Chapter 264.2: Wants Her Life

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A trace of hurt flashed through Mu Ye's eyes. His flung off hand felt as empty as his heart.

Lil' Gray climbed out from a corner and started going 'zhizhi' as he gestured.

Light lit up the depths of Mu Ye's eyes. "Someone led her over?"

"You saw that person?"

"The person that came with her? And a woman?"

Lil' Gray nodded, then gestured a whole bunch again. Mu Ye's expression immediately turned worried and he lifted Lil' Gray before chasing after Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou was running on the street without any direction in mind. She just wanted to vent all the sadness and hurt in her heart, but every time she recalled how Baili Yu and Nangong Yan had walked side by side together, her heart would be seized with pain again.

Baili Yu ah, Baili Yu. If he didn't love her that much, then why did he say those things to her? If he couldn't bear to let go of his junior sister, why did he act like he didn't care about her?

The ornamental thumb ring that was hanging at her chest was slightly cold. The bound hair was still tightly wrapped by the red string. Tang Doudou grabbed the ring. She felt like the waves of cold was penetrating her body and was seized by the impulse to rip it off and throw it far away. However, when she prepared to do so, she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Jeje, you sure look sad!" Suddenly, a hoarse voice that sounded like grating metal appeared.

Tang Doudou's eyes widened. When she saw Shen Moru, she subconsciously retreated a couple steps. However, when she recalled how he had killed Mu Ye, her breath caught and she forced herself to stop. "Shen Moru!"

"Aren't you surprised to see me? Jeje, I'm surprised too. I hadn't expected that we would meet so soon." His completely white eyes that were like those of a demon's were extremely eerie.

With danger right in front of her, Tang Doudou could only suppress the sadness in her heart in order to focus on dealing with this situation. She fixed her gaze on Shen Moru warily.

Shen Moru laughed coldly. "I never thought that there would be a day in which I, Shen Moru, also made an error in judgement. After your power erupted, your strength was seriously wonderful. It's practically like a present the Heavens have decided to grant me!"

"Sadly, that scene will probably never occur again."

Tang Doudou didn't respond and simply watched as he talked to himself like a lunatic. His empty eyes would move from time to time, sending out cold, bloodthirsty glints.

"Saint City prohibits armed confrontation. Could it be that you, a Saint King, plans to break the rules knowingly?" If she could make her power explode whenever she wanted, she wouldn't have to be afraid of Shen Moru. Unfortunately, she was still the same old Tang Doudou and could only resort to trying to scare Shen Moru off.

Shen Moru smiled coldly. "I was the one who personally drafted that law. Do you think I'd be worried about such a law?"

"The Saint Tribes are so large, you definitely aren't the only Saint King. I don't believe that they would allow you to do as you please!" The Seven Great Saint Tribes haven't gotten along since ancient times. Nowadays, they were only acting united on the surface. In reality, they were constantly scheming against each other and keeping each other in check. These were all things that Tang Doudou had learned about later.

When Shen Moru heard this, he glanced at her with surprise. "Looks like you did plenty of homework after you got back!"

Tang Doudou's brows knitted slightly. Then he continued, "But, so what? As of now, no one has the ability to stop me! Tang Doudou, you had best behave. If you do, you'll suffer less! Don't say I didn't warn you later!"

As Shen Moru spoke, he attacked. His five withered fingers were like fatal ice hooks as they flew towards Tang Doudou. Tang Doudou hastily revolved her inner strength and ducked to the side to narrowly avoid this fatal strike.

Shen Moru clearly had no plans to capture her alive this time. He wanted to take her life!

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she no longer hesitated and sent all her inner strength into her legs in order to flee.

She had thought about just dying to end it all, but even if she were to die, she couldn't allow herself to die in Shen Moru's hands. That fate couldn't even be called death!

Shen Moru wasn't worried when she tried to run. He just laughed, then followed her steadily. He seemed to be enjoying a leisurely game of cat and mouse.

It was seriously a case of another wave arising before one even calmed. Why did she have such bad luck!?

Tang Doudou silently cursed, then started looking around. She thought hard for a way to defeat Shen Moru. There was actually a way, but she couldn't use it in this situation.

The thumb ring at her chest kept bouncing with her movements, causing her to feel vexed. If she hadn't run out along, Shen Moru wouldn't have acted so fast. From the looks of it, he was quite afraid of Mu Ye.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she slapped herself. She had almost caused Mu Ye to die last time. This time she only hoped that Mu Ye would get as far away as possible and that he hadn't dumbly chased after her!

However, right after she thought that, she saw Mu Ye's figure appear not far away from them.


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