Chapter 270.1: The Beauty Has Thorns

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It must be said that Mu Ye was extremely good looking. However, he was usually very cold and gave off an aura that made him unapproachable. Moreover, his ice-blue eyes were too eye-catching and often distracted people from his strong, handsome looks.

His facial features were very defined. Currently, he looked like a sleeping beauty beneath the moonlight with his eyes closed and his long lashes slightly curled. His faint pink lips that finally relaxed in his unconscious state were very alluring.

Tang Doudou only enjoyed the view for a moment, before starting to chant 'looks are nothing, out of nothingness comes looks' as she turned his head towards the side. Then she brushed aside his damp hair and started feeling around his neck.

Apart from it feeling cold and slippery, nothing out of the ordinary was found.

"Lil' Gray, there's nothing here?" Tang Doudou turned to look for Lil' Gray but found that he had already fallen asleep on the sand.

"Why did you go to sleep without making a sound..." Tang Doudou muttered as she scratched her head. She looked up to glance at the hazy moon. It was probably going to rain today.

The night wind was a little chilly. Tang Doudou thought about it, then covered Lil' Gray with sand. After making sure Lil' Gray was in a good spot, she turned Mu Ye's head the other direction and continued feeling around it.

This time she managed to feel something. There were three needle-like things inserted into his neck. She immediately realized that this was what Lil' Gray had been trying to tell her about.

However, how was she supposed to get it out?

The needles were completely inside his body, not a single bit of it was left out. She didn't know how it managed to get in either. When she looked, she saw that the needle was very close to his main artery. If she accidently injured his artery while trying to remove it, the situation would become dire.

She gently pressed down around the needle, then her brows furrowed. It seemed like there were more than three needles ah...

She lowered her head to try and get a better look, but it was already too dark. She couldn't see anything even when she practically pressed her eye up against it, so she started trying to feel it again. Out of the three needles, the needle that was the least pressed in seemed to have quite a lot of needles around it that were pressed even deeper into Mu Ye's neck. Those needles seemed to be inserted into his bones.

She seriously couldn't understand it.

These needles definitely weren't inserted all at once. However, there probably didn't exist anyone that would dare to stick needles in Mu Ye's neck for fun, right?

Could it be that he did this to himself? But why would he do this?

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. Should she try copying the others and use inner strength to force it out? But she had never done it before, what if she messed up?

After being conflicted for a while, she gritted her teeth and strengthened her resolve as she poured her inner strength into her palm and pressed it on Mu Ye's neck.

She kept her palm near the needle for a while, but there was no reaction. Tang Doudou immediately became discouraged. She made to withdraw her inner strength and as her inner strength left her palm, she felt something tiny press against her palm.

Her eyes lit up. So that was how it worked!

Tang Doudou lifted her hand and lowered her head to look at the area. As she expected, there was a bit of silver now revealed.

She was elated and couldn't stop grinning. She poured a lot more inner strength into her hand and gently covered that area, then withdrew her inner strength to attract that needle.

This time she could see the results easily. The three needles gradually emerged from Mu Ye's neck. Soon the rest followed and left his body, sliding over his hair and onto the ground.

Only then did Tang Doudou sigh a breath in relief. She picked up a needle to look at it, and found that this needle seemed different from the ones she saw at Cang Baicao's place. These needles were thin at both ends. If a person didn't look carefully, he wouldn't be able to see them at all. (Acupuncture needles are visibly thicker on the end you grip.)

She had managed to get the needles out but Mu Ye was still not waking up and Lil' Gray was also asleep. Tang Doudou didn't know what to do. She was worried that Mu Ye would also get cold, so she buried him as well.

Following that, she glanced around. There didn't seem to be any danger nearby, so she started walking towards the forest. After a while, she exited the forest and made a campfire circle with the dry branches she had picked up. She had lost her rolled torch, so she felt around Mu Ye's chest for one.

Rolled torches were items that they always brought with them, so she easily found one on Mu Ye. The moment she felt it, she took it out to light the fire. When putting the rolled torch back, something thread-like got stuck on her finger. It felt a little like hair.

Confusion flashed through her eyes. After a moment of thought, she took that thing out.

She found with surprise that it was actually her and Baili Yu's hair. The red string wrapped around them was half undone and the bound hair was completely damp and indistinguishable.

Tang Doudou started spacing out as she look at the hair.

She didn't sleep for the entire night and only came back to her senses when the surface of the sea started turning white from the light of the rising sun. She tied the hair and red string around her waist belt since there was nowhere else for her to put it.

Then she turned to look at Mu Ye.

He was still not awake. Since it was going to still take a while for the sun to rise, she decided to light the wood. She went back to the forest to get more wood and made the fire nice and big before crouching down to sleep.


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