Chapter 265.1: Seeking Death

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She was just about to urge him to leave when she heard the sound of Shen Moru's laughter. "You came just in time. Now you've spared me the trouble having to look."

Following that, Shen Moru appeared next to Mu Ye in a flash. Mu Ye didn't seem to have noticed yet as he didn't make any moves to block or flee.

Tang Doudou was extremely worried. When she recalled how he had been sent flying with a fatal blow back then, blood rushed to her head and she threw herself in front of him.

The situation was hard to describe since all these things happened in an instant. By the time Mu Ye came back to his senses, Shen Moru's attack had already landed on Tang Doudou. Tang Doudou coughed out a huge mouthful of blood which sprayed onto Mu Ye's face.

"Doudou!" shouted Mu Ye. He kicked aside Shen Moru who was equally stunned, then caught Tang Doudou.

"I, I-I'm fine. Hurry and escape!" Tang Doudou forced a smile as she spoke to Mu Ye. She really was fine. Shen Moru's strike didn't seem to have been a fatal one. It was a soft strike that didn't really hurt. However, all her limbs now felt weak and strengthless.

There was no way Mu Ye would believe that she was fine after she coughed out so much blood. He tugged on her wrist and pulled her onto his back.

"Hold on, I'll get you out of here!" His voice was cold as always, but Tang Doudou seemed to hear firm determination in the sound.

Events were occuring with remarkable similarity to the past. Tang Doudou smiled wryly and leaned her head on Mu Ye's shoulder without speaking.

Mu Ye then turned to look at Shen Moru who was also staring at them with a strange look. Mu Ye's tightly pressed together lips parted slightly. "You're seeking death."

"Humph, you guys are the ones seeking death, to dare to come here. Did you really think that my Saint Tribe no longer has any members?" Mu Ye was currently in prime condition, so not even Shen Moru dared to underestimate him. His eyes narrowed slightly as he clapped his hands. The surroundings instantly became filled with countless black-robed people.

The crowd of black-robed spectators that had gathered to watch the show were immediately scared off and fled in the blink of an eye.

The black-robed subordinates that showed up rushed up to attack them recklessly. Mu Ye originally thought that he would only need to fight against Shen Moru, but Shen Moru had retreated behind his subordinates with a crafty smile.

Mu Ye wanted to leave but these people blocked all possible paths of retreat. It was a complete deadlock!

Although all of Tang Doudou's limbs felt weak, her consciousness was still very clear. Upon seeing this situation, she said weakly, "Mu Ye, put me down and run."

"I'll get you out." Mu Ye didn't even consider her words. His iron chain flew out of his hand and sent a mass of people flying with a sweep of blue light.

"How can you get out while carrying me!?" Tang Doudou was very speechless. It was like this every time. Couldn't he just throw her down and leave? What was the point of doing this? Why did he have to treat her so well?

She also hated herself for being so helpless. However, the situation was already like this, so her regret was pointless.

"Mu Ye, you should put me down. From the start, I don't belong to this place. I might even be able to get back once I die. Rather than leaving me to live in pain, it'd be better to just let me die." After a pause, Tang Doudou recalled that past incident again and said this firmly.

Mu Ye's expression changed slightly but he remained resolute. "I won't allow you to die."

"What relationship is there between us? I can't even die without your permission? Hurry up and put me down!" When Tang Doudou saw that he wasn't going to put her down no matter what, she started throwing a tantrum. She already owed Mu Ye her life from last time. If history repeated once again, she wouldn't be able to live with herself.

Mu Ye knew that she was just saying this out of anger. He took a deep breath, then said, "If you want to die, I'll die with you."

Tang Doudou was stunned. Sorrow once again flooded her heart and she murmured, "Mu Ye..."

Mu Ye replied, "En."

"You, what need is there for you to go so far?" Tang Doudou couldn't help but ask.

"Even if I want to leave, he wouldn't allow me to escape." Mu Ye forced down the other words in his heart and replied coldly with this.

Tang Doudou immediately realized the truth of this. The fact that Shen Moru dared to openly kill them on the Sacred Tree showed that he was determined to get them. Moreover, as he had said, this was his territory. Even if Mu Ye tried to escape, where could he go?

However, no matter how strong Mu Ye was, he would still be tired out from facing this endless stream of black-robed men. Shen Moru would definitely attack without hesitation the moment Mu Ye showed fatigue and kill the both of them.

Now that Tang Doudou thought about it, she realized she had been too naive to hope of getting revenge Shen Moru.

Following that, it occurred to her that if she wasn't here dragging Mu Ye down, he would probably be able to exert his full strength and kill Shen Moru.

The reason Shen Moru was apprehensive and didn't attack was definitely because his injury from last time was too severe. That's why he had the black-robed men attack Mu Ye to deplete his strength first.

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more she felt that it was no good to keep on going like this. She forcefully revolved her inner strength to try to flush the weak feeling out of her limbs. She had still been alright before she tried this, but after she did, a huge problem occured.

The blood in her core bubbled turbulently and she spat another large mouthful of blood that dyed Mu Ye's back red.

However, fortune and misfortune truly came hand in hand. The limp and painful feeling in her limbs had gone away.

She didn't wait for Mu Ye to set her down and simply pushed him away to land on the ground. "Although I can't beat them, I still have the ability to escape. You should focus on dealing with Shen Moru!"

After she finished speaking, she used qinggong to dodge the daggers that were flying over.

Upon seeing this, although Mu Ye was still worried, he went with her plan. Pulling out a dagger from his sleeve, he handed it to her and said, "Be careful and protect yourself!"

Afterwards, his cold gaze swept towards the crowd of black-robed people and locked onto Shen Moru. Demonic air spilled out from his body and his cold oppressive aura became even stronger. The black-robed people that were rushing up to attack him were sent flying by this powerful energy wave.

When Tang Doudou saw, joy appeared on her face. It seemed her guess was right. Mu Ye's combat ability was much higher when he didn't have to worry about her.


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