked away again and lowered her head as she closed the door.

Baili Yu and Nangong Yan walked out of the next room shoulder by shoulder. Although they were both dressed in black robes, Tang Doudou easily made them out by their eyes.

She felt stabbing pain in her heart, but she couldn't stop herself from looking again. When she looked up, it was right in time to see Baili Yu looking at Nangong Yan with a gentle doting gaze. That soft light in his eyes burned Tang Doudou's heart like a flame and her heart clutched with pain.

She stood next to the street not far from the two small houses. In the time she had taken these two glances, Baili Yu had already brushed past her.

They met by chance, but he didn't even realize it.

Inside the black robe, Tang Doudou clenched her fist until her nails dug into her palm, but it still couldn't distract her from that pulsing pain emitted by her heart.

She didn't even notice when tears blurred her gaze and just stood there in shock. Subconsciously, the name 'Baili Yu' left her lips...

That person had already walked far away, but he seemed to hear and abruptly stopped.

Nangong Yan who was next to him was currently walking on clouds. Although Uncle had fled earlier without telling her about that secret, Baili Yu's sudden change of attitude completely took her attention away.

When Baili Yu suddenly stopped walking, she thought that his attitude was about to change again and worriedly asked, "Senior Brother, w-what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Let's go, I'll send you back." Baili Yu turned around and looked but didn't see the black-clothed person from just now. They only briefly passed each other, so why did he feel that the black-clothed person was familiar?

"Back where?" Nangong Yan pouted. "I don't want to go back to Wind Cloud Island. I want to stay with Senior Brother."

Baili Yu turned to look at her. Although he still couldn't really accept that she was his biological sister, he had no choice with the reality in front of him.

"Be good. Senior Brother still has things to do. You should hurry up and get back to the island. If your identity ends up being discovered, not even Senior Brother will be able to protect you," said Baili Yu in a serious tone.

Nangong Yan had finally managed to get Baili Yu to treat her affectionately without doing anything, so she was already elated. For the sake of not annoying him, she nodded obediently. "Yan er will listen to Senior Brother and head back right away."

"Good!" Baili Yu's expression relaxed a little. If she was obedient like this from now on, once he got back and explained the situation to Tang Doudou, then had Nangong Yan apologize to Doudou, Doudou, with her open-minded personality, would definitely accept this younger sister.

His hopes were not bad, but the situation had already been misunderstood by Tang Doudou.

"Why are you crying?" Mu Ye gently wiped away the tears at the corners of Tang Doudou's eyes.

Tang Doudou's tears fell uncontrollably. When she recalled Baili Yu's indifferent expression when they had passed by each other, her heart would clutch uncomfortably. She couldn't even speak and could only shake her head.

Mu Ye's heart also pulsed with pain when he saw her so hurt. However, he didn't know how to console someone with words, nor did he know any corny sweet words. All he could do was continue to help wipe her tears.

However, his palm had a thick layer of hard calluses due to years of martial arts practice. Although he had been wiping very softly, he still caused Tang Doudou's cheeks to turn red from his rubbing.

So he could only tear a bit of fabric off from his black robe to use to wipe Tang Doudou's tears.

Tang Doudou was wallowing in her pain, but there was no way she could ignore the person in front of her even if she wanted to after the corners of her eyes started burning from all his rubbing. A conflicted feeling arose in her heart and she looked up to avoid Mu Ye's hand. She asked sullenly, "Why are you here?"

"I was nearby and saw Lil' Gray," said Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou replied 'oh.' Then tears started tumbling down again. Mu Ye expressionlessly reached out to wipe her tears again.

However, Tang Doudou once again dodged. She stood up. "Mu Ye, thank you, but I want to be alone for a little while."

Mu Ye's eyes dimmed a little. He pulled her to a stop. His voice was calm as always, but his eyes were filled with pain. "What happened? Can't you tell me?"

If Tang Doudou had the heart to look, she would notice that he was different from usual. However, her emotions were so confused that her heart almost felt numb, so there was no way she was in any mood to look at Mu Ye.

After he asked this, she felt even more vexed. Lifting her head, she flung off Mu Ye's hand and said, "Don't follow me!"

After she said that, she started running towards the street.


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