Chapter 269.2: After The Calamity, Renewed Life

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When the sea dragon saw that its prey had fainted, it seemed to lose interest. It poked her with its snout a couple times, then snorted a current of water unhappily before flicking its tail to head towards Mu Ye.

When it found that this prey didn't move either, it thrashed around in anger, causing enormous, violent waves that actually ended up pushing Tang Doudou and Mu Ye back onto the shore. Lil' Gray had somehow managed to get down and immediately rushed towards the two when they washed ashore.

"Zhizhi..." Lil' Gray first tried to wake Mu Ye up. He pulled at Mu Ye's collar as he cried to try and pull Mu Ye up.

However, Mu Ye showed no reaction, so he jumped onto Tang Doudou. He pushed Tang Doudou's face with his furry paws. When he saw her eyes move, he cried out excitedly and started jumping back and forth on her chest.

Tang Doudou immediately started coughing and vomited out several mouthfuls of water before becoming conscious.

Her first thought was that she really was the reincarnation of a cockroach. She sure had a strong lifeforce to have been able to even survive that.

When she saw Lil' Gray looking at her with joy in his eyes, she said, "Lil' Gray, thanks..."

Of course, she wasn't thinking that Lil' Gray saved her. However, while she was still half unconscious, she felt that something had jumped on her chest to push the water out of her lungs which allowed her to wake up.

"Zhizhizhi..." cried Lil' Gray.

Tang Doudou sluggishly sat up and rubbed her forehead. "What is it?"

"Zhizhi..." Lil' Gray pointed towards the side. Tang Doudou subconsciously glanced over to look.

Her eyes immediately widened and she crawled over. "Mu Ye!"

As she called his name, she reached to check his breathing. She had fallen into the sea while conscious and had still almost drowned, so Mu Ye's situation was way more dangerous since he had been unconscious.

She felt a bit of wind on her damp finger and sighed in relief. She sat down on the ground and wiped at the sand on her face. Then she recalled the sea dragon she had encountered and started dragging Mu Ye away from the water.

She only stopped when she felt that they had reached a safer place. Afterwards, she started spacing out while looking at Mu Ye.

His current state was seriously strange. No matter how out of it he was, he should still have some reaction to falling off a cliff and into the sea. However, not only was he not dead, he also exhibited no reaction...

She leaned over to listen to his heart. It was beating steadily and strongly. It didn't seem like he was hurt, so what exactly was going on?

Lil' Gray jumped onto her shoulder. He didn't seem to know what happened to his master either, as he scratched his head and cheek while making soft sounds.

Tang Doudou was in a pretty bad mood, so she was irritated by his grumbling and pushed him to the side. "Lil' Gray, stop messing around and play on your own."

Lil' Gray refused to give up and jumped onto her shoulder from her hand. "Zhizhi..."

Tang Doudou was annoyed but couldn't bear to berate him, so she asked, "Is there something you want to tell me?"

"Zhizhi!" Lil' Gray hastily nodded.

"Then try gesturing. Maybe I'll understand!" Tang Doudou had asked without thinking about it and was surprised to see that Lil' Gray really did have something to tell her. Nine-eared Monkeys were very intelligent. What he wanted to tell her probably had something to do with Mu Ye.

As she guessed at the possibilities, Lil' Gray had jumped onto Mu Ye's shoulder. He pointed at Mu Ye, then at his own neck before digging through the fur on his neck.

What did this mean?

Tang Doudou thought about it. Could it be that Lil' Gray's neck was itchy so he wanted her to help scratch?

That wasn't right. He had pointed at Mu Ye, so it was Mu Ye's neck!

"Are you saying that his neck is itchy?" After she finished speaking, she slapped herself. Mu Ye was currently completely out of it, how could his neck itch? And even if it did, how would Lil' Gray know?

As she expected, Lil' Gray shook his head, then tugged at his neck. He pulled off a few strands of his fur and waved it at Tang Doudou, before fiercely stabbing the fur towards his neck, then falling to the ground with his eyes rolled back.

This little guy was seriously too good at acting. Tang Doudou thought he was really about to fall down and had hastily reached out to catch him. Before she could speak, Lil' Gray reached out and yanked the fur back out, then bounced up again.

If Tang Doudou couldn't understand after this, she should really just smack herself to death with a brick of tofu."There's something on Mu Ye's neck, that's why he isn't waking up?" To double check, Tang Doudou asked if this was what he was trying to say.

When Lil' Gray saw that she understood, he started jumping in delight. Then he clapped as if he was praising her.

Tang Doudou really felt like crying when she got praised by a monkey. Then she set Lil' Gray down and crouched down in front of Mu Ye. She struggled to flip Mu Ye over, then started patting the dust off of Mu Ye's face. As she gaze at this handsome face in the dim moonlight, her breath was taken away by the beauty.


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