Chapter 270.2: The Beauty Has Thorns

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Meanwhile, Baili Yu still hasn't woken up either after being brought by Lan Jia to the Saint Palace.

Lan Jia was standing right beside him and staring at him without a word. It was unknown what thoughts were going through those shallow-looking pupils of his.

Ah Yu pushed open the door to walk in. "Saint Envoy, I've found that woman and Mu Ye's location."

"Keep an eye on them for the time being. Don't let them find out," instructed Lan Jia.

Ah Yu nodded. "Understood!"

Then his words took a turn. "Isn't Saint Envoy worried about attracting those people's suspicions by bringing Baili gongzi back?"

Lan Jia laughed lightly. "They can suspect all they want. After all, that's all they can do. They'd have to take into consideration a lot of factors before they could even try making any moves."

Ah Yu didn't respond, so he asked, "I had you announce the fact that Baili Yu has come to Cerulean Mountain. Have you already done so?"

"It's already done. The Saint Palace has decided to push off the Saint Tribes Conference until they find Baili Yu," replied Ah Yu.

Lan Jia nodded without surprise as if he had expected this. "I got it, you can withdraw."


After Ah Yu left, Lan Jia's gaze landed on Baili Yu's face again. He reached out and stroked that flawless face, then sighed. "Ah Yu (Baili Yu's Yu), you're truly too similar to her. I would recall her every time I see you... I don't know whether this is good or not, but I always feel like she would still come back. That she would come back to take my life in order to get revenge for those tribe members. But, I still don't want to die... There's still too many things I need to do. If I die, everything would have been pointless..."

"I had let down you two, but whenever I recall that matter, I don't feel regret. If I had succeeded, even if you guys died, I still would've felt proud! I had almost been able to make such a grand miracle happen, everything was worth it!"

"Ah Yu, if you knew what I was doing, you'd probably support me as well! After all, the same blood flows through our veins..."

His voice gradually became quieter until there was only silence left. The eyes of the black-robed person hiding beneath the window sharpened slightly before the person quietly left.

It was getting windy on the sea. The chilly wind blew inside Tang Doudou's collar, causing her to shiver and wake up from the cold.

She glanced towards the campfire and saw that it had already been extinguished by the wind.

When she looked up, she saw that black clouds were completely covering the sky and they were slowly moving with the wind. Her heart immediately tightened. It was about to storm!

Storms near the sea couldn't be taken lightly. Although it was only a little windy and the surface of the sea seemed calm, this was simply the calm before the storm.

Tang Doudou didn't dare to waste anymore time and hastily nudged Lil' Gray out from the sand with her foot before walking to Mu Ye and pushing the sand on top of him away. She put a finger in front of his nose and saw that his condition was pretty much the same as yesterday. Then she helped him up.

The moment Lil' Gray woke up, he jumped onto Mu Ye's shoulder and moved his hair away to take a look. When he saw that the needles had already been removed, he became confused as to why Mu Ye wasn't walking up and started crying 'zhizhi' towards Tang Doudou to ask.

Tang Doudou didn't have the time to pay attention to him. She put Mu Ye's arm around her shoulders and started slowly moving towards the forest. "I got them out yesterday, but it didn't seem to do anything. Did you get things wrong?"

Upon hearing this, Lil' Gray lowered his head and thought for a while before shaking his head. As he scratched his cheek, he jumped onto Tang Doudou's shoulder and crouched there silently.

Tang Doudou glanced over and knew that he was out of ideas. She smiled helplessly and said, "It's fine. As long as he's still breathing, we can just bring him to a doctor!"

Lil' Gray rolled his eyes at her, seeming to very much disagree.

Tang Doudou laughed wryly. She also understood that she was putting things too lightly. As of now, they didn't even know where they were. It was going to be difficult for them to even find their way out, much less find a doctor.

But doesn't everyone need hope in order to live?

Someone had put it pretty well. If a person lived without dreams, what difference was there between the person and a salted fish?

She didn't have some great revenge or ambition to fulfill, but she didn't want to be a salted fish either. So for the time being, she had better hurry and find a place to take shelter!

When she was gathering firewood, she had seen that there was a rock precipice in the forest, but it had been too dark for her to see whether it was large enough to shelter two people. Since she had no other place in mind right now, she decided to head over to see.

As she walked, Lil' Gray seemed to sense something and looked behind them. However, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Confusion flashed through his round black eyes. Could it be that he mistook it?

Lil' Gray still felt worried so he jumped from Tang Doudou's shoulder onto a tree.

When Tang Doudou saw that he was going far away, she shouted, "Lil' Gray, hurry up and come back. Don't run off randomly, what if you can't find us later?"

Lil' Gray gestured rapidly towards her, then continued running without turning back.

Tang Doudou was extremely speechless. The way he looked when he left... Could it be that he felt there was no benefit in staying with her and so decided to leave?

"Heartless little thing!" cursed Tang Doudou. She couldn't chase after Lil' Gray so she could only curse about how heartless he was as she walked. It didn't seem as if anyone had been in this forest for a long time. There was a thick layer of accumulated leaves on the forest, making the path uneven and hard to walk on.


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