Chapter 267.1: Where Did She Go?

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No one had expected such a sudden development.

Especially Baili Yu. As he watched that dagger descend, rage flooded his heart and his eyes turned blood red. He hated himself, why did he hesitate!?

However, there was nothing he could do since he had retreated too far away. Even though he reacted in an instant and immediately flew over, it was already too late.

He was only a few steps away when the dagger stabbed into Tang Doudou's chest. His vision turned blood red and uncontrollable pain flooded into his heart and turned to rage. He mercilessly stabbed Blood Satan through the person that had suddenly shown up. Hatred, fury, and despair filled his heart. "Nangong Yan!"

Mu Ye had moved a step after him and wasn't able to make it in time either. He could only watch helplessly as scarlet spilled out from Tang Doudou's chest. Her glistening eyes were opened wide in vacant helplessness.

Since her five senses had been sealed, she had no idea who attacked her.

Shen Moru kicked aside Nangong Yan who had almost fallen on him and cursed, "Wretch! Only knows how to ruin things!"

Then he escaped with Tang Doudou while Baili Yu and Mu Ye were still distracted.

Tang Doudou had been stabbed in the chest, so she was definitely going to die. There was nothing to hesitate about anymore. Baili Yu couldn't be bothered with Nangong Yan and chased after Shen Moru.

When Mu Ye was passing by Nangong Yan, he stomped on her neck hard. This damned wretch! He shouldn't have let her off in the inn!

Murderous intent then filled his eyes. Nangong Yan grabbed Mu Ye's foot and tried to push it off as she made guttural sounds. She seemed to be begging for mercy.

Mu Ye didn't feel even the slightest bit of pity for her. He had heard from Lil' Gray that it was this woman who caused Tang Doudou to be heartbroken, which was what led her to run off on her own and end up getting caught by Shen Moru.

She, just like Shen Moru, deserved to die!

"Mu Ye, you can't kill the miss!" Liu Zhiyuan rushed over from a distance away. When he saw that Mu Ye was stepping on Nangong Yan, he immediately attacked with his sword. "Miss is Baili Yu's biological sister. If you kill her, Baili Yu won't let you off!"

Mu Ye didn't seem concerned as he lifted his hand and forced Liu Zhiyuan back. "Baili Yu doesn't have the ability to interfere with my decisions!"

Liu Zhiyuan knew that he was determined to kill Nangong Yan, so he gave up using words and just started attacking. His martial arts skill was quite high, so Mu Ye didn't dare to underestimate him. After a few exchanges of blows, he had no choice but to first let Nangong Yan off for now to deal with Liu Zhiyuan.

However, right after he let go of Nanong Yan, a person suddenly appeared from the pile of corpses and fled with Nangong Yan.

Liu Zhiyuan immediately moved to stop Mu Ye from chasing after them. "Could it be that you're not worried about Tang Doudou? Although Baili Yu is strong, it'd still be difficult for him to deal with Shen Moru on his own, so Shen Moru might succeed in escaping!"

Mu Ye naturally understood the logic of this, but he also couldn't bring himself to let Nangong Yan off.

He had to eliminate everything that threatened Tang Doudou.

Just as he was about to shake Liu Zhiyuan off to chase after Nangong Yan, he saw a black cloud cover the sun. Continuous crowing arose from above him. When he took a closer look, he saw that the black cloud was actually formed from countless black crows.

His expression immediately changed and he hastily rushed in the direction that Shen Moru had ran in.

By the time he got there, the situation had already become reversed. Tang Doudou who had been stabbed by Nangong Yan was now standing high up in the sky with an austere air around her. Her usually glistening black pupils had now turned a faint ice blue and a dark, red flame mark appeared between her brows. Her appearance was remarkably similar to that of a sorceress.

She was clutching Shen Moru's neck and slowly lifting him. From the looks of it, his neck was about to be snapped, but he was still engrossed in watching Tang Doudou with his eyes that now contained pupils. He seemed to have already gone deranged.

Mu Ye wanted to approach, but Baili Yu stopped him. "Don't go over there, she's no longer conscious."

"How did this happen?"

"Shen Moru purposefully angered her, then undid her seal. Afterwards, the situation suddenly became like this." Baili Yu's eyes flickered slightly. It was clear that he was keeping something from Mu Ye.

Mu Ye didn't look into it. Baili Yu had a lot of secrets, but he also had quite a lot too. The only reason the two of them were able to collaborate was because of Tang Doudou. If Tang Doudou wasn't here, they'd definitely be trying to kill each other.

"What do we do now?" Mu Ye glanced at the cloud of crows. With a disturbance this huge, Saint Palace will definitely be sending out people.

If Baili Yu knew what to do, he wouldn't be standing here right now.

He sighed. "Let's wait and see for now. Shen Moru is all she can see right now. Perhaps she'll calm down after killing Shen Moru."

"What if she can't calm down?" asked Mu Ye.

Baili Yu's eyes darkened. "Then we can only..."

Mu Ye said coldly, "No way!"

"Do you have a better idea?"

Mu Ye didn't reply and simply clenched his chain harder.

Baili Yu glanced at him. "Didn't she also become like this at Green Maple City?"

Mu Ye pressed his lips together tightly. "Yes."As of now, the sky was already completely dark due to the dense blacket of crows. No one knew what was going on and felt terrified. It was like the apocalypse was descending.

The white-robed people gathered and looked at the crows above them for a moment, before heading towards a certain direction.

Currently, Tang Doudou had no thoughts in her head except for one: Kill him! Kill the person she was holding!

She slowly closed her fingers with a cold expression.


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