Chapter 265.2: Seeking Death

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Shen Moru laughed 'jeje' as he watched Mu Ye approach. "You think you can be my match just with this? Naive!"

After he said this, his body turned into black smoke as he move up to meet Mu Ye.

Mu Ye's long chain would pass through the smoke from time to time to land on the nearby black-robed men. Whoever the chain made contact with would immediately explode into a mist of blood.

The scene was so bloody that Tang Doudou had to turn away. She firmly gripped the dagger Mu Ye gave her as she weaved agilely in and out of the people coming at her, slashing at them as she went. She soon became covered with blood as well.

The stench of blood was so strong that she felt faint. She glanced over at Mu Ye and saw that he was still fighting with Shen Moru. The black fog around them was so thick that she couldn't tell the state of the battle.

The possibility of becoming an unintended casualty over there was too high. Everyone who was hit by Mu Ye's iron whip would turn into a haze of blood without fail. These black-robed people seemed to have become scared as hardly any of them headed in that direction anymore. Instead, they all turned to attack Tang Doudou.

Everyone could tell that although she had really good qinggong and was hard to catch, her martial arts were pretty bad and she had no offensive power at all. She hadn't even been able to kill a single person.

Tang Doudou had been able to easily evade all of the attacks earlier since only half of the group was targeting her, but now that the other half started attacking her as well, it immediately became a lot harder. No matter how good her qinggong was, it was still impossible to dodge so many concealed weapons.

Moreover, there were several martial arts experts among the group. They soon cut off all possible paths of retreat.

Tang Doudou was starting to panic and tried to escape from this battle, but every time she tried, she would be forced back into the encirclement.

The black-robed people saw that she was already trapped and attacked steadily to slowly tighten their circle around her.

Tang Doudou knew that there was now no escape, so she lowered her dagger. She glanced towards Mu Ye's side. Hopefully he would be able to kill Shen Moru and would no longer have to worry about that threat.

Her reflection was reflected clearly in the blades moving in front of her. Her eyes were red and bloodshot.

She tugged off the thumb ring around her neck and gripped it tightly as tears streaked down her cheeks. Baili Yu, goodbye. Goodbye forever!

As death approached, she no longer felt as sad as before. Her heart relaxed. She would finally be freed from all of this.

Tang Doudou slowly closed her eyes and dropped the dagger which made a clank as it hit the ground. That sound was very sharp. Mu Ye stiffened and instinctively turned around. When he saw that figure who had wholeheartedly accepted death standing in the middle of that sea of blades, he moved to charge over. Shen Moru took advantage of his distraction and struck his back, sending him crashing into the ground.

Everything had occurred too suddenly. Shen Moru's strike was more speed than force, so Mu Ye sent a strike towards the ground to push his body back up. Tightly following that, his long chain nimbly shot towards the people attacking Tang Doudou like a snake, leaving blossoming mists of blood wherever it went. He was just about to head over when Shen Moru once again stopped him.

He could only watch helplessly as the blade slashed towards Tang Doudou's neck.

"Dodge!" Mu Ye shouted as Shen Moru once again attacked him. He couldn't be bothered to care. He quickly used the chain to block Shen Moru's attack as he ran towards Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou had closed her eyes so she didn't see any of this. She just waited quietly for the moment of death.

However, after waiting a long time, she still didn't feel any pain. She opened her eyes in confusion and saw that peach-colored flower petals were flying all around her. The black-clothed man who had swung his blade towards her had a sharp petal embedded in his throat and was falling towards her lifelessly.

Tang Doudou hastily pushed him aside. She knew that Baili Yu had arrived.

She looked around but didn't see him. The petals that filled the sky were still flying towards the black-clothed men and piercing through them, taking tricklets of blood with them as they went. It was like it was raining drops of blood. This scene of peach blossom petals drifting in blood rain was indescribably beautiful in a cruel way.

Tang Doudou still couldn't see where Baili Yu was, so she shifted her gaze towards Mu Ye. Mu Ye was fighting with Shen Moru again. It was hard to tell who was winning, but the destruction done to their surroundings was clear to see.

She could tell that Shen Moru wanted to retreat, but Mu Ye had blocked all his attempts.

The ground was covered with corpses that had holes left by the flower petals. It wouldn't be off to describe this as a mountain of corpses surrounded by a sea of blood. Tang Doudou couldn't tell how many people's blood was on her. It was cold and disgusting. She tightened her grip on the thumb ring as she look around, but still didn't see Baili Yu.

Where exactly was he?

There were not many people still standing. Her gaze suddenly fixed on a black-robed person that was standing not far away.

Although his back was facing her, she recognized him with one glance. It was Baili Yu.

She opened her mouth and was just about to call out to him when she recalled how he had brushed past her without a word. Her throat seemed to tighten and she couldn't make any sounds.

Tears once again blurred her sight. She found it hard to breathe as waves of pain transmitted from her heart. Then she was hit with a wave of dizziness and collapsed. Baili Yu...


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