Chapter 266.2: Seeking Death

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Shen Moru took a deep breath. "This indeed, never occured to me."

Right after he spoke, hatred filled his eyes and he laughed strangely. "Hoarfrost Poison, hahaha... I get it now. You came to Cerulean Mountain to find the cure to the Hoarfrost Poison, didn't you? Jeje, Baili Yu ah, Baili Yu, you should know that there's no way to cure the Hoarfrost Poison. You want to find an antidote? Haha... it's not possible!"

Although Baili Yu had already guessed that there was no cure for the Hoarfrost Poison, his heart still chilled when he heard this from the person who poisoned him in the first place. However, his gaze remained unperturbed as he looked at Shen Moru who seemed almost insane. "Aren't you going through all of this trouble for the sake of reconstructing a new set of meridians so that you can recover your past cultivation? I've been poisoned with both the Hoarfrost Poison and the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance before. Everything you want, I have. Let go of Tang Doudou and I'll destroy my own martial arts and go with you." Baili Yu was probably the only one in the world that could say the words 'destroy my own martial arts' so lightly.

"Humph! You're right, you have two mixed poison bloods in you so you definitely have very good blood..." Shen Moru's tone then changed. "However, it's a pity. I've already found a blood source that's even more perfect!"

"Baili Yu, you should just obediently wait for death! Slowly enjoy the pain of having two types of fatal poison flare up at once... Jeje, this old man won't be playing with you guys any longer!" Right after Shen Moru finished speaking, his gaze lowered and he dodged Mu Ye's chain while keeping a hold on Tang Doudou.

"Mu Ye, your fate won't be much better! There's no cure to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance either! The poison disappearing is only a facade. The faster it disappears, the quicker you'll die!" After Shen Moru said this coldly, he lifted Tang Doudou's body and started turning into black smoke to escape.

There was no way Baili Yu and Mu Ye would let him go. This old person's way of moving about was too strange. It was impossible to find him if he didn't take the initiative to appear himself.

Shen Moru looked at the two that were blocking his way, then he pulled out a dagger from his sleeve and pressed it against Tang Doudou's neck. "All of you, move aside! Otherwise I'll have her die right here! In any case, all I want is her blood, so it doesn't matter whether she's alive or not!"

"Do you think you'd be able to escape after killing her?" Blood Satan flickered in and out of sight in Baili Yu's hand. "Shen Moru, you're smart. Release her and I'll let you go."

"Humph, I don't trust a fox like you at all!" Shen Moru understood that what Baili Yu said was the truth. If Tang Doudou hadn't been here, these two would've already killed him.

Baili Yu smiled mildly. "I'm crafty and like to scheme when it comes to business, but I've never broken my word before."

Shen Moru was swayed. Baili Yu's words were true. Although everyone called him a fox, he did value promises a lot... However, his life was currently in danger so he couldn't put his faith in Baili Yu just based on rumors of how he adhered to promises.

"Make a vow! An unbreakable vow!" Shen Moru glanced towards the Sacred Tree below him. "You've probably gained a good understanding of the Seven Great Saint Tribes these past years. Vows that are made on the Sacred Tree will always come true!"

Baili Yu didn't hesitate at all. "I, Baili Yu, swear to the Heavens that if Shen Moru releases Tang Doudou, I'll let him go. Should I break the vow, I will definitely have my body ripped apart and destroyed in an inferno!"

After he finished speaking, he pointed the Blood Satan blade in his hand at Shen Moru. "Release her!"

Shen Moru shook his head. "Even if you don't attack, you can have someone else attack for you..."

Before he even finished speaking, he heard Mu Ye say coldly, "Mu Ye, swears, if I attack while Shen Moru is leaving, I'll be struck by lightning and die without an intact corpse!"

After these two made the vows, Shen Moru chuckled darkly. "Good, very good. You're such infatuated youths ah!"

"Release her." If it weren't for Tang Doudou, Baili Yu would have already hacked Shen Moru into a thousand pieces for daring to threaten him this way. He didn't have much patience left.

Shen Moru said, "There's no rush. I'll release her as soon as I get to a safe location."

"You want to break your word?"

"Of course not. How could I dare to break my word when this is related to my little life?" Although Shen Moru said this, a crafty and smug smile had already appeared on his face. He pointed towards the two. "Back off! Back far away!"

The two shared a look. They could see the plain fury in each other's eyes but both of them simultaneously moved backwards.

"Continue backing away!"

"Back away more!"

"Jeje, just like that. The more you back away, the safer she'll be!"

"Don't hesitate, hurry and back away! Could it be that you want to watch her die?"

Shen Moru continued taunting them without pause. Baili Yu and Mu Ye had already withdrawn near two hundred meters. With this distance, even if they wanted to attack Shen Moru, they wouldn't be able to.

However, Shen Moru still didn't feel safe and continued telling the two to retreat.

His attention was completely focused on the two and he didn't notice that someone had stood up from the pile of corpses behind him.

Baili Yu was the first to notice. When he saw who that person was, his heart jumped a beat and he hesitated for an instant.

By the time Shen Moru noticed that something was off, it was already too late. The dagger in that person's hand was already stabbing towards him. Shen Moru was angered and lifted his hand to hit the person away, only to discover with surprise that the dagger suddenly changed directions and was stabbing towards Tang Doudou instead.


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